James W. Brock Moeckel Professor Department of Economics Miami

James W. Brock
Moeckel Professor
Department of Economics
Miami University
Oxford, Ohio 45056
[email protected]
University of Wyoming, 1973;
University of Wyoming, 1975;
Michigan State University, 1981.
Assistant Professor, Miami University, 1979-1983;
Associate Professor, Miami University, 1984-1989;
Professor, Miami University, 1990- ;
Moeckel Professor, Miami University, 1991-.
The Bigness Complex: Industry, Labor, and Government in the American Economy
(New York: Pantheon Books, 1986 (cloth), 1987 (paperback)) (co-author).
Feature-length reviews in Business Week, New York Times Sunday
Book Review, Washington Post Sunday Book World (reprinted in
Washington Post national weekly edition), Wall Street Journal,
The Nation, Technology Review, Sloan Management Review, USA
Today, Philadelphia Inquirer, Atlanta Journal & Constitution,
l'Industria (Italy), Wirtshafts Woche (Germany), ESB (Holland),
Franfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany), Management Wissen
(Germany), Futuribles (France).
Also feature-length reviews in Virginia Law Review, Georgetown
Law Journal, Journal of Economic Literature, Review of
Industrial Organization, Antitrust Bulletin, Review of Social
Economy, Business History Review, Journal of Economic Issues,
American Business Law Journal.
Selected by Business Week as one of the ten best business books
of 1987.
German language edition, Warum Grossfirmen Trage Werden, published
by Mi Poller, Stuttgart, Fall 1988.
The Bigness Complex: Industry, Labor, and Government in the American Economy,
revised second edition, Stanford University Press, 2004 (sole author).
Dangerous Pursuits: Mergers and Acquisitions in the Age of Wall Street (New
York: Pantheon Books, 1989) (co-author).
Reviewed in New York Times Sunday Book Review, Journal of Economic
Literature, Southern Economic Journal, Challenge, Review of Social
Economy, Journal of Economic Issues, Journal of Economic Education,
New York Law School Law Review, Jahrbucher fur Nationalokonomie und
Statistik (Germany).
Selected by Library Journal as one of top business books of 1989.
Japanese language edition forthcoming, 1991/92.
Antitrust Economics on Trial: A Dialogue on the New Laissez-Faire (Princeton,
NJ: Princeton University Press, 1991) (co-author).
Subject of column by Leonard Silk, New York Times; reviewed in
Southern Economic Journal, Michigan Law Review, Journal of
Institutional and Theoretical Economics, Review of Industrial
Organization, Kyklos, Challenge, Antitrust (ABA), Journal of Economic
Issues, Review of Social Economy, American Economist, International
Review of Economics and Finance, Wirtschaft und Wettbewerb; Journal
of Public Policy and Marketing, Journal of Macromarketing.
Antitrust, the Market, and the State:
The Contributions of Walter Adams
(Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 1991) (co-author).
Reviewed in Southern Economic Journal.
Adam Smith Goes to Moscow:
Press, 1993 (co-author).
A Dialogue on Radical Reform, Princeton University
Reviewed in the Times (London), Nov. 19, 1993; Journal of_Economic
Literature 30 (March 1994): 276-79; Challenge, March/April 1994;
Toronto Globe & Mail, Feb. 19, 1994; The_Margin, Spring 1994, p. 60;
Voice of America (broadcast), March 13, 1994; The Key Reporter (Phi
Beta Kappa newsletter), Autumn 1993; International Economic Insights,
Nov./Dec. 1993; SosialØkonomen, Nov. 1993; New Leader, Oct. 4, 1993;
Southern Economic Journal, Oct. 1994; Slavic Review, 1994; Orbis,
Summer 1994; Journal of Economic Issues, March 1994; HistorischPolitische Buch, 1994; Review of Social Economy, Summer 1995;
Russian-language edition published by Delo Press, Moscow, 1995.
Japanese-language edition published by Sohfusha, 2000.
The Structure of American Industry, 9th ed., Prentice-Hall, 1995 (co-editor).
