Coaches With Clients presents... “The Relationship Coach Academy

Coaches With Clients presents...
“The Relationship Coach
Academy: Session 3—
Coaching Single Women”
“Q & A…”
• How do you teach rule #2: “I’m upset
because of me?”
You can’t change things when it’s everyone
else’s fault
You can’t plan out a whole lot in coaching
You can just introduce the rules and discus
Rejection is a feeling
Show them the Peace Process
• How do help your client teach rule #2
to their partner?
Help your client become more responsible
Once your client has experienced a big
shift, encourage them to tell their partner
what happened
“The Difference Between The Way Men &
Women Fight…”
• When men are upset they tend to
retreat to be by themselves
• Women want to stay and keep
talking it over
• If the man wants to leave, he
upsets the woman even more
• Separating and doing the Peace
Process can be the best approach
“Recommended Reading…”
• Single men wanting to find love:
• Couples: The Mastery of Love, by
Don Miguel Ruiz
• Women are From Venus, Men are
From Mars
• Single women: Making Sense of
Men, by Alison Armstrong
“Background on Women...”
• Women tend to think that all great men
are already taken
• Women are attracted to men who are
already in a relationship
• Two biggest problems for women:
1. Her man is not paying attention to her
2. He is interested in someone else
• Once a woman has a great man, she
wants to get him to commit
“Background on Women...”
• Women think that men only want 19year-old “hotties”
• Women often need makeovers too
– She might need to lose weight in order to gain
more confidence
– Resource: The Weight Loss Coach Academy
• Encourage her to try different styles
• She doesn’t have to buy new styles; just
wearing them can give you a sense of
“How Do You Help A Woman Find Love?”
• Not dramatically different from men
• Women can approach men, too
– Facebook, dating web sites, etc
• Help her get clear about what she
• Help your female client find her
inner sexiness and confidence
– “What do you love about yourself?”
– “What could you love about yourself?”
– “What don’t you love about yourself?”
• Create a plan
– “Where can you go to find the right
guys?” (seminars, etc.)
“Upgrade Your Flirting Skills…”
• For guys: teasing, playful, confident
and fun
• Women: being confident & fun,
making eye contact, smiling, light
• Help her feel comfortable asking a
guy if he wants to hang out
• There’s no rule saying a woman
can’t kiss a guy
“Help Women Feel Comfortable Being Hit On…”
• Let go of the baggage
– Old relationships
– Baggage towards men
• Don’t be mad at men for being
• Initiate flirting and
“The First Session…”
• Get focused on what she wants
• Find some places where she can
go to find guys
• “Have you ever had a great
relationship? How did you
• How can we duplicate those
• “How many times over the next
week will you put yourself in this
• Let go of any pressure and
“The Second & Third Sessions…”
• Introduce the Peace
• Work on any fears and/or
insecurities that are coming
• Start making a bigger plan
• “Who else do you know that
you can hang out with?”
• “Who are some friends who
are couples?”
• Setting up an online dating
“Working With Your Client…”
• Sign clients up for six months
at a time (A year would seem
too long to wait for love)
• Even if the client finds a
partner before then, you can
help them set the rules for
the relationship (especially if
she has had relationship
trouble before)
• Set the relationship up from
the beginning to be great
“The Love Languages…”
• We all love in different ways
• Show a person love with your
love strategy
• Touch
• Auditory
• Visual
– Quality Time (being in each
other’s presence)
– Acts of Service (help with the
– Gifts of Appreciation (flowers,
presents, etc.)
“Q & A…”
• What do you do if your client is
hung up on an old relationship?
– That just means they’re committed
– If it is unhealthy, help them make
peace with all things
– Don’t focus on leaving or staying
– Don’t judge your client
• Should you find out more about
their present relationship?
– A lot of that will come out with other
“How To Get Your Man To Marry You…”
• Don’t put pressure on him
• If he’s happy, if you have a great
sex life, if it’s fun and light and
easy, this makes a guy naturally
want to commit
• Men want to feel like it’s their idea
• It may be financial--let your guy
know what is important
• You can’t force a guy to marry you
• You can always ask your guy to
marry you
“How To Get A Guy To Marry You…”
• The relationship is more
important than the marriage
• Women more often want to
have kids
• More and more people are
not getting married
Coaches With Clients presents...
“The Relationship Coach
Academy: Session 3—
Coaching Single Women”