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April 2015: Volume 32, Issue 1
Newsletter of the Humane Society of Parkersburg
Putt for Paws - In honor of Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones loved animals. Sadly Taylor lost
her battle with cancer last year at the young
age of 27 and her family wanted to not only
honor their daughter’s life, but also to help
save the lives of the creatures Taylor loved so
much. And the 1st Annual Putt for Paws was
The proceeds from this tournament will go to our spay and
neuter financial assistance fund. Spaying and neutering is key
to reducing the pet overpopulation problem that results in
thousands of unwanted and homeless animals arriving at our
shelter each year. Our SPOT Clinic was built exactly for that
reason but even with our affordable prices, some pet owners
still struggle to afford the cost of this life-saving surgery.
So dust off those clubs and come join us for a great day of
golf that will honor a lovely young lady and help to stop pet
You may register online at www.hsop.org and early entries will
be entered into a special drawing, so sign up NOW!
If you’re not a golfer but would like to help this great cause,
we are seeking sponsors for the event. Sponsorship levels
range from $100 to $2500 and all sponsors will be recognized
at the event and on our website. A great way (and tax
deductible way) to let it be known that you or your business
support this wonderful cause.
Saturday, April 11
Basket & Bead Bingo
Criss Elementary School
Open @ 5pm, Games @ 6pm
Sun, April 11 and Thurs, April 16
Volunteer Orientation*
Humane Society of Parkersburg
Saturday, April 18
Putt for Paws Golf Tournament
8:00am @ Worthington Golf
Monday, May 4
1st Drawing of NEW 300 Club
Tuesday, May 5
Give Local MOV Day!
Visit www.givelocalmov.org for info
Sun, May 17 and Thurs, May 21
Volunteer Orientation*
Humane Society of Parkersburg
Saturday, June 6
Walk Your Paws
Parkersburg City Park
Registration starts @ 8:30am
Walk begins @ 10am
June 22 - 26
Camp Ruffin’ It
HSOP Floodwall Building
See article on page 5
July 20 - 24
Camp Ruffin’ It
HSOP Floodwall Building
See article on page 5
* Prior to attending an orientation you must have
submitted a volunteer application and be
scheduled for the orientation.
Shelter Statistics
Our Webpage:
Oct—Dec 2014
Our Facebook Group:
Humane Society of Parkersburg
Rescue Organizations
Shelter Fees
Dog adoption
Cat adoption
Owner Reclaims
Our Twitter Account:
Save Rate %
fees include taxes
Adoption fees are all-inclusive of any treatment
or procedure needed.
This includes but is not limited to:
 Spaying or Neutering
 DHLPP Vaccination for Dogs (at least 1)
 Bordatella Vaccination for Dogs
 FVRCP Vaccination for Cats (at least 1)
 Basic Worming (at least once)
 Rabies Vaccination
Private Cremation Services
The Humane Society of Parkersburg offers private
cremation services when it is time to say goodbye to our
beloved furry family members. The remains you receive
will be only those of your beloved.
Prices are as follows and include tax:
Dogs under 20 pounds:
Dogs 21-40 pounds:
Dogs 41-60 pounds:
Dogs 61-80 pounds:
Dogs over 81 pounds:
Do you want to be a member of the 300 Club?
Each year, beginning in May, the HSOP sells 300 Club memberships for $52. The membership gets
you in a weekly cash drawing for $100. Each week a winner is pulled from the 300 memberships
and even the winner is returned to the pool, so that you have a chance to win over and over
again. The final drawing of the year is worth $1000 – will be held in May 2016!
This investment of $1 a week for the year is a great way to
support our shelter and have a chance at the cash prize! A new
Club will be starting in May.
Do not miss your chance to be part of this exciting year long
event! Only 300 are sold so do not miss it!
Proceeds from the "300" Club benefit the HSOP P.A.W.S. Project!
Tickets may be purchased from Jon Six Salon, HSOP Shelter,
SPOT committee members and the HSOP Board.
