IT Communication Consultant - EOI

ADB Temporary Relocation Agency (Tunis)
BP: 323, 1002 - Tunis Belvédère, TUNISIA
Corporate Information Management and Methods Department (CIMM)
Telephone: (+216) 71 102 261
The African Development Bank hereby invites Individual Consultants to indicate their interest in the
following Assignment: IT Communication Consultant.
The services to be provided under the Assignment include and not limited to the followings:
i). Implementation of identified Communication Plans and orchestrate the
communication process using various media.
ii). Communicating the Revitalization of the CIMM department by designing all
kinds of media or communication channels to communicate the new vision and
strategies to help change succeed in the department.
iii). Provision of the required support in Transformation & change Management.
iv). Communication of Major Projects under CIMM IT Strategy 2013-2015 with
collaboration of projects mangers.
v). In addition the assignment will include: the review and enchantment of the current
communication activities within the department, the development of communication
materials, news and Bank-wide messages sensitizing and informing latest
development at the CIMM department.
The Corporate Information Management and Methods Department (CIMM) invites Individual
Consultants to indicate their interest in providing the above-described services. Interested Consultants
shall provide information on their qualifications and experience demonstrating their ability to
undertake this Assignment (documents, reference to similar services, experience in similar
assignments, etc.;).
The eligibility criteria, the establishment of a short list and the selection procedure shall be in
conformity with the Bank’s Rules and Procedure for the Use of Consultants under projects
financed by the Bank Group, published in May 2008 Edition, and revised on July 2012, available on
the Bank Website at Please, note that interest expressed by a Consultant does
not imply any obligation on the part of the Bank to include him/her in the shortlist.
The estimated duration of services is 12 months renewable if required and the estimated starting date
is 02 January 2014.
Interested Individual Consultants may obtain further information at the address below during the
Bank’s working hours: from 09:00 to 17:00 hours, Tunis Local Time.
Expressions of interest must be received by written at the address below no later than Friday,
November 29, 2013 at 17:00 hours, Tunis local time and specifically mentioning “IT
Communication Consultant ”
For the attention of: Mr. Mohammed ELMI
African Development Bank
ADB Temporary Relocation Agency (Tunis)
Corporate Information Management and Methods Department (CIMM)
P.O. Box: 323
Town: Tunis
Country: TUNISIA
Tel: (+216) 71 102 261