The Tobacco Wars, South-Western College Publishing, 1998 (co-author).
The Structure of American Industry, 10th ed., Prentice-Hall, 2001 (sole
editor, plus authored chapters on automobile industry, airline industry, and
public policy in free enterprise economy).
The Structure of American Industry, 11th ed., Prentice-Hall, 2004 (sole
editor, plus authored chapters on automobile industry, airline industry, and
public policy in a free enterprise economy).
The Structure of American Industry, 12th ed., Prentice-Hall, 2009 (sole
editor, plus authored chapters on automobile industry, airline industry,
electric power industry, and public policy).
"Integrated Monopoly and Market Power:
System Selling, Compatibility
Standards, and Monopoly Power," Quarterly Review of Economics and Business 22
(Winter 1982): 29-42 (co-author).
"Persistent Monopoly and the Charade of Antitrust: The Durability of Kodak's
Market Power," Toledo Law Review 14 (Spring 1983): 563-83.
"Tacit Vertical Collusion and the Labor-Industrial Complex," Nebraska Law
Review 62 (Fall 1983): 621-707 (co-author).
"Countervailing or Coalescing Power:
The Problem of Labor-Management
Coalitions," Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics 6 (Winter 1983/84): 180-97
(co-author), reprinted in U.S. Congress, Senate, Subcommittee on International
Trade, Hearing: U.S. Steel Industry, 98th Cong., 2d sess., 1984.
"Structural Monopoly, Technological Performance, and Predatory Innovation:
Relevant Standards Under Section 2 of the Sherman Act," American Business Law
Journal 21 (Fall 1983): 291-306.
"Deregulation or Divestiture: The Case of Petroleum Pipelines," Wake Forest
Law Review 19 (Oct. 1983): 705-91 (co-author).
"Industry Structure and Market Power:
The Relevance
Market," Antitrust Bulletin 29 (Fall 1984): 535-60.
"Industrial Policy and Trade Unions," Journal of Economic Issues 19 (June
1985): 497-505 (co-author).
"The Proposed Emasculation of Section 7 of the Clayton Act," Nebraska Law
Review 65 (Aug. 1986): 813-22 (co-author) (invited debate with Mr. Douglas
Riggs, General Counsel, U.S. Department of Commerce).
"The 'New Learning' and the Euthanasia of Antitrust," California Law Review 74
(Oct. 1986): 1515-1566 (co-author), reprinted in William Shaw and Art Wolf
eds., The Structure of the Legal Environment, 2d ed. (Boston: PWS-Kent
Publishing Co., 1992).
"Corporate Power and Economic Sabotage," Journal of Economic Issues 20 (Dec.
1986): 919-40 (co-author).
"Corporate Bigness and the Bailout Factor," Journal of Economic Issues 21
(Mar. 1987): 61-85 (co-author).
"Antitrust and Efficiency:
A Comment," New York University Law Review 62
(Nov. 1987): 1116-24 (co-author), reprinted in Harry First, Eleanor Fox, and
Robert Pitofsky eds., Revitalizing Antitrust in Its Second Century: Essays on
Legal, Economic, and Political Policy (New York: Quorum Books, 1991).
"The Bigness Mystique and the Merger Policy
Perspective," Northwestern University Journal
Business 9 (Spring 1988): 1-48 (co-author).
An International
of International Law and
"Economic Organization and Entrepreneurship," Journal of Development Planning,
Summer 1988 (co-author) (also published in French and Spanish language
"Reaganomics and the Transmogrification of Merger Policy," Antitrust Bulletin
33 (Summer 1988): 309-59 (co-author), reprinted in U.S. Congress, House,
Subcommittee on Economic and Commercial Law, Hearings: Leveraged Buyouts and
Bankruptcy, 101st Cong., 2d sess., 1991.
"Innovazione e 'Complesso di Grandezza' delle Imprese Americane," l'Industria
(Italy), Sept. 1988 (co-author).
"Vertical Integration, Monopoly Power, and Antitrust Policy: A Case Study in
Video Entertainment," Wayne Law Review 36 (Fall 1989): 51-92 (co-author).