Page 2
President’s Message
by Carrie Roe
There are so many ways that people can help animals in
need in our community...adoption is, of course a personal
favorite, but not the only way. Feeding the hungry cat that
shows up on your porch, volunteering, attending fundraising
events, donating, picking up the stray running loose, helping
someone get their animals spayed or neutered are all
wonderful ways to lend a hand.
And then of course there is sharing.
Over the last year or so, one of the most remarkable things
has been the growth of our Facebook group that now has
over 7000 members! And while social media may for some
mean staying in touch with friends and sharing family
photos, I have watched it become a lifesaving tool. I truly
believe the increase in adoptions in the last year are, in
part, the result of SHARING! The incredible advocacy of our
Group in their sharing of our animals, along with the
beautiful pictures taken by Jenny McDonald of our staff and
volunteer Teresa Heavner, are getting attention like never
below. Our volunteers sharing of their experiences with our
animals are also helping attract adopters that otherwise we
might never reach.
In addition the sharing of training tips and advice by our
members is assisting pet owners in dealing with issues and
keeping them in their homes. Pet questions and problems
are a regular occurrence on our page and our group
members are quick to share their experiences and ideas for
solving them. It’s amazing how it seems to be helping!
And of course we all love helping reunite lost pets! You
can’t underestimate the power of sharing lost and found
animals via this media in helping to get lost pets back
home. Astounding and at times, very moving.
It is incredibly exciting to see how it is making a difference in
our ability to save more animals than ever before, as in 2013
-2014, our save rate was at an all-time high of 70%, and that
trend seems to be continuing.
So if you think that you can’t help animals in need unless
you adopt one or volunteer to walk dogs and cuddle cats,
please think again. There are so many ways you too can be
a part of the solution.
And certainly the easiest is to join our Humane Society of
Parkersburg Group on Facebook and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!
Call (304) 917-4275
to schedule an appointment.
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Spay/Neuter Fees
Cat / Male
Cat / Female
Dog / Male less than 50 lbs
Dog / Male more than 50lbs
Dog /Female less than 50lbs
Dog / Female more than 50lbs
* $10 service for animals in heat. No extra charge
for pregnant animals. Pregnancy will be
terminated during surgery.
Optional Surgical Services
(for spay/neuter patients only)
Rear Dew Claw Removal
Umbilical Hernia Repair
Baby Teeth Removal
(only those overgrown by adult teeth)
(testicle not descended, if near stomach cavity)
Optional Non-surgical Services
(for spay/neuter patients only)
Rabies shots
Nail trims
DHLPP Dog Vaccination
FVRCP Cat Vaccination
Kennel Cough Vaccination
Feline Leukemia Vaccination
Heartworm Test
Feline HIV and Leukemia Test
Capstar Flea Treatment
(if a pet has any evidence of fleas this will be
given, no exceptions)
Flea Treatment, per tube
**Rabies shots are required and given unless you
have a current rabies certificate provided by
a licensed veterinarian proving your animal has
been vaccinated.
*** Required for animals over 8 years old and
suggested service for all patients
Prices are subject to change at any time
Page 3
Michelle Earl,
The Humane Society of Parkersburg keeps getting better and better. We have had a fantastic first half of
our year, and though we are heading into Spring which means kittens and puppies, we surely will continue
on with our success! At the top of my list of priorities for the upcoming year is to continue to decrease the
unwarranted euthanasia. Although we have “Come a long way baby,” it is simply not enough. I am not
naïve in thinking euthanasia is never going to happen, or that we can save them all. This is just an
unrealistic goal. I do however feel we can continue moving forward in this mission to save most!
How are we going to do it? The HSOP has great plans on the horizons. One way we can continue to help is
to continue our investment in employee training to ensure our staff are well educated on assessing and
helping animals with negative behaviors. We believe most everyone (and every animal) deserves a
second chance, and we are striving to work with volunteers and staff alike to identify behaviors early
through assessment and applying strategies to assist these animals. We are investing in the education of
our officers as well, ensuring they are well equipped with knowledge and tools to do their job effectively,
efficiently and proudly!
