integrated business planning

integrated business planning
Accelerate the Resource to Production Conversion
stage identify
stage select
stage develop
stage execute
stage operate
Collect & Assess
• Collect & access all potential opportunities
• Standardize & capture inventory in a single system
• Mature & high-grade the best opportunities
Evaluate Alternatives
& Select
Long Term Plan
• Seamlessly transition opportunities into the long range
• Evaluate alternative development plans
• Compare different portfolio strategies;
merge opportunities, commitments and
base business together
• Analyze & rank project portfolios
• Select the best plan to align corporate
strategy and delivery
Further Define
Executions Plan
Annual Budget
• Enable team collaboration on a common evergreen
business plan
• Develop annual budgets by further defining the first year of
the long range plan
• Align capital commitments with operational resource
• Archive & capture approved goals and deliverables for
tracking purposes
Implement Execution
Plan & Control to Plan
Program Execution
& Re-forecasts
Commission, Operate
& Analyze
Produce & Lookback
• Execute the right projects to meet objectives
• Track, reforecast, delay, accelerate & measure progress
against plan
• identify and react to capital over/under-spend & production shortfalls
• Re-prioritize, re-rank & re-analyze projects and inventory
based on changing business conditions
• Measure execution and planning efficiency
• Understand true project value vs. cost (pre/post drill
analysis and benchmarking
• Continuously improve and feedback learnings into similar
projects to increase performance
integrated business planning
3esi’s esi.manage™ Integrated Business Planning Solution
provides companies with the necessary tools to more
easily create and actively manage their Business Planning
process by helping to:
Let us show you how esi.manage™ can help you make
better decisions and deliver value to your company by:
Reduce Planning Cycles from Weeks to Days
• entrenching best practices and business processes
• Budget & create long term plans in a single data set
• improving your workforces effectiveness
• Eliminate complex planning spreadsheets and time-consuming
data reconciliations from the planning process
Discover Millions in Value by Spending More Time
Analyzing Multiple Scenarios
• Leverage economic and operational metrics to prioritize opportunities
• Manage an evergreen forecast and bring financial and operational data together
• Give more time for analyzing and making better informed
decisions versus entering data
Track Performance and Proactively React to Variances
against Plan
• Track progress against the plan and better understand variances
• Blend production and capital forecasts with latest field estimates
and actuals
• Continuously improve the plan and incorporate learnings into the
• providing agility and quality to the decision making
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