Status & Roles - Michael Phelps

Status & Roles
Define these terms…
Social Interaction:
Define the term…
The position that someone occupies in society
Define the term…
Social Structure:
• The ways that people and groups are related to one another
• Gives direction to and sets limits on our behavior
Plays are designed in football to give each player specific role that they are to perform.
Ascribed vs. Achieved
Some statuses are given to you: On your paper:
What are some of the ascribed statuses that you belong to?
Ascribed vs. Achieved
Some statuses you earn:
On your paper:
What are some of the ascribed statuses that you belong to?
Define the term…
Master Status‐
a status that cuts across the other statuses that an individual occupies
On your paper, write a few sentences describing your master status. How do you see it as effecting your life…..
Roles‐ The behaviors, obligations, and privileges attached to a status.
Answer on your paper:
Consider your master status again, what behaviors, obligations, and/or privileges come with it?
Status & Roles
What are some of the statuses that the President belongs too?
What are some of the roles that the President must follow?
Role Set
• All of the collective roles for a single status.
• Different roles in different social contexts – all belong to the set
• Role behavior is defined by status interaction
Society is simply the interaction of various status‐role sets.
Each person you encounter is fulfilling a status‐role just like you.
Role Strain
• When a single status has conflicting role demands attached to it.
• The individual has to determine which role (behavior) to follow.
Captain Phillips
Crew vs. Company
• We occupy multiple status at once • Sometimes, roles of one violate roles of another.
Role Conflict
Strangers in the Metropolis
• Read the article “Mental life of the metropolis”
• In a paragraph exit slip answer the following:
Compare the interaction between people in pre‐
modern societies with the interactions between people in industrial societies.
Has the rise of technology in post‐industrial societies helped to overturn this development as we can connect with individuals or only added to our isolation as we further remove ourselves from face to face interaction?