"I Processi di Concentrazione Industriale in
Economia Marche (Italy), Dec. 1989 (co-author).
"Efficiency, Corporate Power, and the Bigness Complex," Journal of Economic
Education 21 (Winter 1990): 30-50 (co-author).
"The Sherman Act and the Economic
(Spring 1990): 1-34 (co-author).
"The Political Economy of Antitrust Exemptions,"
Review 29 (Winter 1990): 215-37 (co-author).
"Mergers and Economic Performance:
The Experience Abroad,"
Industrial Organization 5 (Summer 1990): 175-88 (co-author).
"Pareto Optimality and Antitrust Policy:
The Old Chicago and the
Learning," Southern Economic Journal 58 (July 1991): 1-14 (co-author).
"Joint Ventures, Antitrust, and Transnational Cartelization," Northwestern
University Journal of International Law and Business 11 (Winter 1991): 433-83
(co-author), incorporated in Chrysler Corp. seminar, Foreign Joint Ventures
and Strategic Alliances, 1992.
"The Antitrust Vision and Its Revisionist Critics," New York Law Review 35
(1990): 939-67 (co-author).
"Dangerous Pursuits v. Dr. Pangloss & Associates," New York Law Review 35
(1990): 1109-1119 (co-author).
"Retarding the Development of Iraq's Oil Resources: An Episode in Oleagenous
Diplomacy," Journal of Economic Issues 28 (March 1993): 69-93 (co-author).
"Antitrust Policy," in Food and Agricultural Marketing Consortium, Food and
Agricultural Marketing Issues for the 21st Century (Monograph 93-1, Texas A&M
University, 1993) (co-author).
"Revitalizing a Structural Antitrust Policy," Antitrust Bulletin 39 (Spring
1994): 235-71 (co-author).
"Antitrust, Ideology, and the Arabesques of Economic Theory," Colorado Law
Review (Spring 1995): 257-327 (co-author).
"Predation, Rationality, and Judicial Somnambulance," University of Cincinnati
Law Review (Spring 1996): 811-878 (co-author).
"Areeda/Turner and Hobson's Choice," Antitrust Bulletin, vol. 41 (Fall 1996):
735-780 (co-author).
“Is Predation Rational? Is It Profitable?” Review of Industrial Organization,
vol. 11 (Winter 1996): 753-758 (co-author).
“Is Predation Rational?
Is It Profitable -- Reply,” Review of Industrial
Organization, vol. 11 (Winter 1996): 767-770 (co-author)(reply to two
responses to original article).
Invited commentary, “The Anti-Antitrust Paradox,” Antitrust Bulletin, vol. 42
(Summer 1997): 417-438.
Professional Sports,” Antitrust Bulletin, vol. 42 (Fall 1997):
721-748 (co-
“Reflections on Our Collaboration,” American Economist, vol. 41 (Fall 1997):
22-26 (co-author).
Airlines," Review of Industrial Organization, vol. 16 (Winter 2000):
"Antitrust, the 'Relevant Market,' and the Vietnamization of American Merger
Policy," Antitrust Bulletin, vol. 46 (Winter 2001): 735-795.
"Antitrust Policy and the Oligopoly Problem," Antitrust Bulletin, vol. 51
(Summer 2006): 237-280.
"The Roberts Supreme Court and Antitrust," Antitrust Bulletin, vol. 53 (2008):
"Market Concentration, Economic Welfare, and Antitrust Policy," Journal of
Industry, Competition and Trade, vol. 9 (2009): 65-75 (co-author).
"Merger Policy and the Antitrust Modernization Commission: Economic Power
and the Miasma of Efficiency," Antitrust Bulletin, vol. 54 (2009): 337-399.
"Economic Concentration and Economic Power: John Flynn and a Quarter-Century
of Mergers," Antitrust Bulletin, vol. 56 (2011): 683-732.
"The Automobile Industry," in Walter Adams, ed., The Structure of American
Industry, 7th ed. (New York: Macmillan, 1986), 8th ed. (New York: Macmillan,
1990) (co-author).
