Assignment 1 STAT 2023 fall 2015 Internet Assignment Part One

Assignment 1 STAT 2023 fall 2015
Internet Assignment
Part One: Go to and in the search bar enter a single letter of the alphabet.
A drop down box will provide a list of companies that start with that letter. Check a few letters
and pick a company of interest to you.
1. What is the name of the company that you picked?
2. What is the “ticker symbol” of the stock you picked? This is the code on the left in the
dropdown box from the search bar.
3. Once you have clicked on the company name of your choice you are at your company’s
page. On the left side under Company, click Historic Prices. That link provides the data
for your company. What are the 10 most recent close values for the stock? Type the
values in or provide a screen shot of the data below. Tools like Snipping Tool work well
for this.
4. What are the dates that the data listed above were recorded on?
5. What is the average of the 10 close values for your stock?
6. Place a graph of the data from the Company Summary page below by using a screen
shot or a tool like Snipping Tool. What is the time range on the graph that you are
providing below?
Part Two: Go to Wikipedia and search for the following terms. Write a summary that consist of
three sentences for each term and provide a screen shot of an example of the graph from the
Wiki page.
1. Bar Chart
2. Pie Chart
3. Histogram
4. Stem and Leaf Diagram
Drop your completed assignment into the D2L dropbox for STAT 2023 by the due date showing
in the post for the assignment on the main page of