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P.O. Box 112, Dammam 31411, Saudi Arabia
Tel: +(966) 13-833 5555
Fax: +(966) 13-835 0772
E-mail: [email protected]
Company Overview
Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Values
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Albawardi Group Overview
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Company Overview
Over the past 30 years, Albawardi Tools & Hardware has developed a strong
infrastructure in the MENA region, thus becoming one of the major leaders in
its business.
Albawardi, via its long term vision, has adapted its infrastructure to be well
equipped to face any local and global changes that may take place.
Our product range includes various tools and hardware that covers sectors
such as: plumbing, welding, carpentry, automotive, aerospace, gardening,
DIY, civil works, painting, electrical, measuring and calibration, equipment
& machinery, bolts, nuts and fasteners, chemicals and adhesives, safety and
handling, and many more.
The world class brands like Dewalt, Black & Decker, Stanley, Proto, Ridgid,
Greenlee, Helvi, Mitutoyo, MasterLock, Tramontina, Tubesca, Astro and
DAF Kilit are few of our major brands they we are an authorised dealer and
distributor in Saudi Arabia.
Albawardi Tools & Hardware maintains more than 58,000 items of various
tools and machinery in stock. Its sophisticated e-commerce sales and
inventory systems ensure rapid customer response time and on-time
An unrivalled distribution network extends across Saudi Arabia and the Gulf
states, gave the company the enviable reputation for its quality service.
The company also holds a wide range of spare parts and provides prominent
after-sales service to its customers through its branches and regional hubs
across the Kingdom.
Our Values
We believe our first responsibility is to our clients and customers who use our products and services.
We believe that true success involves mutual gain.
We believe that people involved are the reason the business exists.
We value the results of hard work to make it enjoyable as well as rewarding.
We honor the work of previous generations and provide a thriving company for the future generation.
Our Mission
Develop, deliver and commercialize a complete pipeline of products, based on our unique experience, technology
and professionalism.
Provide an innovative, practical and top quality product that redefines our customers' work and optimize their efficiency.
Excel in adding values to our operation, through our people, a team of dedicated professionals, who value our customers,
fulfill their needs and deliver our promises.
Our Vision
To have the ability to anticipate successfully in the local economy, and to effectively respond to global change, and to
challenge ourselves to better our business.
To be the best distributor in the tools and hardware industry.
To explore new ventures to empower our growth and development strategies.
To redefine our work.
Quality Policy
Albawardi Tools & Hardware is committed to constantly achieve
excellence by offering the best products and the highest standards of
service, fulfilling customers' needs and expectations.
We are an “ISO 9001:2008 certified” company. Our policy is to
maintain and improve our operation , deliver quality products on
time at competitive prices.
Our quality standards are:
Hire qualified, motivated and dynamic staff
Continuously develop their skills through trainings &
involving them in decision making process
Purchase quality materials from qualified suppliers
Provide all required infrastructure and work environment
to our work force
Our business processes are carefully mapped. We regularly review
our business processes for assuring the continual improvement. We
consider safety an important aspect of our business façade. We fully
comply with all applicable local and international requirements.
Our job doesn't stop in selling you the product. We offer you the
best product quality in the market. That is why most of our brands
have a lifetime warranty.
We help support our customers in after-sales services via our repair
and maintenance service centers with highly qualified technicians
located across Saudi Arabia.
Power tools for the construction and woodworking industries
such as: cordless, construction instruments, screwdrivers,
drills and diamond drills, hammers, metal working and
Industrial and electrical tool company. Products include:
hand Tools, holemaking, bending, wire & cable
termination, voice, data, video , testing & measurement,
storage & material handling, hydraulic pumps
For more information, visit:
Specializes in door locks and cylinders for use in wooden,
steel and aluminum doors.
For more information, visit:
For more information, visit:
Professionals for heavy-duty industrial applications, such as:
tool storage, clamps, screw drivers, wrenches & torque
wrenches, pliers, sockets, striking & struck tools and pullers.
Specializes in ladders and scaffolding. Wide ranges of
ladders include: single ladders, folding ladders, splayed
base, extension ladders, steps and stepladders,
scaffolding towers and ladder accessories
For more information, visit:
Master Lock is the world's largest importer of padlocks,
combination locks and related security products for
automotive and outdoor needs including home and yard,
contractors, power sports, campus and bike needs.
For more information, visit:
For more information, visit:
Leaders in hand tools. Products include: measuring and
leveling, knives and blades, screwdrivers, saws, chisels,
planes and surforms, hammers and cold chisels, clamps and
pliers, sockets, spanners and wrenches, tool storage, lasers &
electronics devices.
Professional plumbing and HVAC tools. Products include:
wrenches, pipe vises & supports, pipe/tube cutting &
preparation, threading, drilling & tapping, bending and
forming, tube repair & joining, pipe inspection & location,
drain cleaning.
