Drivers' Ed. 101 – Stop Signs

Drivers’ Ed. 101 – Stop Signs
Complaints have surfaced about drivers in Mallard Bay ignoring stop signs on
streets in the community, particularly the one at the corner of Canvasback and
Mallard Bay Drive. As a reminder, the word "stop" means STOP which in
the case of a moving vehicle means "cause all wheels to cease rotation". Stop
signs are not suggestions. They don't mean that you should look both ways
before driving through the intersection at full speed. They don't mean coast
through the intersection slowly, and I'm pretty sure they're not intended as a display of how the
county wastes taxpayers' money on unnecessary signage.
Ours is a residential community. People and pets routinely walk along our streets. If you object
to stop signs, the 25 mph speed limit or any other traffic rule in Mallard Bay, please take it up
with the county, but in the meantime, please obey the law.