Sanitarium, California, August 30, 1914. Elder X. E. White, Marshall

Sanitarium, California,
August 30, 1914.
Elder X. E. White,
Marshall, TAch.
Dear Brother Edson,---TMs morning I received your tter of August 25,
accompanied by proof of improved illustration for "Coming King4
namely, "The Reading of the Bible in St. Paul's Crypt, London."
You express regrets that the work on this has cost $10.00.
Did you pay this $10.00? and shall we send the check to you or to
Fred Roberts?
Work of this sort done by piece-meal always costs more
than when you have a lot of work done. I am glad you have sent the
drawing to Pacific Press.
I was at the Press a few days ago, and Brother Gage
and I made a review of the "Coming King" illustrations, which we have
been endeavoring to improve. I was well pleased with the progress
that has been made, and I advised the sending of about twenty new
electrotypes to the office in Brazil.
This morning I read your newsy letter to Mother. It
encourages her very much to receive such letters from you. Mother
is gaining a little, week by week. For some weeks she did not read
at all. 'Tow she is reading more and more.
Yesterday noon, Dr. T.r .''vans took dinner with us.
In the afternoon Prof. Caviness gave an interesting account of his
Mexican experiences, to an attentive audience on the Sanitarium
J. F. White --2-lawn. Last night and this morning we laid before Professor Caviness
the work we are doing in preparing manuscripts for the orient, and
for Southern 'urope.
To-day the freshman class of nurses from the E)anitarium,
about fifteen in number, came down, and Brother Robinson and Professor Grauer presented to them facts regarding the early Wstory
of the publishing work, and our present work. They they visited
Yotherls home, and all shook hands with her, in her room.
To-morrow I am looking for Brother J. T. Treland.
Yours very truly,