We have an opening for a part-time: Bagger


We have an opening for a part-time: Bagger

in its entirety. I f you are interested in this position, please complete an application and return it to the Customer applicable to the position you are applying for, to the Human Resource Dep house staff member, please submit a letter of interest, which should include any relevant experience or skills that are Schedule: Note: Department meetings are announced when scheduled, and dates and times may vary. Department meeting attendance is mandatory. Wage: • • • Starts at $8.12 per hour. Increases to $8.44 per hour after six months. After six-month increase the following increases occur: 27 hours 12:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. 11:00 a.m.- 7:00 p.m. OFF OFF Total number of hours worked OFF 4:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. Six Month

$8.12 $8.44 $8.86 $9.30

2080 hours worked is equal to one year if you work full time (40 hours per week). Increases after 2080 hours worked occur every 1040 hours worked up to 3120 hours.

Benefits: For all regular status employees: • 20% discount on store purchases. • • Employee Assistance Program • • Paid vacation time, Extended Illness Leave and Bereavement Leave 401(k) Retirement Plan Holiday Pay For employees working 20 – 40 hours per week: All of the benefits above, plus: • • Life Insurance Short Term Disability Insurance For full-time employees working 35 - 40 hours per week: All of the benefits above, plus: • Health Insurance • Flexible Benefits • • Application Deadline: Questions: Long Term Disability Insurance Long Term Care Insurance Date Position Posted:

1600 S. 3


St. West | Missoula, MT 59801 | 406.541.FOOD | www.goodfoodstore.com




To assist cashiers in providing prompt, friendly, and helpful customer service by bagging groceries and helping customers checkout smoothly and quickly. |

Duties &


n General:

Bag customer purchases efficiently and carefully so that no product is damaged. Ask if the customer prefers box or bag, or their own containers. Offer to assist customers with carrying purchases to car, giving priority to customers with children and seniors. Keep front end and exit area free of congestion. Return carts and baskets to designated areas, and stack boxes neatly. Clean up spills and take out trash as needed. Check on missing or inaccurate prices for cashiers. When check out lines are not busy take initiative to: Restock or properly dispose of abandoned items. Stock bags. Sweep bulk areas Stock pens and tags. Sweep front end. Face shelves throughout store. Clean glass (cooler and freezer doors or front windows) Stock and clean areas as directed by front-end manager or lead cashier. Pick up grounds. Alert Manager on Duty, Front-End Manager and Assistant Front-End Manager to potential shoplifters, disorderly customers or other emergencies. Follow safe working practices.

Other Responsibilities:

Attend and participate in department and storewide meetings. Answer and route phone calls, take and route messages as needed. Perform other tasks assigned by department manager. (Continued)





High School education or GED preferred, but not required. No experience is necessary. Highly organized, and pays attention to detail. Regular, predictable attendance. Adhere to established work and safety procedures. Ability to work closely with others. Spatial sense resulting in the ability to gauge size of bag needed. |




Vision Hearing Sense of Smell Gripping Lifting Stooping Squatting Push/Pull Kneeling Climbing Bending Reaching Equipment Operation Carry Objects Sitting Walking Standing Climate Mental & Psychological Demands: Comprehension Reading/Writing Speaking Decision Making Critical Thinking Skills Multi-Tasking Customer Service Co-workers General Revised: 12-10-07 Ability to read product labels. Hearing required to converse with customers and co-workers. Ability to smell product for quality control purposes. Pick up bags, boxes, cans, other products, tools and equipment. Frequent lifting- Up to 50 pounds. Stoop and maneuver to pick up boxes from shelving and carts. Squat and maneuver to pick up boxes from shelving and carts. Carts/racks weighing up to 200 pounds. Occasional kneeling. Occasional climbing. Frequent bending. Reach overhead, front, side and back. Ability to safely operate professional kitchen equipment. Ability to carry objects weighing up to 50 pounds. Not Applicable. Short distances to bring items from miscellaneous areas. Prolonged standing. Occasional exposure to cold weather when outside the store gathering carts. Also exposure to cold drafts when working at the front end. Understands and retains directions. Basic reading/writing level. Communicate effectively with co-workers and customers. Use basic problem-solving techniques. Organize tasks and set priorities. Perform and /or direct multiple tasks simultaneously. Ability to interact with the public in a positive and friendly manner. Work cooperatively with co-workers. Maintain composure under all circumstances.