Intermolecular Forces Worksheet

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Intermolecular Forces Worksheet
Chemistry; Coleman
Part One: For each of the following compounds, determine the main intermolecular force they would
experience with other molecules of the same substance. SHOW YOUR WORK!
A good way to do this is to:
 Draw the Lewis structure.
 Determine polarity of the molecule.
o If it's polar, does it form hydrogen bonds or just regular dipole-dipole bonds with other
molecules of the same substance?
o If it's non-polar, how will it be attracted to other molecules of the same substance?
N2 ________________________________
sulfur dioxide ________________________________
NH3 ________________________________
SiH2O _________________________________
Fluorine monocarbon mononitride _________________________________
Part Two: For each of the following pairs of compounds, determine whether the molecules are polar or not
based on their Lewis Dot Structures, shape, and polarity of their bonds. Then determine what type of
intermolecular forces would attract the two molecules to each other. Show all your work.
1) CHCl3 and H2O
2) CF2H2 and H2O
SO2 and NH3