Our use of social media has been exploding! As Carrie has mentioned, we are positive the use of these
tools has helped us to increase our adoptions and reclaims. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and e-blasts are
all part of this exciting change! We are hoping to purchase a new Shelter Software management program
this year as ours is quite outdated – this new software will improve our shelter management and the work in
the field.
One of the larger projects we have on the horizon is the Project P.A.W.S. to expand and redesign our
shelter layout. I believe our shelter is one of the best in the state, but we can do better! Our cats are
currently housed in the same room with the small dogs, creating unnecessary stress and making it difficult
to recover from illness. Our new plans include a space for the cats to call their own! We also plan to have
an area for animals on intake, separated from the general population. The goal of this change will be to
again help us to decrease the amount of kennel cough and other contagious illnesses.
We want to be a friendly shelter – our redesign plan will include separate areas for customers for intake
and adoptions, so our staff are able to focus on our customers coming in the door and improve the overall
experience in the shelter. Our Walk and Tailgate events will both be targeting donations to help us support
this project! Please help us to raise the roof!!!
So as we always say, we cannot do any of this without the support from our generous donors! If ever there
was a time to give to the shelter, now is the time! All of these improvements come at a cost, and through
fundraising and donations, we will make them happen!
I look forward to share our continued progress! Thank you to all of our supporters!
Peace and Paws-Michelle
Page 4
Michelle Earl – Executive Director
Shelter Staff
Kelly Brown – Shelter Manager
Todd Hallock – Kennel Technician
Brooke Knight - Kennel Technician
Sara Campbell - Kennel Technician
Chris Roy - Kennel Technician
Sarah Hoye - Intake/ Adoptions
Jenny Henderson-Admin Asst/Website
Ashlie Ferrell - Adoptions Counselor
Josh McMullen, Humane Officer
Ian Joseph- Humane Officer
Tyler Masters- Humane Officer
Clinic Staff
Dr. Kevin Rowles –Veterinarian
Sunni Dils –Clinic Manager
Caroline Bender – Registered Vet Tech
Darca Sapp –Clinic Veterinary Assistant
Cora Beth –Clinic Veterinary Assistant
Casey Miracle –Clinic Veterinary Assistant
Krystle Earl, Administrative Assistant
Board of Directors
Carrie Roe, President
Debbie Hines, 1st Vice President
Karen Katchur, 2nd Vice President
Lee Buckingham, Treasurer
Jill Parsons, Secretary
Michelle Earl, Executive Director
Kim Davis
Paul Deuley
Amy Heldman
Kim McCoy
Dr. Gabby Olson
Sandy Swisher
Wish List
Quality canned cat or dog food
Sam’s, Walmart or gas Gift Cards
Clay cat litter (non-clumping)
Laundry detergent
Treats and toys
Small pet beds
Blankets and towels
Paper towels
PO Box 392, Parkersburg, WV 26102
29th & Poplar Streets, Parkersburg, WV
PHONE: (304) 422-5541
(304) 485-4261
EMAIL: [email protected]
Ext 100 Adoptions
Ext 101 Administrative Assistant
Ext 103 Intake, Lost & Found
Ext 104 Intake, Lost & Found
10:30 am - 5:00 pm
10:30 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday: 10:30 am - 5:00 pm
10:30 am - 5:00 pm
10:30 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday: 10:30am - 4:00pm
PHONE: (304) 917-4275
(304) 917-4279
EMAIL: [email protected]
Ext 100 Receptionist
Ext 101 Receptionist
Ext 102 Clinic Manager
Ext 103 Executive Director
CLINIC HOURS (by appt only):
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Wednesday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday: CLOSED
“Camp Ruffin' It” is a day camp for 8 to 12 year olds who love animals and
want to learn more about them! Camp Ruffin’ It provides ample
opportunity to learn more about pets in general, their proper care and
responsible pet ownership, the work of an animal shelter, and the training
of companion animals. This experience will include both hands-on
activities with shelter animals, as well as demonstrations and educational
sessions with experts in:
Dog training basics
Bathing and Grooming
General dog and cat care
Cat handling
Pet safety
We will again hold 2 sessions of camp this summer. The first June 22 - 26
and the second July 20- 24 at the Humane Society’s facilities with camp
beginning at 8:00 AM and ending at 12:00 PM each day.
