Chapter 12


Chapter 12

2 True/False

1. The expression s.charAt(0) will generate an exception if the string is the empty string.


2. Recursive algorithms are easier to design than their corresponding iterative algorithms.


5 Fill in the blank

1. A recursive definition consists of two parts: a recursive part in which the nth value is defined in terms of the (n – 1)st value, and a(n) __________ case which defines a boundary condition.


2. The following formula is used to calculate the __________ of n: n! = n * (n – 1) * (n – 2) * … 1, for n > 0


3. A(n) __________ repetition will occur if a recursive definition is not properly bounded.


4. A recursive __________ controls the progress of the recursion toward its bound.


5. A(n) __________ compiler can convert a recursive method into an iterative mentod when the program is compiled.


5 Multiple Choice

1. What method is called automatically whenever the an applet repaints itself?

A. paint()

B. paintComponent()

C. repaint()

D. paintApplet()


2. What method will retrieve the position selected within a menu of a JComboBox?

A. getSelectedIndex()

B. getSelectedItem()

C. getIndex()

D. getItem()


3. Method call and return in Java, and all other programming languages, uses a

__________ protocol.

A. first-in-first-out

B. first-in-last-out

C. last-in-first-out

D. last-in-last-out


4. A string and a(n) __________ can be divided into its head, the first element, and its tail, the rest of its elements.

A. array

B. component

C. parameter

D. character


5. As each method is called, a representation of the method call is place d on the method call __________.

A. parameter

B. base

C. stack

D. taill