Organic Molecules Lab Introduction Criteria Sheet ____ 1. Describe

Organic Molecules Lab Introduction Criteria Sheet ____ 1. Describe the problem you are solving or the question you are attempting to answer as the goal of the experiment. • State the problem or question. • Why is this problem important? ____ 2. Define key terms. • Briefly, in 3-­‐5 words or less, explain key terms. You may simply write about the inquiry, using each term in context. A copied textbook definition is not appropriate. • The definitions may occur throughout your introduction, as it is appropriate to explain them. ____ 3. Background information should provide information to answer the questions below. List what you need to know to complete the lab Explain briefly each idea needed to understand the lab. Specifically, in this lab: • List the 4 types of organic molecules and briefly describe the structure and function of each. • Why is each organic molecule important to living things? • List the 3 types of organic molecules for which you will test in this lab. • For which organic molecules are you NOT testing in this lab? Why not? • What is the purpose of using the standard solutions? _____ 4. What do you expect to observe or measure that will show you have solved the problem or answered your question? • Describe briefly each test you will do and what the results will show if the test is positive or negative. ____ 5. Write a hypothesis based on your knowledge. • Predict which food sample(s) you expect to contain each organic molecule. • You may choose to use a list or chart to explain this. • Explain why.