For more information, visit:
Specilizes in hydraulic lifts, scissor hoists and trolley jacks.
Brush manufacturer. Applications such as deburring,
metal finishing, weld cleaning, honing, and polishing.
For more information, visit:
For more information, visit:
For more information, visit:
Specializes in precision measuring tools, instruments and
equipment and calibration.
Power tools company for the home users. Products include:
power tools , hand tools , outdoor tools, home products,
screwdrivers, automotive and cleaning.
for more information, visit:
Specializes in air tools, paint, hydraulic equipment and
selected hand tools.
For more information, visit:
For more information, visit:
Welding and cutting machines. Arc welders (MMA), Mig
welders (MIG/MAG) and TIG welders, plasma cutting power
sources, battery chargers/ boosters.
For more information, visit:
Specializes in pneumatic tools, including: air construction
tools, automotive & general industry and material
For more information, visit:
Albawardi Tools & Hardware
Albawardi Steel Industries
Albawardi Materials Recycling
Albawardi Investments
Albawardi Building Materials
Albawardi Woodwork Industries
Saudi Materials Recycling
Albawardi Real Estate
Co. Limited (Samarco)
Albawardi Supplies
Albawardi Metal Alloys
Albawardi Marine Survey
Albawardi Grain Terminal
Materials Survey &
Albawardi Cement
Inspection Company
MAB International
International Transport &
Warehousing Co. Ltd
Alba International General Trading
Albawardi Group Overview
In 1957 Mohammed and Abdulrahman Albawardi entered into a partnership that has evolved into one of Saudi Arabia's foremost
merchant houses. Their commitment to operate ethically was matched by a strong ambition to be the best in every area of the business.
These founding principles, values and commitments set by the founders are still followed in the group generation after another.
Today the Group has a branch network covering Saudi Arabia and GCC countries and employs over 2,000 professional staff whose skills
and abilities are fundamental to its success. Albawardi invests significantly in their development, using the latest systems to ensure that its
human resources are effectively developed and that they are empowered to fulfill their career aspirations. Although the primary focus
remains on Saudi Arabia and the neighboring Gulf states, Albawardi interests and operations extend across the globe.
The Group has four main areas of activity: trading, industry, services and investment. The achievements of Albawardi Group and its
subsidiaries have been recognized through numerous awards and citations from international brand principals, industry groups and
governmental bodies.
Albawardi great stability, growth and strength lies in its flexibility to respond to changing market dynamics and the diversified nature of its
activities. Albawardi vision is customer oriented and innovative. As a result, it can optimize its response to new opportunities and market
developments, while meeting the highest international quality standards across all the Group's operations.
World-class companies in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East leverage the expertise of Albawardi subsidiaries. Competitive advantages
enjoyed by its customers are a fitting testament to the Group's culture of quality and this is a cornerstone of the business on which long-term
relationships are fostered. Partnership with Albawardi Group ensures association with a dynamic enterprise that enjoys a longstanding
reputation for professionalism and an ethical approach to business.
Contact Us
Dammam Main
9th street, Albawardi Building
Tel: (013) 833 5555 Ext. 283,239,285
Fax: (013) 830 3181
Riyadh Corporate Sales
Tel: (011) 479 0000
Fax: (011) 479 0000 Ext. 115
Jeddah Main Branch
Makkah Road - Kilo 1
Tel: (012) 644 4547 / (012) 645 6095
Fax: (012) 643 9024
King Saud Branch
King Saud St., Dammam
Tel: (013) 833 0780 / (013) 834 8585
Fax: (013) 833 6303
Khodaria Branch
Tel: (013) 839 1893
Fax: (013) 839 1953
Highway Showroom
Tel: (013) 814 6444
Fax: (013) 859 9992
Al-Khobar Branch
Tel: (013) 864 4430 / (013) 864 5020
Fax: (013) 864 3070
Riyadh (Marqab Branch)
Tel: (011) 448 4999
Fax: (011) 448 7877
Riyadh (Rail Street Branch)
Tel: (011) 403 9152
Fax: (011) 408 0664
Jeddah Baladiya
Baladiya Street
Tel: (012) 660 1098 / (012) 667 2173
Fax: (012) 667 2906
Yanbu Branch
Tel: (014) 390 7102 / (014) 390 7103
Fax: (014) 390 7106
Khamis Mushait Branch
Tel: (017) 223-0078 / (017) 223-0087
Fax: (017) 223-0995
Al-Jubail Branch
Tel: (013) 361 6913 / (013) 361 6914
Fax: (013) 361 6919
Al-Ahssa Branch
Tel: (013) 586 4379
Fax: (013) 586 9357
For any concerns, complaints or inquiries, email us at:
[email protected]
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