Campers will participate on a 3 person team, led by an adult counselor.
Each team will include their very own special Shelter Team Dog, and the
campers will care for and work with the dog throughout the week to assist
in preparing them for adoption. Parents are invited to Friday’s closing
ceremony and to meet the Teams and dogs.
Enrollment will be limited based on the number of adult counselors
available to supervise the campers but usually is 18 to 21 campers. Cost of
the camp is $115 per camper and will cover supplies, a Camp t-shirt, and
If your child is interested in
participating in this year's camp,
please download the form at
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In Memory of John Newhouse
Anna Adams
Carolyn & Mark Seely
In Honor of Dr. Anna Hughes
In Memory of a Special Jill
Joleen McMillion
LC Fabbo
Lisa & Dennis Cowger
In Honor of Abby Hayhurst
Sharon Niday
Jeannie & Jim Hayhurst
In Memory of Bill Blackburn
In Memory of Kathy Moses &
In Honor of Al Behnke, Linda
Ginny Colvin
Lucille Wilson
Perry & Susan Gray
In Memory of Bo Giffen, Dr.
Beverly Estep
South Parkersburg Women's Club James Carter & Chelsea Lemon
In Memory of Kimberly Dixon
In Honor of Ann Bailey
Mark & Edith Lemon
Marilyn Pasquarelli
Jeannie & Jim Hayhurst
In Memory of Charlie Phillips
Michael & Trudy Scheiding
In Honor of Art & Dee Bolyard
Paul L. Kupkerberg
In Memory of LaVaughn
Mary Ellen Eddy
In Memory of Dean Parks
Wolverton & Queen Sarah
Steve & Pam Mick
Betty Tice
Pioneer Presbyterrian Church
In Honor of Bryan Barnes
In Memory of Eddie Miller
William & Sally Vocial
Ellen Barnes
Obermeyer's Florist
In Memory of Lucy Bolyard
In Honor of Carrie Roe
In Memory of Edwin Morris
Arthur & Delia Bolyard
Jeannie & Jim Hayhurst
D.E. Gene & Joyce Ingold
In Memory of Marsha Campbell
In Honor of Carrie Roe & Amelia
In Memory of Ernest J. Devol
Alfred Curran
Mick & Mary Ellen Manzo
Lois Devol Ligoske
In Honor of Cindy & Lee
Luwana Rhodes
Dean and Colleen Parsons
In Memory of Gabby Courtney
Dick & Cookie Mead
Jim, Judi & Christian
God's Disciple's Class
In Honor of Craig Clinton
Steven & Vickie Dellinger
Jamie Mead
Jill Broadwater
In Memory of Gayford Williams
Kuraray America
In Honor of Guy Reynolds &
Laura Rogers
Lowell J. Law
Dottie Dalton
Kim Liebau
In Memory of Mike Blankenship
Norma & Don Whitlach
In Memory of Glenn Harrah
Betty Archer
In Honor of Jan Lincicome
Ruth Carder
In Memory of Mildred Schott
Harold & Mary Ellen Eddy
In Memory of Grace Calebaugh
Linda & Steve Perry
Jeannie & Jim Hayhurst
Victoria Rieser & Family
In Memory of Patricia Fulton
In Honor of Jim L. Page
In Memory of H. Gene Knopp
Amanda Fulton
Dane & Cindy Ferraris
"The Neighbors"
Lois & Dwight Morris
David & Karen Page
In Memory of Harry Trout
Michael Fulton
In Honor of John Lee
Maggie McCuskey
Howard Marlowe
Jeannie & Jim Hayhurst
In Memory of Heidi Santamaria
In Memory of Patrick McDonough
In Honor of Jon Six
