Nimble and versatile
Optimizes your profitability
Komatsu 855 is not only a new all-round forwarder. It is also a forwarder in
an entirely new and unique class in terms of everything from productivity and low
environmental impact to cost efficiency and operator ergonomics. Here are just a few of
the most important benefits:
Operator environment
The powerful SCR engine based on our special E3 power
technology that minimizes NOx emissions (nitrogen oxides)
and provides unsurpassed fuel economy. Additional benefits
include reduced engine noise and a strong torque for hard
work to cleaner engine oil. Noise reduction can be explained
by variable fan control where the new, larger engine fan can
run at exactly the speed required for cooling.
The all-new cab is higher, wider, has more legroom and
more storage space. The feeling of more space inside the
cab is striking. The large glass surfaces give improved visibility upwards and to the sides and makes crane operation
easier and more relaxing. The cab is designed to provide
a quiet operator environment. As an option there is a new
driver’s seat that provides superb comfort and work area
and offers a variety of personal adjustments and settings.
Control system
With Komatsu 855, you get the MaxiXplorer control system
that combines simplicity, power and functionality that is
unparalleled in the market. The system gives you a leading
machine control – engine, transmission, crane, lights,
wipers, etc. – that can be easily adjusted, fine-tuned and
adapted to the operator’s needs and desires. Komatsu 855
has brand new hand controls, ergonomically designed and
well equipped.
With Komatsu 855, you get powerful traction of 164 kN and
unique interaction between the engine, control system and
transmission. A design that ensures you get the most out of
your machine at all times. Examples are cruise control, several preset and work optimized driving modes, extra traction
on steep terrain and over obstacles. The result is maximum
productivity and maximum deployment of each horsepower
and liter of diesel.
Eco-friendly and
fuel efficient
The powerful new SCR engine
both minimizes emissions and
optimizes fuel economy.
profit machine is here
Work optimized
The new HST transmission with
traction of 164 kN gives increased
performance through the unique
interaction with the control system
and the engine.
ORFS couplings
All critical hydraulics use ORFS
couplings, which reduces the risk
of leaks and downtime.
The new cab has
been designed
to be quieter
and provide
a more highperformance
environment as
well as more
storage space.
To develop a completely new, ultra
modern and productive forwarder is
an achievement. But to do it based
completely on the end customers’
wishes is an even greater achievement.
Komatsu 855 is the result of an extensive
study into the daily needs of individual
machine owners and operators. This has
produced an all-round forwarder offering
outstanding ergonomics, productivity and
Take for example the 855’s new SCR-
The full power of
MaxiXplorer gives
you everything
from more
accurate and more
efficient machine
control to marketleading operating
and production
based engine, which both minimizes
emissions and maximizes fuel efficiency.
To that you can add improvements in
terms of both an impressive torque and
cleaner engine oil. Service costs are cut
further by the addition of tight-seal ORFS
couplings and a minimized number of
lubrication points.
A groundbreaking feature when it
comes to getting the most out of the
machine is 855’s new transmission and
its unique interaction with the engine
and MaxiXplorer control system. In real
terms this gives you benefits such as
cruise control, multi work-optimized
driving modes and the availability of extra
traction that minimizes stalling, reversing
and regripping on slopes and over difficult
obstacles. And speaking of power, thanks
to the 855 being equipped with the full
functionality of MaxiXplorer, you also get
one of the most modern operating and
production report systems.
On the Komatsu 855, productivity
Our unique
bogie solution,
Komatsu Comfort
Bogie, gives you
superb mobility
and stability.
is also uniquely synchronized with
ergonomics. A prime example is the
new, silent and spacious cab, specially
designed to make the operator’s work
with continual crane movements as
simple and easy on the body as possible.
The result is a forwarder that delivers
equal measures of outstanding job
satisfaction and profitability. The kind
of profitability that modern forestry
Forestry Quality Economy
Technical specifications
677 (2’3”)
643 (2’1”)
5259 (17’7”)
4419 (14’6”)
5259 (17’7”)
4419 (14’6”)
10135 (33’5”)
10135 (33’5”)
Dimensions shown are for long rear frame arrangements for both 6 & 8 wheel configurations (mm/inches)
Wheel options, front and rear, and machine width (A) with different tires
Tyre selection
Width (mm/inches)
Width (mm/inches)
6WD (front)
8WD (front/rear)
6WD (rear)
Weight from:
6 WD
8 WD
15,900 kg (35,050 lb) 17,700 kg (39,020 lb)
NOTE: Stated dimensions are nominal and may vary slightly.