"Global Competition and the Alleged Redundancy of Antitrust," in Robert L.
Wills, Julie A. Caswell, and John Culbertson eds., Issues After A Century of
Federal Competition Policy (Lexington, MA:
Lexington Books, 1987) (coauthor). Book reviewed in Journal of Economic Literature, Sept. 1988.
"Bigness and Social Efficiency: A Case Study of the U.S.
Warren J. Samuels and Arthur S. Miller eds., Corporations
and Responsbility, pp. 219-237 (New York: Greenwood Press,
Book reviewed in Journal of Economic Literature, Sept.
Economic Issues, Sept. 1988, and Antitrust Bulletin, Winter
Auto Industry," in
and Society: Power
1987) (co-author).
1988, Journal of
"Mr. Reagan and Antitrust," in Arnold Heggestad ed., Public Policy Toward
Corporations, pp. 3-16 (Gainesville, FL: University of Florida Press, 1988)
"Government and Competitive Free Enterprise," in Warren J. Samuels ed.,
Fundamentals of the Economic Role of Government, pp. 1-7 (New York: Greenwood
Press, 1989) (co-author).
"Power, Planning, Public Purpose," in William G. Shepherd ed., Unconventional
Essays in Honor of John Kenneth Galbraith, pp. 131-150 (Boston:
Houghton Mifflin, 1989) (co-author).
"Merger Mania: An Empirical Critique," and "Takeovers: Evidence and Public
Policy," both in David L. McKee ed., Takeovers:
Issues in Corporate and
Public Policy, pp. 33-43, 143-152 (New York: Praeger, 1989) (co-author).
reviewed in Southern Economic Journal, Jan. 1991.
"Economic Theory: Rhetoric, Reality, Rationalization," in Robert E. Babe ed.,
Information and Communication in Economics, pp. 125-137 Kluwer Academic Press,
1993 (co-author).
"The Automobile Industry," in The Structure of American Industry, 9th-12th
"The Airline Industry," in The Structure of American Industry, 9th-12th eds.
"The Electric Power Industry," in The Structure of American Industry, 12th ed.
"Public Policy in a Free Enterprise Economy," in The Structure of American
Industry, 9th-12th eds.
Invited contributions, "Corporate Performance," "Walter Adams," in Geoff
Hodgson, Warren J. Samuels and Marc Tool eds., Handbook on Institutional and
Evolutionary Economics (Aldershott, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., 1994).
Antitrust Act, in Leonard W. Levy and Louis Fisher eds., Encyclopedia of the
American Presidency, forthcoming, Simon & Schuster (co-author).
Encylopedia, Grolier (co-author).
Invited contributions, "Laissez-Faire Economic Theory," and "Regulation,
Deregulation, Privatization," in Seymour Martin Lipset ed., Encyclopedia of
Democracy, Congressional Quarterly Books (co-author).
"Tobacco: Predation and Persistent Market Power," in Market Dominance (David
Rosenbaum ed., 1998), pp. 39-53 (co-author).
"Walter Adams," William G. Shepherd ed., Pioneers in Industrial Organization
(Edward Elgar, 2007).
"Echolalia Monopolistica:
pp. 47-51 (co-author).
The Regulatory Disease," Challenge, May/June 1984,
"Bigness is the Problem, Not the Solution," Challenge, July/August 1987, pp.
11-16 (co-author), reprinted in David Cole ed., Economics 1988/89, and
Sociology 1988/89 (Guilford, CT: Dushkin Publishing, 1988).
"The 'Opportunity Cost' of Merger Mania," Forum for Applied Research and
Public Policy, Spring 1988 (co-author).
"Giantism Doesn't Equal Competitiveness," op-ed article, New York Times, Apr.
27, 1987 (co-author), reprinted in Congressional Record, June 10, 1987.
"The Hidden Costs of Failed Mergers," op-ed article, New York Times, June 21,
1987 (co-author), reprinted in Congressional Record, July 20, 1987.