David & Rhonda Poling
Mary Riccobene
Beverly Estep
In Memory of Henry C. Trout
In Memory of Robert Frazier
In Honor of Judy Crichton
Perry & Associates
Bethany Whitehead
Jeannie & Jim Hayhurst
Mary Ellen & Stiven Cole &
Dave & Sue Lyons
In Honor of Kristen Hunley
Deborah Currie
Doris Tice & Judy Tice Estes
Kim Brown
In Memory of Jana Nancarrow
Earl & Judith Seiler
In Honor of Laurie Erickson
Eunice Lemon
Ed McDonough & Kathy Eddy
Chaz Nancarrow
Gary Turner
In Honor of Linda Perry's Birthday In Memory of Jean Miles
J. William Stumbo DDS, MS
Karen & Larry Thomas
Wanda Edwards
Patricia Willey
In Honor of Margaret Hopkins
In Memory of Jessie Lindamood
Patty & Frank Metz
Nan & Marvin Blake
Betty, Steve, Karen Nutter & Millie
Patty & Frank Metz
In Honor of Michelle
Pete & Joan Berolattie
Keith & Ruth Wharton
In Memory of Jim Swearingen
Sharon Ogden
Kimberly Evans
Betty Rector
The Ballano Family
In Honor of Mr & Mrs Sam Winans
Donna Smith & Fred Earley
William Peters
Mick & Mary Ellen Manzo
Douglas Swearingen
In Memory of Sally Davis
In Honor of Nancy Brooks
Francis Northrup
Betty Rector
Dr. Gregory Brooks
H. Smoot Fahlgren
In Memory of Second Hand Rose
In Honor of Popcorn & Mary Ellen
Juliette Farson
Mary Lee Richards
Les & Jane Pritchard
In Memory of Stephanie Matthews
Arthur & Delia Bolyard
Linda & Paul Hoblitzell
In Honor of Sally Alverado
Linda L. Sands
Rebecca Butta
Jeannie & Jim Hayhurst
M. Barry Louden
In Memory of Susan "Sue" Kerby
In Honor of Simon
Mary Dollman
Melba Jean Miller
Lauri Erickson
Mary Gevas
Polar Service Centers
In Honor of Simon & Sophia's
Sandy Lessig
In Memory of Suzanne Anderson
Terry & William Boyle
Sharon Niday
Holly R. & J. Breckenridge Martin In Memory of John McDaniel
In Memory of Ted Tice
Neil & Parnaz Strobl
"The Neighbors"
Betty Tice
T.H. & M.B. Kirtley
Baker Lawn Service
In Honor of Steve & Pam Mick
Michael McDaniel
Arthur & Delia Bolyard
Mr. & Mrs. Jon H. Bango
In Honor of a Special Pet
In Honor of Susan & Sam Ross
Mr. O. Whited, Jr.
In Honor of Bri
Jeannie & Jim Hayhurst
Patsy & Seth Thaxton
Leslie Newland
In Honor of The Family of Sam &
The Ballano Family
In Honor of Ginger & Maryann
Bonnie Gorrell
O.B. Epling
James Winans
Vicki Wamsley
In Memory of Ladena Mannon
Christina & Michael White
Kim Davis
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In Honor of a Special
In Honor of Tina Wheeler
Transcription Dept. CCMC
In Honor of Buster
Cindy Buckingham
In Honor of Butters
Pamela Romine
In Honor of Carmen
Amy Bergman
In Honor of Daisy Smith
Elizabeth Hoffman
In Honor of Gracie
Linda Perry
In Honor of Lola
Mike Schott
In Honor of Mary Jane
Pamela Romine
In Honor of Michelle
Carla Farnsworth
Gabriella Olson
Kelly Shook
Kristy Champion
Linda & Steven Perry
Melissa Carpenter
Pam Romine
Paula Ryan
Richard & Betty Rector
Virginia Diane Crawford
In Honor of Monty
Joe Johnston
In Honor of Rocky
Helen McDonald
In Honor of Simon
Glenn H. Rhodes Trucking, LLC.
