Jobs and Internships in Geography AAG Careers in Geography


Jobs and Internships in Geography

For Geography/GIS internship, job and graduate school postings and information, please see the following websites:

AAG Careers in Geography

Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences Employability Profiles Resource Bureau of Labor Statistics 2013 Occupational Outlook Handbook

GIS Jobs Clearinghouse

A widely used resource for current GIS jobs. Also check

for other GIS job sources, and for a multitude of GIS resources.

UW’s Program On the Environment

A wide-ranging list of environmental jobs and internships

UCLA's resources for jobs and internships in international development

An excellent source for current jobs, internships and career paths in development studies in governmental and non-governmental organizations. •

• • • •

• • • • •

(Smithsonian Internships) • (USAID) •


• (Non-profit Jobs and Internships) • (Higher education jobs) • (environmental jobs) •

(complete list of geography graduate programs in the United States and Canada)