"Why Flying is Unpleasant," op-ed article, New York Times, Aug. 6, 1987 (coauthor), reprinted in Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and
U.S. Congress, Senate, Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation,
Hearings: Safety and Re-Regulation of the Airline Industry, 100th Cong., 1st
sess., 1987.
"Hollywood Independents Start to Feel the Squeeze," op-ed article, Los Angeles
Times, Nov. 22, 1987 (co-author), reprinted in U.S. Congress, Senate,
Subcommittee on Antitrust, Monopolies, and Business Rights, Hearings:
Competitive Issues in the Cable Television Industry, 100th Cong., 2d sess.,
"Corporate Bigness Hasn't Helped Economy," op-ed article, Cincinnati Enquirer,
Jan. 19, 1987.
"Beward Mega-Merger Madness," op-ed article, Cincinnati Enquirer, Mar. 25,
"Mergers, Managers,
Magazine, Apr. 1987.
"Wall Street -- Not Main -- Benefits from Buyouts," op-ed article, Los Angeles
Times, May 1, 1988 (co-author), reprinted in Dallas Times-Herald.
"The Bigness Complex," invited commentary, Kansas City Corporate Report, Jan.
"Does Michigan Need an Anti-Takeover Law -- Yes," op-ed article, Detroit News,
Feb. 7, 1988 (co-author), reprinted in Congressional Record, Feb. 23, 1988.
"Bigger Isn't Necessarily Better," invited article, Leaders Magazine, June
1988 (co-author).
"Kleiner ist meist besser," Wirtschaft Woche (Germany), Apr. 1989 (co-author).
Book Review: "Scholars, Dollars, and Public Policy," and "Does Big Business
Rule America," Review of Industrial Organization, Spring 1989, pp. 173-79.
Book Review:
"Corporate Crime
Organization, Fall 1989, pp. 133-34.
Another American Addiction," Challenge, Mar./Apr. 1990 (co-
"Merger Mania Isn't Helping U.S. Economy," op-ed article, Cincinnati Enquirer,
Jan. 1, 1990 (co-author), reprinted in Congressional Record, Feb. 27, 1990.
"Takeover Frenzy Poses Long Term Threat to the Economy," op-ed article,
Detroit Free Press, Jan. 29, 1990 (co-author), reprinted in Congressional
Record, Feb. 1, 1990.
"Corporate Deal-Mania: Playing the Wrong Game Exacts a Price," op-ed article,
Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Feb. 20, 1990 (co-author).
"Speculative Capitalism Just a Shell Game," op-ed article, Denver Post, Apr.
9, 1990 (co-author).
Book Review:
"Market Power and the
Organization, Spring 1990, pp. 175-77.
"Big Oil Taps Consumer Pockets," op-ed article, Detroit News, Aug. 28, 1990
(co-author); reprinted in Cincinnati Enquirer, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and
Lansing State Journal.
"Corporate Deal-Mania: Airlines No Longer Fly Solo," op-ed article, Detroit
News, Jan. 3, 1990 (co-author); reprinted in Cincinnati Enquirer.
Book Review: "The Economics of Industrial Organization," Antitrust Bulletin,
Summer 1991, pp. 503-508.
"Do We Need a Global-Style Airline Monopoly?" op-ed article Atlanta Journal &
Constitution, Jan. 16, 1991 (co-author); reprinted in Dayton Daily News and
Cincinnati Enquirer.
"How Big 3 Choke Consumer Choice," op-ed article, Chicago Tribune, Aug. 17,
1991 (co-author); reprinted in Baltimore Sun, Dallas Times-Herald, and
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"Detroit Misses the Mark Again," op-ed article, Christian Science Monitor,
Aug. 19, 1991 (co-author).
"Bitter Legacy of the '80s Deal-Mania," op-ed article, Chicago Tribune, Dec.
31, 1991 (co-author), reprinted in Congressional Record, Feb. 5, 1992, and
Cincinnati Enquirer.
"Gigantomania Follies," Challenge, Mar./Apr. 1992 (co-author), reprinted in
Congressional Record, May 6, 1992; reprinted in Don Cole ed., Microeconomics
(Guilford, CT: Dushkin Publishing Group, 1992).