In Memory of a Special
In Memory of Archie
Stacie Johnson
Sue Latz
In Memory of Archie Seaman
Parkersburg Obedience Training
In Memory of Billy Bob the Cat
Janne Bauman
In Memory of Callie
Joan Smith
In Memory of Char
Gwen Hall
In Memory of Dizzy
Yuvonne Mastrorocco
In Memory of Fred
Peggy Lorentz
In Memory of Hannah
Ronald Iroff
In Memory of Katie Ross
Fred Sargent
In Memory of Katy
Beverly Watson
In Memory of Lexi
Elizabeth Savage
In Memory of Lexi & Louie
Elaine Avery
In Memory of Lucy
Evelyn Bower
In Memory of Phoenix, Gunnie &
Joe Kincheloe
In Memory of Pongo
Lois Mariano
In Memory of Quigley
Mariann Marshall
In Memory of Remmington
Parkersburg Obedience Training
In Memory of Rocky
Robert & Alice Thomas
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Special Thanks to:
Tricia Kestner for organizing our successful Bingos!
Teresa Heavner for her beautiful photography
Rolling Oldies Car Club fundraiser
Craig Roberts Entertainment
Pet Supplies Plus for hosting our Adoptothon
Parkersburg Red Wing Drill Team –Dancing for Donations
Trish Kestner for her work on Bingo
Cindy Buckingham for coordinating volunteer projects
The Adoption Team for organizing a very successful Valentine’s Day Event! (Ashlie Ferrel, Cathy
Bolinger, Melanie Gingery, Leigh Linger, Sarah Hoye, Cindy Buckingham, Sarah Campbell)
Debbie Hines for her tireless work in rescue and foster care coordination
Our Humane Officers for putting their lives on the line every day to protect the lives of animals
Lee Buckingham for leading nightly walks
In Memory of Rorshack
Dave & Kelly Fleming
In Memory of Skittles
Kathy & Donald Wise
In Memory of Solomon
Nancy Kerns
In Memory of Stormy
Eleanor Caltabiano
In Memory of Wolf
Dale L. Prim
In Memory of Wolfy
Dale W. & Brenda Prim
Michelle Ahart
Nichole Allan
Carl Anderson
Charlotte Anderson
George & Judith Anderson
Ashlee Scott's Legacy of Love
Jim Ashley II
Joan Auch
Grace & John Badgley
James & Brandy Bare
Elizabeth Barr
Bill & Susy Bayless
Betty J. Beall
Judi Beary
Robert Bedilion
Robert Behnke
Elliott Birckhead
Donna Boso
Evelyn Bower
Charles & Eve Bradford
Gregory Brooks
James C. Brown
Mary L. Brown
William Brown
Brenda Brum
Mary Margaret Buchwald
Leah & Jeffrey Buck
Emerson & Diana Bumgardner
Richard & Gwendolyn Bush
Scott Byrnes
C & C Dodge Toyota
Betty Camp
J.B. & Debbie Campbell
William Cartwright
Jodyne & Daniel Christian
Robert & Alice Chumley
Jane Cirigliano
Jennifer Close
James & Sheryl Cobb
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Cordell
Diane & David Cottrill
Beverly Crossley
Gilbert Currey
Georgia & Russell Davenport
Thomas & Sandra Davies
Donna Davis
David & Christie Debarr
Betty Deem
Loreta Delaney
Richard & Loreta Delaney
Susan Delaney
Denise Deuley
Paul Deuley
Dick's Market
Rick Dotson
Michael & Jane Duckworth
James Easley
Katie Edman
Starr Emrick
En' Kara Farm
Judith & Donald Ery
Deanna Fisher
Dwight Foley
Stephanie Frank
Corinne & Ryan Full
Gerald Gatti
George & Mary Gevas
Sally Giles
G.B. & Mary Goetemann
Karol Goldstein
Joanne Gorrell
Judith Gould Peascoe
Tami Grandia
Gwen Hall
Jerry Hamilton
Kathryn Hand
Frankie Hanlon
Terri Harton
Lauren Helm
Michael Hensley
Carol Hoffman
Cathy Holmes
Susan Homan
Donna & James Huffman
Leslie Humbert
Leslie & Ronda Humbert
Stacie Johnson
Sue Ellen Johnson
Candace & Terry Jones
Deborah Jones
Larry Jones
Victoria & Thomas Kennedy
Janet Lamp
Sheila Lemon
Lemon's Farm Equipment
Richard & Sue Lewis
Richard L. & Berylann Lewis
Jan Lincicome
Shawna Linscott
Kermit & Virginia Litton
Pamela Lockard
Susannah R. Lowden
Greta Lowe
Betty Lutz
Jean Lynch
Dana Mader
Barry & Karen Mahone
C.E. "Gene" Manzo
Joe & Candy Martino
Samuel Maze
James & Carol McCauley
Linda McClung
Matthew McCready
Judy McCullough
Ronald & Vonnie McDaniel
Marvin & Edythe McDonald
Todd & Kim McGinnis
Gregory Merritt
Abe & Paulla Mills
Pat Minnite, Jr.
