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2015-2017 Cal Poly Catalog
Mathematics Minor
Required Courses
MATH 206
Linear Algebra I
or MATH 244
Linear Analysis I
MATH 248
Methods of Proof in Mathematics
Group A
MATH 304
Vector Analysis
MATH 344
Linear Analysis II
MATH 350
Mathematical Software
MATH 416
Differential Equations II
MATH 418
Partial Differential Equations
Group B
MATH 304
Vector Analysis
MATH 404
Introduction to Differential Geometry
Group C
MATH 306
Linear Algebra II
MATH 406
Linear Algebra III
Group D
MATH 335
Graph Theory
MATH 336
Combinatorial Math
MATH 437
Game Theory
Group E
MATH 408
Complex Analysis I
MATH 409
Complex Analysis II
Group F
MATH 412
Introduction to Analysis I
MATH 413
Introduction to Analysis II
Group G
MATH 435
Discrete Mathematics with Applications I
MATH 436
Discrete Math with Applications II
Group H
MATH 306
Linear Algebra II
MATH 437
Game Theory
MATH 451
Numerical Analysis I
MATH 453
Numerical Optimization
Group I
MATH 440
Topology I
MATH 441
Topology II
Group J
MATH 442
Euclidean Geometry
MATH 443
Modern Geometries
Group K
MATH 451
Numerical Analysis I
MATH 452
Numerical Analysis II
Group L
MATH 341
Theory of Numbers
Last updated: 02/18/16
Introduction to the History of Mathematics
MATH 481
Abstract Algebra I
MATH 482
Abstract Algebra II
Mathematics Electives
Complete two tracks
A track consists of two courses from one of the groups AL. Completion of four courses in either group A, H, or L is
considered two tracks. Some tracks have additional mathematics
MATH 419
MATH 142
Calculus II
& MATH 143 and Calculus III
Or other course(s) as approved by advisor
Total units