"Dangers in the Urge to Merge," op-ed article, Cincinnati Enquirer, May 3,
"Yeltsin and Economic Catastroika," Chicago Tribune, Oct.
author); reprinted in Detroit News and Cincinnati Enquirer.
"Merger Frenzy is Consumers' Loss," Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 22, 1993
Book review, "Eminent Economists: Their
Economic Issues 28 (Sept. 1993): 43-46.
Book review, "Losing Time:
The Industrial
Industrial Organization 8 (June 1993): 359-63.
Book review, "Airline Deregulation and Laissez-Faire Mythology," Journal of
Economic Issues 27 (Dec. 1993): 1306-1308.
Book review, Glenn Yago, Junk Bonds: How High Yield Securities Restructured
Corporate America, in Critical Review, vol. 7 (Spring 1994), pp. 225-36.
Commentary, “Arrest Bank Mega-Mergers,” Chicago Tribune, June 11, 1998 (coauthor).
"Abusing Economic Power:
Microsoft," op-ed article, Cincinnati Post, Apr. 18,
"Big Oil + Big Mergers = Big Prices," op-ed article, Columbus Dispatch, Dayton
Daily News, Cincinnati Post, June 21-25, 2000.
"Steel Mergers Haven't Helped the Steel Industry," Cleveland Plain Dealer,
Jan. 9, 2002.
"Revise Airline Bailout," Cincinnati Post, June 14, 2002 (with Margot Haug).
"Airline Mergers Won't Benefit Travelers," Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 24,
"Merger Mania and Its Discontents," Multinational Monitor, July/Aug. 2005.
"The Real Issue Behind Saving Bear Stearns:
Apr. 7, 2008.
"Detroit's Big Three:
Oct. 24, 2008.
Size," Christian Science Monitor,
Purge the Urge to Merge," Christian Science Monitor,
Testified and submitted statement, U.S. Congress, House, Committee on the
Judiciary, Hearing: Effects of Consolidation on the State of Competition in
the Financial Services Industry, 105th Cong., 2d sess., June 3, 1998.
Testified and submitted statement, "Leveraged Buyouts and the Campeau Chapter
11 Bankruptcy," U.S. Congress, House, Subcommittee on Commercial and Economic
Law, Hearings: Leveraged Buyouts and Bankruptcy, 101st Cong., 2d sess., 1991
Submitted statement, "Corporate Mergers and American Economic Performance,"
U.S. Congress, House, Subcommittee on Monopolies and Commercial Law, Hearing:
Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Procedure Amendments Act, 100th Cong., 1st sess.,
1989 (co-author).
Submitted statement, "Antitrust and the Restructuring of 'Import-Impacted'
Industries," U.S. Congress, Senate, Committee on the Judiciary, Hearings:
Competitiveness and Antitrust, 100th Cong., 1st sess., 1988 (co-author).
Testified, "State Policy Toward Corporate Takeovers and Acquisitions," State
of Michigan, Senate, Committee on Commerce and Technology, Jan. 19, 1988.
Testified and submitted statement, "Mergers, Bigness, and International
Stabilization, Oversight Hearing on Mergers and Acquisitions, 100th Cong., 1st
sess., 1987 (co-author).
Member, American Economic Association;
Member, Industrial Organization Society;
Board Member, American Antitrust Institute.
Professor of the Year Award, Class of 1993, Miami University.
Effective Educator of the Year, Miami University Alumni Association, 1997.
Outstanding Professor Award, Beta Gamma Sigma (Business Honor Society, Miami
University Chapter), 1990.
Nominated, Effective Educator Award, Miami University Alumni Association:
1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 2001, 2002.
Teacher Excellence Award, Richard T. Farmer School of Business
Administration, 2005.
Nominated, Outstanding Professor 2007.
Recipient, Benjamin Harrison medallion, Miami University, 1995.
Recipient, A.K. Morris Award, Miami University Alumni Association, 1995.
Recipient, Miami Alumni Association, Effective Educator of the Year, 1997.
Recipient, Teaching Excellence Award, Farmer School of Business, 2005.
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