Title: Body Systems Connections Materials/Supplies: 1 Body System

Title: Body Systems Connections
Materials/Supplies: 1 Body System Connections handout & 1 set of body systems
flashcards for each group
Activity Purpose: After covering the body systems in class, this activity allows students to
use the information about each system and apply it to different situations.
Activity Objective: The student will be able to describe how body systems work together.
You can create the flash cards and worksheet based on how many body
systems you would be reviewing. Our activity is based on 10 body systems,
but if you use less will need to change handout. (Skeletal, Muscular,
Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, Respiratory, Digestive, Urinary, Integumentary,
Endocrine, Nervous)
On a table in front of room have all of the body systems flashcards for each
group shuffled and then lined up in random order (face down), so that each
group has quick access to their groups flashcards.
1. Put the students get into groups of 3-4 with any grouping system you choose.
2. One person from each group come pick up a copy of the Body System Connections
Handout and take back to the group.
3. The group designates who their secretary/recorder will be. Then the group will
rotate who will go up and pick up the cards, so that everyone is having a turn
picking up the cards.
4. The groups sends first person up to select their first card and take it back to their
table. The recorder writes the name of the body system on the top center line of the
5. The group sends the next person up with first card, turns it in face-up and then
selects the second card. Back at the group the recorder writes down the second
body system on the space where arrow points from the first body system
(worksheet is in a clockwise rotation). Then the group comes up with a way that the
two body systems work together. They cannot progress with assignment until they
have something written down.
6. Once they have brainstormed this and written down their answer, the next group
member takes that card back up to front of room and gets another card. When
return to group, the write the third body system down and then brainstorm a
connection that the second and third body system have with each other.
7. This is repeated until the last card is selected. After brainstorming the connection it
has with the previous selected body system, the final part is then brainstorming how
last body system is connected to the first body system selected.
Variations: Grading can be varied, based on what teacher wants:
1. Have a point system for each answer: 3 = very detailed answer that showed indepth thought and brainstorming; 2 = good answer, but not a lot of thought into
answer; 1 = somewhat good answer, could be a stretch on being accurate; 0 = not
accurate and/or not completed.
2. If wanting it to be competitive activity for the class:
a. Could see who gets done the fastest
b. Could have some calculation of points and speed of completion
c. Could have it a set time and once a group finishes one whole handout, the
cards are mixed up again and they start on another worksheet. Each time it
is all new again since they don’t have the same body systems line up. If they
do, can say they can’t use same answer more than once.
Body System
As we draw body
systems, you will list
in the arrows how
that system is
connected to the one