Four rear frame option. Smooth frame of high
strength steel. Heavy-duty portal bogie. Dampening bogie stops. Towing point forward and
rear. Permanently lubricated bearings.
66 AWI. 6-cylinder, turbo with Commonrail. EU
Stage IIIB and EPA Tier 4 Interim. DEF/SCR
after-treatment (Stage II/EPA Tier 2 for Russia,
Australia and South America.)
Available options: Front blade
Stroke volume:
6.6 l (1.74 gal)
Power, max.:
150 kW DIN (204 hp) at 1,500-1,900 rpm
Hydraulic system
Single circuit load sensing system with variable
piston pump. Wear protection under bogie
Torque: 950 Nm (700 ft-lb) at 1,200-1,500 rpm.
290 l/min (76 gal/min) at 2,000 rpm
165 l (43.6 gal)
Max. working pressure: 235 Bar (2,395 psi)
18 l (4.76 gal) for Stage IIIB/EPA Tier 4 engine
Hydraulic oil reservoir: 122 l (32.2 gal)
Fuel tank: DEF tank: Miscellaneous:Pressure filter for hydrostatic circuit. Double
return oil filters for hydrostatic and working
hydraulics. Hydraulic oil level alarm.
Torque (Nm)
Miscellaneous: Belt guard (according to EU Directive 2006/42/
EC) for all markets.
Driving brake/ Working brake: 750
Power (kW)
Braking performance: 230
Speed (rpm)
Computer-controlled hydrostatic-mechanical
transmission. 6/8 wheel drive. Disengageable
rear wheel drive operation. Differential locks
front and rear
Driving speed:0-20/23 km/h (0-12.5/14 mph) (without/with
steering wheel)
Pulling force: 164 kN (36,868 lbf)
SFC (g/kWh)
Multi-disc brakes in oil bath.
Automatically engaged when stopped.
Parking brake: Spring-action brake with electro-hydraulic
control. Emergency brake.
Brake system
2-dual circuit, fully hydraulic multi-disc brakes.
Hydraulic accumulator charging valve.
Conforms to ISO 11169 and VVFS 2003:17
Spacious and bright cab with excellent vision.
Thermal and acoustic insulation.
Conforms to ISO 8082 (ROPS), ISO 8083
(FOPS) and ISO 8084 (OPS). Alternative cab
that also conforms to WCB OPS G603.
Seat: Three alternative seat options. Ergonomically
designed with headrest, arm rests, control panels and waist belt. Different opportunities for
individual adjustment of the seat cushion, back
and lumbar support are provided depending on
the seat selection. Seat pillar with 0-180 degree
working area.
Windshields: Protective glass in front and front side
windows. Polycarbonate material in rear and
rear side windows. Alternative cab conforms to WCB OPS G603, with polycarbonate matrial in all windows.
Heating/ventilation: Fully automatic heating and cooling unit ACC.
Filtered intake air.
Noise level: As per ISO standard.
Vibrations: As per ISO standard.
Miscellaneous: Windshield wipers and washer on front and
rear windows. Fire extinguisher, 2 kg (4.41 lb)
(in EES countries in compliance with EU Directive
Available options: Sun-blinds around and/or sun raster front.
Radio with Bluetooth and Hands-free support.
Air-ventilated seat. Food box heater. Refrigerator box. Side wiper. Allergy filter 3 μ (mu). Extra
floor mats for easier cleaning. Seat pillar that
enables 220-degree working area and freely
chosen locked position. Interior light on roof
and floor and reading lamp on flexible arm.
Load area
Gross load: 6 WD
8 WD
13,000 kg (28,660 lb) 13,000 kg (28,660 lb)
Load area:
3.2–4.1 m2 (34-44 sq. ft.), hydraulic shifting.
Load bunks:
Mounted on runners, movable.
Available options: Movable gate. Komatsu LoadFlex, mechanical
or hydraulic height-adjustable supports.
Crane and grapple
CRF 8.1
Control and information system
MaxiXplorer is a CAN-based control system where you control all machine
functions with the support of ergonomic hand controls and a user-friendly
PC. The system includes functions for setting of crane functions, transmission control, diesel engine and other machine functions. The system also
offers area management, integrated production and operation follow-up,
troubleshooting, and alarms.
