Workshop on Course Design, Learning Outcomes and Assessment

Workshop on Course Design, Learning Outcomes and Assessment Strategies for General
Education at Lingnan
Date: 3 December 2009 (Thur)
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Venue: Council Chamber, G/F,Wong Administration Building
Presented by five visiting Fulbright professors from the USA. The scholars will structure their
workshop according to the specific needs of the audience, and address issues based upon the
following key elements of the design and development of General Education courses.
1. Designing Courses for General Education
What are the hallmarks of a good general education course? The 3-3-4 reforms are providing
academic staff with a rare opportunity to design courses from the ground up that excite them, and
therefore also their students. How can we take advantage of this situation to generate innovative
courses that can be transformative for students, rather than just doing business as usual?
2. Designing and Teaching Interdisciplinary Courses in GE Programs
How can a university encourage academic staff from different faculties and departments to
collaborate in teaching and to come together to design and team-teach a course in a GE
program? What are examples of good inter-disciplinary courses?
3. Assessing Student Learning and Program Effectiveness in GE
The 3-3-4 reforms are a giant experiment in curricular reform. What needs to be measured in order to
determine whether the reforms are a success? Investigations are needed at multiple levels making
sure there is alignment between institutional mission, program goals and course learning outcomes.
Good assessment can also provide diagnostic information about which components are working well
and which need further attention.
The team of scholars is coordinated by Dr Glenn Shrive, Executive Director of the Hong Kong
America Centre
Members of Team Fulbright will each present briefly on aspects of GE. After questions, the team
will break into small groups of discipline-based academic staff to address more specific interests and
For registration and inquiry, please contact Ms Carol CHAN at 2616-7576 or email to [email protected]
Teaching and Learning Centre
Fulbright Hong Kong General Education Program
American Scholars in Cohort II, 2009-2010
Dr. David A. Campion is Associate Professor of History at
Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.
([email protected]) Born in Spain, Campion has a BA from
Georgetown and MA and PhD degrees from the University of
Virginia. An historian of the British empire, Campion has been
active in general education issues at Lewis & Clark, a prominent
liberal arts college in Oregon. He is hosted by the HK Baptist
Dr. Joseph Chaney is Director and Associate Professor of
English at Indiana University South Bend. His BA in English
literature is from Beloit College in Wisconsin, and his MA and
PhD, also in English, are from UC/Irvine. Chaney was Director of
General Education at the Indiana University South Bend from
2004-09. ([email protected]) He is hosted by the General
Education Unit of the Chinese University of HK.
Dr. Janel Marie Curry is Dean and Professor of Geography
Geology Environmental Studies at Calvin College in Grand
Rapids, Michigan. ([email protected]). Dr Curry received her BA
from Bethel College and MA and PhD degrees from U of
Minnesota - Twin Cities. Her work emphasizes interdisciplinary teaching, faculty development and learning
assessment. At Calvin, Curry began an Enterprise Center and an
Environmental Assessment program. She will be hosted by the
City University of HK in spring, 2010.
Dr. Hedley Freake is Professor of Nutritional Sciences in the
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of
Connecticut -- Storrs. Born and educated in the UK, Freake has
an BA in Nutrition and PhD in Physiology. He has headed the
General Education Oversight Committee and launched a new GE
program for the U of Connecticut emphasizing global
competencies for undergraduates. ([email protected])
He is hosted by the HK Polytechnic University.
Dr. Paul Hanstedt is the former Director for General
Education in the Department of English of Roanoke College in
Salem Virginia. ([email protected]) He has a BA in
American literature from Luther College (IA), an MA in creative
writing from Iowa State U, and a PhD in Language and Literature
from Ohio State U. He led the reform of the GE curriculum at
Roanoke and developed a writing program for first year students
involving faculty across the College. He is hosted by the HK
Institute of Education.
Dr. Gray Kochhar-Lindgren is Director of University
Studies and Programs, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences,
University of Washington at Bothell. He has a PhD in
Interdisciplinary Studies from Emory U in Atlanta. He heads a
unique academic program for all first-year students emphasizing
learning communities and campus-community partnerships at the
new UW-Bothell campus north of Seattle.
([email protected]) He is hosted by the HKU.
Also associated with the FHKGEP for 2009-2010:
Dr. Reza Hoshmand, Coordinator of General Education at the
City U, is a former Fulbright scholar to the Faculty of Business at
City U. ([email protected]). Born in Afghanistan, he
attended the East West Center and received his PhD from U of
Hawaii in economics. He taught in the interdisciplinary program
at Cal State Pomona, and later was Dean of Business at Daniel
Webster in New Hampshire.
Dr. David Pong is Chairman of the History Department at the
University of Delaware ([email protected]). Pong was born in
HK and educated in London to the PhD in Asian history, with
emphasis on 19th century China. At the U of Delaware, Pong
created interdisciplinary courses for freshmen, served on the
university GE committee, and led the creation of a comprehensive
first year experience program including service learning, and a
capstone course. He is based in the History Dept and the Centre
for East Asian Studies at CUHK, while also collaborating with the
General Education Office and with the Fulbright team on GE on
developing general education in HK.
The Fulbright Hong Kong General Education Project (FHKGEP) is organized by the Hong
Kong America Center, with major private support from the Po & Helen Chung Foundation.
Dr. Glenn Shive, Executive Director of the HKAC, is at [email protected]
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