Leading Information Governance Firm Vigilant Systems Announces

Leading Information Governance Firm Vigilant Systems
Announces Strong Q4 Growth
Portland, OR January 21, 2014 – Vigilant Systems, the first company in the U.S.
focused specifically on Information Governance and Information Life-cycle
Management, announced that it recorded exceptional growth in the fourth quarter of
2013, far exceeding internal projections. Information Governance, or IG, is the set of
multidisciplinary structures, policies, procedures, processes and controls implemented to
manage information at an enterprise level, supporting an organization's immediate and
future regulatory, legal, risk, environmental, and operational requirements.
“Vigilant Systems is poised to grow significantly in 2014 and we’re very excited to
introduce additional services and products throughout the year,” said Peter Sternkopf,
President and CEO of Vigilant Systems. “Information Governance (IG) and Information
Life-cycle Management (ILM) is a highly-specialized industry that requires very special
and talented individuals to be successful. We believe Vigilant Systems is uniquely
positioned to provide exactly what our clients require in meeting their IG and ILM goals
in alignment with their business objectives.”
Sternkopf founded the company understanding that many mid-sized enterprise clients
don’t have the resources, time, and expertise internally to address their governance, risk,
and compliance requirements. With their combined years of experience in business
process and operational excellence, information technologies, and litigation support,
Sternkopf and his team applies unique and specialized experience, expertise, skills,
relationships, and tools to provide tailored services and solutions for their clients.
“Vigilant Systems was founded with the vision of being a very different kind of
company. We only work with the best and brightest individuals in the industry to
provide our clients solutions that meet their short and long-term information
management needs,” Sternkopf explained. “Our goal is to create a culture of
compliance, because policies alone won’t protect businesses- sound Process, Practice,
and Perpetuation will. Putting all the pieces in place… is our objective”
About Vigilant Systems
Vigilant Systems’ mission through value-driven delivery is to provide organizations
with an accountability framework in the creation, storage, use, valuation, archival, and
destruction of information assets. This includes developing processes, roles, standards,
and metrics to ensure effective use of information to enable an organization to achieve
its information management goals streamlined with its business objectives.
The company’s Information Governance Professional Services and Products support
unified information governance:
Business, Legal, IT, and Records Management objectives
Data Risk Identification- data mapping and contextualizing
Business Intelligence (internal and external)- data assets, value, and duty
Data Minimization- defensible, repeatable, and manageable
Policy integration and process transparency
eDiscovery- Legal holds, identification, preservation, collection, processing and
Investigations (internal and external)- regulatory, M&A, and divestitures
Information Systems- Security, Privacy, Confidentiality, Integrity, and
The company focuses on the strategic and technical needs of their clients; both in long
term advisory roles where they help define and deliver on information governance and
management best practices, as well as short-term project-based requirements. The team
at Vigilant Systems has worked in all industries throughout Fortune 500 organizations,
as well as medium-sized and start-up organizations. Together they form an information
life-cycle management advisory council that can understand an enterprises landscape
and help them achieve their information governance and business objectives.
For more information visit the company’s website at Vigilant.us.
Media Contact:
Peter Sternkopf - [email protected]