PC, basic equipment
2 alternative computers
MaxiPC X20
MaxiPC X30
Intel Atom 1.6 GHz
Intel Core 2.4 GHz
1 GB
4 GB
Hard drive
40 GB
60 GB
Screen 12"12"
USB ports (incl. screen) 7
Serial ports
Operative system
Windows XP Pro
Windows XP Pro
Available options: Slave screen 12", A4 printer, GPS receiver
Examples of other equipment
Sprinkler system. Semi-automatic, water-based
fire extinguishing. Conforms to SBF 127.
Hand-held extinguisher. 2 x 6 kg (2 x 13.2 lb) ABE3.
Powder extinguisher.
Operator’s manual in paper format
(even electronic in Maxi).
Spare part manual in paper format
(even electronic in Maxi).
Diesel heater. 9.1 kW incl. timer.
Hydraulic oil heater.
Environmentally-friendly hydraulic oil
Water separator ventilation filter
7.8 m (25’7”)
Extra water separator (diesel).
Lifting torque, gross:
106.1 kNm (78,255 lb-ft)
Tracks, chains.
Slewing torque, gross:
28.7 kNm (21,170 lb-ft)
G121 and slew damper link
Toolbox with tools (heated in the engine
Komatsu G28
Available options: CRF 8.1 C (Combi crane with a reach of 9.6/10
metres (31’6”/32’10”)). Komatsu ProTec, Komatsu
G36, G36HD, E28 or E36 grapple. Multiplate link.
Hydraulic articulated joint.
Lever steering: Load-sensing (LS) proportional steering with
steering rocker
Steering wheel:Load sensing (LS) proportional servo.
Steering angle: +/- 42°
Electrical system
Voltage: 24 V
Battery capacity: 2 x 140 Ah
Generator: 2 x 100 A
More than 30 lux in working area.
Available options: Xenon lighting. Working lights rear (Halogen or
Xenon). Articulated lighting (Xenon).
Central lubrication.
Reversing camera rear (standard in EES
countries in compliance with EU Directive
Reversing camera front.
Vacuum pump
Wear protection and chain guard for bogie
Service ladder by hydraulic tank (standard in
EES countries in compliance with EU Directive
Front protection.
Standard and extra equipment are market specific and vary from country
to country. The specification describes possible equipment; not what is
standard or optional. Weights are based on the equipment stated in the
basic specification. Specifications and designs are subject to alteration
without prior notice.
Why a Komatsu forwarder?
High productivity, low operating costs, innovative technology, excellent operator environment – these are
just a few examples of the advantages that earn Komatsu forestry machines a place among the best in
the world. Behind all this is a highly-focused strategy to continually build upon the advantages of owning a
Komatsu forwarder. A strategy based on the following principal ideas.
Your forwarder is a mobile work environment where the
operator’s opportunities to perform optimally without
tiring are a decisive factor for success. This is an
important reference point that has helped us develop the
important ergonomic advantages of Komatsu forwarders.
Good examples are the stability and the operator
environment with its perfect view whether driving or
operating the loader.
The ambition to maximize profitability is one of the most
important driving forces in the further development of
Komatsu’s forwarders. Each small improvement that
increases productivity and reliability, reduces costs,
or saves time is of interest. Tangible and quantifiable
examples from today’s Komatsu forwarders include
energy-efficient engines, high reliability, and unmatched
high productivity per unit of time.
Fast and competent service has a direct bearing on the
performance and economy of any forestry machine. Our
extensive service network provides you as a Komatsu
owner with a sense of security. Well-trained technicians –
Komatsu experts – provide additional assurance. Another
benefit is ProSelect, our special line of accessories
and consumables. The range is based on a selection of
items that are all of the highest quality and designed for
both Komatsu and other brands of professional forestry
More work in less time. This is something we often hear
from contractors who switch from competing brands to
Komatsu forwarders. And there are many reasons behind
this, both large and small. The most important include the
high-performance operator environment, superior loader
geometry, and great maneuverability and speed.
Customer Support
Forests are an essential and fragile element of the global
ecology. This is why every new Komatsu product, and
all its component parts, is examined with an eye to both
the short-term and long-term environmental effects. This
has resulted in real environmental improvements such as
highly-effective exhaust emission control and low, evenlydistributed ground pressure in Komatsu forwarders.
Environmental considerations also permeate our broad
range of accessories and consumables, such as our
special, rapidly biodegradable oils.
Global Experience
Komatsu forwarders can be found the world over.
Consequently, they have been adapted to deliver optimum
profitability regardless of working conditions. The same
fundamental idea lies behind the global service and dealer
network that provides support to thousands of Komatsu
owners on a daily basis.
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