“Harrison Bergeron”

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“Harrison Bergeron” Take Home Test
Directions: Write your answer on the line provided.
Recognize Conflict
1. _____________The climax of the story is the high point of interest and tension. Circle the climax of
this story.
a. Hazel and George start watching TV
b. A photograph of Harrison flashes on the screen
c. Harrison and his Empress kiss the ceiling
d. George goes to the kitchen for a beer
Draw Conclusion
2. _____________ Circle the words that best describe the society described in the story.
a. Free
b. Tolerant
c. Repressive
d. Strict
e. Conformist
f. Open-minded
Interpret Theme
3. Does the author like the society he describes? Support your answer with evidence from the story.
4. _____________ Which word best describes the mood of the Bergeron household?
a. Subdued
b. Overwhelming
c. Inspiring
d. Restless
5. _____________ In this story, people with above-average intelligence have to
a. Watch a lot of television every night
b. Marry someone with less intelligence
c. Report weekly to the Handicapper General
d. Wear mental-handicap transmitters
6. _____________ Based on the number of handicaps Harrison wears, you can conclude he is
a. The same as everyone else
b. Dangerous to others in society
c. Above average in many ways
d. Glad he doesn’t live at home
7. _____________ Throughout most of the story, you can conclude that George treats Martha
a. Unfairly
b. Gently
c. Rudely
d. Poorly
8. _____________ Harrison is in conflict with
a. His parents
b. The government
c. His teachers
d. A ballerina
9. _____________ George and Hazel are Harrison’s:
a. grandparents.
b. parents.
c. friends.
d. neighbors.
10. _____________ What is Diana Moon Glampers’ job?
a. Secretary of Defense
b. President
c. General of Punishment
d. Handicapper General
11. _____________ Which of the following are ways characters are handicapped in the story
(circle all that apply)?
a. Masks
b. Earphones
c. Fat suits
d. False teeth
12. _____________ Who wrote “Harrison Bergeron?”
a. George Orwell
b. Douglas Adams
c. J.K. Rowling
d. Kurt Vonnegut
13. _____________ Which genre of literature best describes the story “Harrison Bergeron?”
a. Dystopian
b. Romance
c. Historical
d. Science fiction
14. _____________ Why was Harrison thrown in jail before the story began?
a. For trying to assassinate the President
b. For attempting to remove his handicaps
c. For suspicion of plotting to overthrow the government
d. For a bomb threat against the Department of Handicaps
15. _____________ After taking the stage, what title does Harrison assume?
a. President
b. Handicapper General
c. Emperor
d. King
16. _____________ How do George and Hazel witness the events of the story?
a. They heard them on the radio.
b. They saw them on television.
c. They were at the ballet.
d. They read about them in the newspaper.
17. _____________ How is Harrison’s interruption of the ballet put to an end?
a. Harrison and the ballerina finish dancing.
b. The crowd leaves in disgust.
c. George and Hazel stop the dance.
d. Harrison and the ballerina are killed.
18. _____________ How does the government censor Harrison’s rebellion?
a. They stop the television broadcast.
b. They end the radio broadcast.
c. The army forces the crowd to leave.
d. They alter the story in the newspaper.
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