Material culture - Nonmaterial culture

Material culture - visible objects a group of people who share the same
traditions or heritage create or construct
Ex.: Tribes in Africa that use metal bands to extend their necks.
Sentence: When you go to a different country, you will find material culture
that is different from your culture but is well-known in the other culture.
Nonmaterial culture -
part of a group's culture, heritage, and traditions
that cannot be seen.
Ex. Superstitions
Sentence: Although it cannot be seen, John's superstitious values are an example of
non-material culture, versus the obvious material culture of the Amish boy's dress as
he entered the room.
assimilation/acculturation -
the process by which a person or group
changes his/their culture to fit with a dominant
Ex. European immigrants learn English
Sentence: New students coming to CHS assimilate to the school culture.
cultural appropriation - when one person or group takes an idea from
another cultural group
Ex. Americans took the Greeks' idea of democracy.
Sentence: The Americans used cultural appropriation when they took the Greek idea
of democracy.
neolocalism - seeking out a regional or local culture and attempting to
reinvigorate it in the face of globalizing and modernizing forces
Ex.: Wales attempting to reinvigorate the Welsh language.
Sentence: The government of Wales follows a philosophy of neolocalism
in its policies toward the Welsh language.
commodification -
when a group of people take another culture's idea for the
purpose of selling it and making money.
Ex. An American opening a Chinese Restaurant
Sentence: If an American opened a Chinese Restaurant, that would be
placelessness - the fact that places lack uniqueness in their cultural landscape
due to the wide diffusion of popular culture
Ex. Big Box store shopping centers
Sentence: Many towns in New Jersey have an appearance of placelessness, due to
the shopping centers that all look the same.
authenticity - when an object, idea, or trait genuinely represents a culture
Ex. Babushka dolls
Sentence: If you buy clothes that represent a culture in its home country, you can be
more sure of its authenticity.
glocalization -
the process by which a global phenomenon becomes local in
some way
Ex. The news
Sentence: McDonalds glocalizes its menu in some countries to fit local dietary needs.
you judge someone else's culture by the standards of your
ethnocentrism - when
Ex. Some people's religion requires them to cover their skin. When they see other
people exposing too much skin, they judge them based on their own standards.
Sentence: Some people have ethnocentric views because the haven't been exposed
to other cultures.
the process by which a person absorbs his/her culture
enculturation -
Ex. American kid growing up in American culture
Sentence: Due to mass media, the role of parents in enculturation has decreased.
multiculturalism - a viewpoint that allows for the incorporation or inclusion of
ideas, beliefs, values, or traditions from many different heritages or backgrounds
Ex. Cheltenham
Sentence: Cheltenham practices multiculturalism because of its many cultures.
worldview - a particular philosophy of life, often influenced by culture
Ex. Christians believe in a higher power, while atheists don't — which could make a
Christian more optimistic.
Sentence: Christians have a more optimistic worldview than atheists in some cases.
transculturation - the cultural change due to introduction of elements of a
foreign culture.
Ex. Addition of Spanish language options in the U.S.
Sentence: Many Americans fear that many immigrants coming to the U.S. will create