Review Sheet 2 - 2008

Vertebrate Biology
Exam 2 Review Sheet
This list is not necessarily all-inclusive. It is my best effort to list the major
topics covered. Anything discussed in lecture is fair game.
Regions of the skeleton
Features of bone
Three components of cranial skeleton
Including types of visceral arches and evolution of jaws and hyoid
Two types of bone
Types of head muscles
Trunk muscles
Living jawless fishes
Fossil jawless fishes
Transition to jawed fishes
Jaw and gill arch evolution
Major features of gnathostomes
Know the four groups of gnathostomes
Geological eras and timing of fish evolution
Extinct jawed fishes
Placoderms and Acanthodians
Extinct Chondrichthyes
Features of Paleozoic, Mesozoic and modern forms
Extant Chondrichthyes
“Squalomorpha”, galeomorpha, batoids and chimaeras
Trends in the evolution of Chondrichthyes
Buoyancy and locomotion
Evolution of jaw suspension and types of feeding
Sensory systems and reproduction in chondrichthyes
Trends in locomotion and feeding
Major groups and their characteristics
Know their phylogeny
Freshwater bony fish ecology
Feeding styles, reproductive strategies
Knouft and Page 2004 paper
Be able to draw phylogenetic trees for all taxa and know some synapomorphies
for each.