BSc. IBP - Political Science (Autumn 2014) Final Exam Answer ONE

BSc. IBP - Political Science (Autumn 2014)
Final Exam
Answer ONE of the following questions.
1. “National self-interest remains the most important driver in global politics.” Discuss.
2. “There are few effective checks on contemporary executives”. Discuss.
Guidance notes
(i) You should use a recognized referencing system
(ii) Given the time constraints you should concentrate on establishing and supporting an appropriate line of
argument. Where feasible, support your argument(s) with appropriate forms of empirical evidence. You will
need to draw upon a mixture of books and scholarly articles (that can be accessed through the CBS library
catalogue) as well as authoritative newspapers and periodicals. You might however choose to begin by
consulting the relevant chapter(s) of Andrew Heywood’s book, Politics.
Format and submission
You are reminded that the length of the paper should not exceed 10 standard pages. The formal
requirements for CBS academic papers (including the definition of a standard page) can be found at:
The paper should be submitted and uploaded through the individual class folders on CBS Learn.