GeorgiaVIEW Overview - University System of Georgia


Blackboard Learning System – Vista Enterprise License (version 8) is the centralized Learning Management
System provided through the GeorgiaVIEW Service, supporting the teaching and learning needs for fully-online,
hybrid, as well as supplemental requirements for traditional face-to-face courses (*for 33 of the 35 USG
• Utilized for core academic needs, student services, training, continuing education, and community
• Integration with additional services to enhance functionality for teaching and learning needs: local campus
systems, web conferencing, instant messaging, assessment security, plagiarism detection/prevention, and
specific academic subject resources
• Directly supports USG Strategic Plan, 7 Principles of Innovation, Strategic Efforts (increase # of medical
professionals, increase # of teachers and teacher preparation opportunities, student retention)
*Two institutions run their own instance of Blackboard Learning System – Vista Enterprise License (version 8) – University of Georgia, Valdosta
State University. Licenses and limited technical support are managed through the GeorgiaVIEW Service.
Items of Interest
318,079 Active Users
Utilized by Pre-K Teachers in the state for training/certification (* 4,247)
32,089 Sections (classes)
Utilized by RESA to provide continuing education for Georgia’s teachers (* 157)
* As of 5/17/10 (spring 2010 term)
Supports USG Training Efforts – Financials, Ethics, Faculty Development
GeorgiaVIEWPOINTS – Annual highlights of how GeorgiaVIEW Service is utilized by USG Community
Lean Six Sigma PowerLink Project – Released additional functionality through integration of new services –
assessment security, plagiarism detection/prevention, and instant messaging in support of classroom activities
Completion of Vista 8 Migration Project – Transition of all USG institutions from Vista 3 to Vista 8
Overview – Vista 8 operational support from Blackboard ends January 31st, 2013 and there are major issues of
parity between Blackboard’s Vista 8 and their newest product – Learn 9.1 (not a clear migration path, limitations in
terms of integration with student information system, multi-institutional functionality). For these reasons, we must
initiate a project to bring together USG stakeholders to evaluate and select a Learning Management System that
will support the strategic goals of the University System of Georgia. This is NOT an IT Project (even though IT is a
major component). Decision-making resides with Academic Affairs.
Identify/Charge chair and finalize task force membership
Finalize Guiding Principles
Develop stakeholder analysis of those affected by LMS
Develop a communication plan and strategy
Establish time commitments and expectations for members
Identify and implement the selection/review process
September 2010