Primavera 2009
Tuesday/Thursday 17.30-19.00
AH 202
Prof. Rita Impiumi
1. Textbook: A Vicenda (Lingua)
By Romana Capek-Habekovic and Claudio Mazzola
2. Workbook/ Lab Manual : Manuale di esercizi
to accompany A Vicenda Lingua Textbook
These books are required for every class.
A Vicenda Website:
Italian 2301-2302 will be using the A Vicenda Textbook/Manuale di esercizi. A Vicenda is a
new publication for Intermediate Italian 2008-2009.
The Manuale di esercizi is divided into two sections.
I. The Prendete penna e calamaio! section provides vocabulary practice and grammatical
Answers to the written exercises are provided in the Answer Key at the back of the Manuale di
II. The Aprite le orecchie! section of the workbook is for speaking and listening comprehension
practice. This Spring we now have on-line the Laboratory Audio Program so that these
exercises may be incorporated into our study of Intermediate Italian. To access the Laboratory
Audio Program you must go to
Once at the website you will see the Online Learning Center. On the left is student edition. Go
to contents and choose Laboratory Audio Program. We will start with Capitolo 4 A Tavola
this semester.
Course Requirements: Attendance is required. Students will be dropped from the course for
excessive absences. Three unexcused absences or two consecutive unexcused absences are
considered excessive. If the student has valid or University excused absences, they must consult
with the instructor to avoid being dropped. Absences: 0=A+, 1=A, 2=A-, 3=B+, 4=B, 5=B-,
6=C, 7=D, 8=F.
Grading System: A: 100-90; B: 89-80; C: 79-70; D: 69-60; F: 59…
Final Grade: Class Preparation and Participation and Attendance
Reading Comprehensions Quizzes and Tests
Final Exam
All tests will be announced with a one week notice.
OFFICE: Prof. Rita Impiumi 421AH, Tel: (713)743-3063,
e-mail: [email protected]
Office hours: Tuesday, 4.00 – 5.00 pm; Thursday, 1.00 – 2.15 pm
Language Acquisition Center 311AH:
e-mail: [email protected]
Please Note:
As a courtesy to the instructor and the students in the course cell phone and texting is not
permitted in class. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Program: Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies
• Students will be able to converse with ease and confidence when dealing with most
routine tasks and social situations that require an exchange of basic information related to
work, school, recreation, particular interests and areas of competence.
• Students will be able to demonstrate analytical and critical skills when writing in Italian.
• Students will demonstrate professional readiness for language-related fields of study and
• Enrollment Caps: Any class the student is enrolled in after the 12th class day, even
if the student subsequently drops the class, counts as an attempted class.
• University of Houston’s Academic Honesty Policy: All students are expected to be
familiar with the UH Academic Honesty Policy and all violations will be reported.
For information concerning the UH Academic Honesty Policy go to:
Plagiarism in this class will not be tolerated.
Translation aids will not be tolerated.
For Information about Italian Events in the city, you can consult the following
1. The Italian Cultural and Community Center
1101 Milford Street, Houston, Tx. 77006
e-mail: [email protected]
2. Consulate General of Italy
1300 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 660, Houston, Tx 77056
3. Italica The website of Italian Language and Culture of RAI International.
Syllabus for Italian 2302
Primavera 2009
Website for A Vicenda:
Text and Manuale di Esercizi are required for every class
1st Week: January 20-22
Capitolo 4: A tavola
Tanto per cominciare
Nel contesto
Lessico ed espressioni comunicative
Pronomi diretti
Pronomi indiretti
Passato prossimo e imperfetto (riassunto)
Espressioni negative
Conoscere e sapere
2nd week: January 27-29
Capitolo 4: cont.
3rd Week: February 3-5
Capitolo 4 Test
Capitolo 5: Gli italiani e il tempo libero
Tanto per cominciare
Nel contesto
Lessico ed espressioni comunicative
4th Week: February 10-12
Capitolo 5: cont.
Pronomi doppi
ci e ne
Buono, bello, grande, e Santo
5th Week: February 17-19
Capitolo 5 Test
Capitolo 6: L’ambiente
Tanto per cominciare
Nel contesto
Lessico ed espressioni comunicative
6th Week: February 24-26
Capitolo 6: cont.
Futuro semplice
Futuro anteriore
Condizionale presente e passato
Dire, raccontare, e parlare
Costruzioni impersonali con si
Aggettivi e pronomi dimostrativi
7th Week: March 3-5
Ripasso for the Mid Term Exam
Mid-Term Exam: Capitolo 4-5-6
8th Week: March 10-12
Capitolo 7: Una laurea? A cosa serve?
Tanto per cominciare
Nel contesto
Lessico ed espressioni comunicative
Congiuntivo presente
SPRING BREAK: March 16-20
9th Week: March 24-26
Capitolo 7: cont.
Congiuntivo presente
Aggettivi e pronomi indefiniti
10th Week: March 31-April 2
Test Capitolo 7
Capitolo 8: L’universo femminile e la realtà italiana
Tanto per cominciare
Nel contesto
Lessico ed espressioni comunicative
11th Week: April 7-9
Capitolo 8: cont.
Pronomi tonici
Altri usi del congiuntivo
Congiuntivo passato
Congiuntivo imperfetto e trapassato
12th Week: April 14-16
Capitolo 8: cont.
Ripasso dei 4 tempi del congiuntivo
Capitolo 7-8 Test
13th Week: April 21-23
Capitolo 9 e 10: L’Italia multietnica e Made in Italy
Capitolo 9:
Periodo ipotetico con se
Concordanza dei tempi del congiuntivo
Comparativo e superlativo
Capitolo 10:
Costruzione passiva
Pronomi relativi
14th Week: April 28-April 30
Capitolo 11: Cinema! Cinema!
Passato Remoto/Passato Prossimo
Tuesday May 5th: Reading Day/Ripasso for Final Exam; time: TBA
Final Exam Period: May 6-14
May 15th: Official Closing of the University
Final Exam: Thursday, May 14th 2009, 5:00 – 8:00 pm in AH 202