Operations and Supply Chain Management

This minor prepares students for management careers in manufacturing or service operations, including
operations consulting, global marketing, international consulting, product development, supply chain
management, and distribution and logistics.
The requirements are as follows:
1) Have a declared major and completed a minimum of 32 units of college-level courses with a minimum overall GPA of
2) Online application for this minor can be found on our website at: http://students.marshall.usc.edu/undergrad/applying/.
For more information please contact the Marshall Office of Undergraduate Advising at 213-740-0690 or
[email protected] or visit us in BRI-104.
3) Successful completion of the following courses with a minimum GPA of 2.0.
BUAD 311
Operations Management (4 units, FaSp)
Learn the fundamentals of operations management and acquire skills to analyze, manage and improve production
processes. Topics include: project/quality/materials management and just-in-time production. (prerequisite:
BUAD-310) ***
DSO 482
Supply Chain Management (4 units, Fa)
Issues in supply chain management. Supply chain performance and dynamics. Tools for planning, control and
coordination. Supply chain design and strategy. (prerequisite: BUAD-311)
DSO 483
Operations Consulting (4 units, Sp)
Study of concepts and techniques for improving operations, formulation and implementation of operations strategy,
and development of frameworks for process design, selection and performance evaluation. Prerequisite: BUAD-311
Choose from the following to achieve a total of at least 8 units:
DSO 401
Business Information Systems – Spreadsheet Applications (2 units, FaSp)
Provides an applied understanding of how spreadsheets are used to analyze business information. Create real world
software application for use in accounting, finance, marketing and operations.
DSO 427
Designing Spreadsheet-Based Business Models (4 units, Fa)
Application of decision analysis, simulation, and optimization techniques to managerial problems. Students learn how
to create and present useful spreadsheet models to analyze practical business problems. Recommended preparation:
BUAD 310.
DSO 433
Business Process Design (4 units, FaSp)
Information analysis and the logical specification of business systems, including logical design, physical design, and
implementation; computer exercises and case studies.
DSO 441
Service Operations (4, Sp)
Emphasis on managing and delivering successful services; for students who plan to work as managers in service
organizations or to start their own service business. Prerequisite: BUAD 311.
DSO 455
Project Management (4 units, Sp)
Topics related to project management in a variety of industries such as real estate projects, new product launch, plant
location, etc.
***Students who have completed a USC statistics course from their major such as: MATH-408 , EE-364, ECON 317,
PSYC 274, PPD 303, SOCI 314, or ISE 225 with a grade of C or better may be waived out of the BUAD-310 prerequisite.
No AP statistics waiver allowed.
Students in the Marshall School of Business are not eligible for the minor.
Requirements listed above can be found in the 2015 USC Catalogue:
http://catalogue.usc.edu/schools/business/undergraduateminors/#minor-operations-and-supply-chainmanagement. To access minor requirements from previous Catalogue years, please reference: