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Law students offer free legal services
Dodge, Amanda. Briar Patch. Regina: Jul/Aug 2001. Vol. 30, Iss. 6; pg. 11
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Under-represented and disadvantaged communities are being helped by Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC). It is a program
in law schools across the country which provides not-for-profit organizations with the free legal services of a law student
volunteer. Pro bono is a Latin phrase meaning free; therefore the student's services are free.
PBSC originated at the University of Toronto's College of Law in 1996 and has since spread rapidly from coast to coast. Law
students have helped over 300 organizations nationwide. Now, the program is available at the University of Saskatchewan's
College of Law. Although headquartered in Saskatoon, PBSC extends its services to the Regina community.
How it works:
The organizations specify their legal needs and projects are created. Law students are matched with organizations according
to the student's experiences, skills and interests. Students donate two to three hours per week of their time to research legal
questions, prepare briefs on legislation, evaluate legal aspects of proposed programs or work on a host of other legal
PBSC requires that a lawyer supervise the work of the student. This is usually a minimal time commitment on the part of a
lawyer who is already working pro bono for the organization. If the organization does not have an existing relationship with a
lawyer who can supervise, the PBSC Student Coordinators can arrange for legal supervision.
"Pro Bono Students Canada is win-win-win," explains Pam Shime, the National Director of the program. "The students get
practical experience, an opportunity to apply newly-learned skills for communities in need, and contacts in the public interest
and legal spheres; the under-served public interest organizations receive volunteer legal assistance; and the universities and
law schools enhance their relationships with the communities in their areas."
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Can we help you? The PBSC Student Coordinators are eager to know how law student volunteers can help your organization
with legal work on public interest issues. E-mail us at: [email protected]
PBSC has a Student Coordinator working in Regina over the summer months. For more information, check out the national
PBSC website at
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