Resolution to support that dogs and cats used in research facilities

2014 Precinct Caucus Resolution
Beagle Retirement Bill
Whereas, some dogs and cats in research facilities do not need to be euthanized at
the termination of the experiments they are used in; and
Whereas, dogs and cats used in research have the capacity to enjoy a full life in a
loving family after the research is concluded; and
Whereas, there has historically been an overwhelming interest on the part of the
public to adopt into their homes animals from research facilities;
Therefore, be it resolved that we support legislation that ensures all dogs and cats in
state-funded university research institutions are offered up for public adoption
through animal rescue organizations instead of being euthanized at the end of nonterminal experiments.
We refer to proposed legislation such as Minnesota S.F. 1164/H.F. 1370, which ensures that any
research institution that receives state support offers dogs and cats who have been used for testing
purposes and who would otherwise be euthanized, if research does not require them being
destroyed at the termination of the test, be offered for adoption through an animal rescue