The Copy Collective Diversity Policy

The Copy Collective Diversity Policy
The Copy Collective Pty Ltd is committed to and values the diversity in its
workforce whether members of that workforce are managers, employees,
contractors, sub-contractors or contributors.
Developing and managing a diverse workforce is essential to the achievement of
The Copy Collective’s business purpose and objectives, and social responsibilities
and objectives.
The company recognises that our people are the source of our success and we
acknowledge this through our workplace practices. It is by maximising the skills
and commitment of all our people – regardless of the nature of their connection
with The Copy Collective – that The Copy Collective will be best positioned to
meet future and existing challenges, grow and adapt to the environment and the
economy and continue to provide worthwhile employment – whether that be by
contract or other means – to our people.
Managing a diverse workforce means managing people as individuals. This
means recognising individual differences, contributions and needs in the work
place regardless of whether that is offsite or onsite. It requires the
implementation of practices that maximise respect for all individuals and which
recognises the value that diversity brings to The Copy Collective.
It reflects how we respect and value diversity in our clients and in the
community and how we can be relevant and responsive to changing
Managing diversity at The Copy Collective is a corporate objective and
responsibility is vested in all managers, employees, contractors, sub-contractors
and contributors.
TCC Diversity Policy v1 2012 MS