Baroque Neo-Classicism

Department of History
The Fieldston School
History of Art from the Renaissance to the Present- Power, Patronage, Propaganda and Perception
Andrew Meyers
The Art of Absolutism: The Baroque and the French Academy
Baroque Neo-Classicism
Louis XIV/ Poussin, Claude
Artists on Art, 150-157
Baroque recap:
motion, loss of center, religious tension (esp in Flanders), materialism (bourgeois patronage),
virtuosity (v. genius), artist as subject, everyday life/ court life, decoration and plasticity, light and color
(v. disegno)
Baroque in France: Poussin and Claude (Lorraine)
Absolutism and the Bourbons:
Henry IV (1553-1610) reigns
Louis XIII (1601-1643) reigns
Louis XIV (1638-1715) reigns
Style “Louis Quatorze”
“Baroque classicism:” acme, classical themes, classical balance (stoic, Aristotelean)
landscape and the pastoral
Nicolas Poussin , (French) but in Rome, (1593-1665)
read text, p. 629 or A on A
magnificence; topic, concept, structure, style
proto- Enlightenement
French Academy, 1648
Poussinistes (drawing and order) vs. Rubenistes (color and senses)
Poussin and Raphaelesque classicism vs. Titian and Rubens
Rape of the Sabine Women, 1636
Polydoros ?, Laocoon, 1c AD
Funeral of Phocion, 1648
Le Printemps, 1660-64
Bacchanalian Revel with Pan, 1657
heroic landscape
Claude Lorraine (1600-1682)
the idyll
Landscape with Merchants, 1630
Port de mer au soleil couchant, 1639