class 4: balance and upper body strength



Lance Schuler

Work through your body

6 February 2016

Session One - 1pm-3pm

Strengthen and tone the back, chest, neck, shoulders, arms and wrists, toning the organs of the upper body, especially the lungs and the heart. Improve nervous control throughout the body and mind. Work through postures to improve mental power and concentration, greatly enhancing personal confidence and determination.

Upper body postures are dependent on muscular strength and flexibility to bear the weight of the body rather than on bones and joints. Inflexibility, pain and weakness in the shoulders, arms and forearms may prevent many students from performing these postures. Correct programming to enhance the strength is required in any yoga sequence or class format. This class will cover a supportive program introducing techniques to create mobility and strength in the upper body. Direction will be focused also to those areas of foundation essential to initiate these poses (i.e., hands, wrists, forearms and shoulders)

Seated Forward bends are excellent for nurturing the core strength that the body requires for true power.

These poses use gravity to help release tension and discomfort within the body. They bring new energy to the whole system stimulating the organs of the torso, encouraging strength and flexibility, elongating the spine and releasing the hips and groin

Session Two -4pm-6pm

Twisting and lateral poses are very powerful for connective tissue, internal organs, glands and the circulatory system. When a twisting action completed and the organs are returned to their original positions, fresh blood surges into the organs flushing out wastes and purifying them. Twists are also an important series of asana for counter-posing and providing spinal health, helping to alleviate neck and back ache.

Back bending postures create flexibility, suppleness, elasticity and strength.

We lengthen the muscles in the abdomen, tone and massage the abdominal and pelvic organs and strengthen the muscles supporting the spine. The muscles in the shoulders, legs and arms are also strengthened. Backbends require the greatest mental and physical stamina of any class of postures.

Inversions are the elixir of youth as they reverse the effects on the body.

Inverted poses improve overall health, balance the endocrine system, regulate the body’s metabolism and vital functions, and increase energy levels. Similarly, on an emotional and spiritual level, inversions turn everything upside down, throwing a new light on old patterns of behaviour. They reduce anxiety and stress and increase self -confidence.


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