Bruce Miracle
Linda Miracle
Rick Modesitt
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Robert Morgan
Mother Earth Foods
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Steve & Peggy Norman
Kevin C. O Connor
Obermeyer's Florist
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Merrell O'Shea
Sharon Paul
Linda Perry
Teresa Pickens
Laura Prisc
Martin & Beverly Prisc
Clark & Avis Radar
Sue Rager
Vint & Betty Rathbone
Larry & Linda Reckard
John & Christine Rhodes
William & Carolyn Rhodes
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Carrie Roe
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Desmond & Ruby Ruppel
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Reeder Sams
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Scot's Landscaping
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Michael & Kelly Shockley
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Betty Skidmore
Iris Smith
Shelby Smith
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William & Rhonda Snyder
Trendon Spurgeon
Sheri & Michael Stanley
Stephen Thomas & Teresa Burns
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Stokes
Ron & Kay Stoops
Susan Akers & Stephanie Showalter
Allen & Barbara Swartz
Michael Sydenstricker
Brenda Tebay
Charles & Donna Thomas
David & Renate Trippett
J. Turley
Rebecca & J. Edward Vaughan
Walt Auvil & Michele Rusen
Betty & Jack Watkins
Beverly Watson
Judith Webb
Karen Weihl
Cathy Whited
Don & Norma Whitlach
James & Jo Ann Whitlach
Judith & James Wigal
Robert A. Williamson
Eloise Wilson
Joseph & Ashley Wiltsey
Samuel & Sandra Winans
Paul & Patricia Witkosky
Elizabeth Zannoni
Roger, Joyce & Katherine Zipfel
Received 9/1/14—
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Nonprofit Org
PO Box 392
Parkersburg, West Virginia 26102
Hey everybody, it's Bingo time!
We will be hosting our popular Troll Bead and
Longaberger Basket Bingo on
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Criss Elementary School
(2800 22nd St, Parkersburg)
will be hosting us with
doors opening at 5:00pm
and Bingo starting promptly at 6:00pm.
There will be concessions available. We will also
be hosting a 50/50 raffle. Bring an item for the
shelter, such as non-clumping clay cat Litter,
Purina Dog or Cat Chow, canned food, bleach,
or newspaper, and get an additional door prize
Tickets will be $20 for 25 games and will be
available at the Shelter, Buttermore Jewelers
and Mulberry Lane.
I want to become a friend of the
Humane Society of Parkersburg
Please complete this form and mail to us at PO Box 392,
Parkersburg, WV 26102.
Name __________________________________________________
Phone __________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________
City, State, Zip __________________________________________
$10 Student
$20 General
$50 Supporter
$100 Friend
$250 Benefactor
$500 Honorary
Payment information:
Check enclosed (Make out to HSOP)
Credit Card Number: _____________________________________
Exp. Date: ________________________
Print Name: (as it appears on card) _____________________________
Signature: ______________________________________________