Nagarro - Nagarro Placement Paper 21 July 2012

Nagarro - Nagarro Placement Paper 21
July 2012
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1. Mathematical(20 question) and Analytical section(20 question)
in this section total of 40 question is given which have to be solved within one hours
a list of formulas will b provided with this paper using which u can solve math
section...So no need to cram the formulas. some of question like
1. tanA=3,tanB=5,find tan(A-B)??
2.if a balll is dropped on ice having a diameter of 24cm and fill inside with depth of
8cm,find the radius of the circle drawn over ice if the ball is pull outside.? question over Ages of father and son relation. question over circle segment and equilateral triangle.
5. one question over boat stream.
math section is bit difficult atleast for me as I didn,t prepare well for this section. please
refer to all the previous paper also 2 question this time repeat from the previous paper.
Now, next section is Analytical
guys for this section frankly speaking lot of post i have seen everyone says read R.S
aggarwal for this section but according to me no need for any book for this section its just
a common sense of your which will b used here. question are lengthy but once u
understand the question all the parts for that question will be solved very easily. I attempt
Analytical section first and then Maths section..
after completing this one another test was Coding test will be there for 75 min
I Mentioning 3 question here:
1) an array was given like
int N=4,
now write a function name reverse (a[],n)
so that it will reverse the given array in constant memory, in order of o(n)...
so that resulting array will be
2) produce a matrix of N order such that
3) Last question is an array is given containing -ve and +ve values we have to sort the
array such that all the negative number will come to left hand side and all the positive
number will come right hand side of the array..
I can able to solve only above two questions in the slotted time..
guys Nagaroo paper is not easy to do hard work..
Important part of all is maths section read ninth and tenth class math to prepare...
All the very best guys...
I got a call for the next round.. :)