Application Software Programmer “Solutions”, Inc. is looking for a








“Solutions”,   Inc.

  is   looking   for   a   qualified   individual   to   handle   User   Interface   (UI)   design,   core   logic   design   and   testing.

   Experience   in   some   of   the   following   languages   is   desired.

  SQL,   Java,   HTML,   C,   C++,   C#,   XML,   PHP,   Python,   Perl,   Ruby   and   Free   format   RPG.

     Candidate   needs   strong   communication   skills   with   the   ability   to   be   understood   by   their   peers,   end   users   and   work   as   part   of   a   team.

     A   Software   Development   or   Computer   Science   Degree   is   preferred,   but   not   required.

   Will   accept   entry   level,   with   a   2   or   4   year   degree   or   equivalent   experience.

   A   valid   driver’s   license   is   required.

  Travel   occasionally   is   required.

      “Solutions”,   Inc.

  is   a   Business   Partner   with   a   select   group   of   Technology   Companies   including   IBM,   Lenovo,   HP,   LexMark,   Microsoft,   Datto,   and   Cisco   as   our   primary   core.

   We   specializes   in   IBM   i,   Microsoft   &   Linux   Servers   and   PC   Networking.

   Located   in   Spencer,   Iowa,   we   are   only   25   miles   from   the   Iowa   Great   Lakes   and   have   customers   with   locations   in   every   part   of   the   state.

   Relocation   to   the   Spencer   area   is   required   for   at   least   the   first   three   years.

  Please   send   resume   to   Solutions   HR,   PO   Box   857,   Spencer,   Iowa    51301 ‐ 0857   or   email   [email protected]


   Phone   inquiries   712 ‐ 262 ‐ 4520,   Fax   712 ‐ 262 ‐ 3477.