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S.No 1.
Title Bankruptcy prediction: evidence from Pakistan Conflict outcomes: Mediating role of perception of organizational politics Year 2010 Inam ul Haq 2010 Bhutta, Nousheen Tariq 2010 3.
Corporate entrepreneurship, agency cost and firm performance : An empirical study from Pakistani stock market 4.
Mian Rehman Dividend based earnings management: Uddin Empirical evidence from Pakistan 2010 5.
Interactive effects of vertical fit and line of sight on the organizational performance Size, value and financial distress risk premiums: cross section of expected returns Qura‐tul‐aain Khair 2010 Baig, Quratulain Itratt 2010 Khattak, Mohammad Nisar 2010 Zakia Aslam 2009 Kashif Hamid 2009 Mansoor Anjum 2009 6.
The significant predictors and outcomes of interpersonal trust Affectivity and job outcomes: Mediating role of intrinsic motivation Causal and dynamic linkage of stock markets: an empirical study of KSE with emerging and developed equity markets Causes and motives of in‐role and extra‐role performance Co‐integration and causality analysis of Akash ,Rana Shahid dynamic linkage between economic Imdad forces adn equity market Determinants of capital structure: Hameeda Akhtar evidence from Karachi stock exchange listed, non financial firms in Pakistan 1 Author Qaiser Abbas 2009 2009 Call No. MS 332.75 QAB MS 658.405 INC
MS 658.421 BHC MS 658.15 MID MS 658.4063 QUI MS 658.155 BAS MS 658.407145 KHS MS 658.314 ZAA MS 332.64 KAC MS 658.406 MAC MS 336.2 AKC MS 658.152 HAD S.No 13.
Title Determinants of current account balance and its impact of economic growth: a comparative study of developed and emerging economics Interactive effects of big five personality traits and organizational justice on personal outcomes Interactive effects of perceptions of organizational Politics and Psychological capital on job outcomes Job scope and its outcomes: Moderating impact of job stress Musharaka financing by Islamic financial institutions: an evaluation of profit measurement process of partners Personality‐outcomes: mediating role of perceived organizational politics Psychological contract type, perceived contract breach, violation and job outcomes (strees, burnout, satisfaction and intentions to leave) Realization of growing importance of intellectual capital and its reporting in developing economies User acceptance of online system: a test of technology acceptance model Work family conflict and withdrawal behavior : Mediating role of Psychological distress 2 Author Khuram Shafi Year 2009 Call No. MS 332.042 KHD Saima Naseer 2009 Muhammad Abbas 2009 Rabia Mushtaq 2009 Muhammad Hanif 2009 MS 658.3 SAI MS 658.4063 MUI MS 658.3125 RAJ MS 336.2 MUM Jam, Farooq Ahmed 2009 Amber Jamil 2009 Sarfraz, Chaudhry Zubair 2009 Humera Khan 2009 Zainab Saleem 2009 MS 658.4038 JAP MS 331.2572 AMP MS 658.409 SAR MS 658.4038011 HUU MS 658.4 ZAW MA/MSc
S.NO 1.
Title A comparative study of impact of terrorism on employee's attitude in terms of performance, stress and absenteeism in local and MNC's Pakistan Corporate governance implications in the telecom sector Adiba Iram; Aishan Amin Shah 2010 MA/MSc 658.314 ADC Noreen Naeem; Seemab Pervez 2010 MA/MSc 658.4 NOC Gardezi, Syeda Neelofer Anbreen 2010 MA/MSc 658.408 GAI 2010 MA/MSc 658.3125 ZAI Madiha Zafar; Maryam Saeed 2010 MA/MSc 332.10917 MAP Consequences of employee involvement in decision making Shandana Shah ; Umaira Shifa 2009 MA/MSc 658.3152 SHC 2009 MA/MSc 658.3125 KHE 2009 MA/MSc 658.40921 SHE 2009 MA/MSc 658.82 TAI 2009 MA/MSc 658.4 SAI 2009 MA/MSc 658.872 BAP 8.
Emotional intelligence in workplace 11.
Call. No Zahra Khan Efficiency enhancement of carriage factory Islamabad 10.
Year Impact of bad news and events on financial performance of top five companies listed in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore stock exchange Impact of performance appraisal in developing an organizational culture Performance of Islamic and conventional banks in Pakistan: a comparative study 7.
Author Khan, Muhammad Bashaaarat ; Zohaib Khan; Muhammad Naveed Munawar Shahid Rasool, Muhammad ; Abid Bilal Tayyeb Masood , Muhammad; Ahmed Sohaib Impact of CRM in customer retention and financial performance Impact of individual's perception of organizational values on Saara Shuja organizational commitment Pre launch market analysis of a new Abdul Basit ; Ayyaz value added service as a telecom Amjad service 3 S.NO Title Author Call. No MA/MSc 332.10688954
TAS MA/MSc 332.72 ABS 12.
Service quality and relationship Tariq, Muhammad management of Askari Bank Limited Saad 2009 13.
Slow down of mortgage usage in Pakistan Abbasi, Sana Khalid ; Sehrish Abbasi 2009 14.
The establishment of multipurpose community tele‐centress (MCTs) in Pakistan Khan, Asfand Yar ; Muhammad Tariq nawas; Yasir Javed 2009 MA/MSc 384.096 KHE 15.
Acquisition of standard chartered and union bank Sajid Mehmood 2008 MA/MSc 658.4012 SAA Usman Asghar , Customer relationship management Muhammad; Habib in a company with SAP Ur Rehman Zeeshan Global mobile personal Rafiq; Naeem communication by satellite system Asghar Marketing strategies adopted by Shahzada Hizar Pakistan telecom sector case study Hayat of ZONG & TELENOR 2008 MA/MSc 658.812 TAC 2008 MA/MSc 658.872 ZEG 2008 MA/MSc 658.822 SHM 19.
University blackboard system Sher Bahadur 2008 20.
OFDM as a technology & its future in telecom industry of Pakistan Ali Ejaz ; Hassan Ijaz 2007 21.
Project management Muhammad Rizwan ; Muhammad Haroon 2007 MA/MSc 658.404 RIP 22.
The monopoly of thuraya in satellite telecommunication in Pakistan Rizwan Mushtaq 2007 MA/MSc 23.
Types of E‐commerce (B2B, B2C & C2C) Khan, M. Adeel (et all) 2007 MA/MSC 658.800285 KHT E Commerce Sheikh Fawad ; Muhammad Ishaq ; Jawad Iqbal ; Asim Bilal ; Shoaib Javed 2006 MA/MSc 381.121 FAE 16.
4 Year MA/MSc 006.4 SHU MA/MSc 621.38225491
ALO S.NO Title Author Mehran Tariq ; Mohammad Kamran Noor Call. No 2006 MA/MSc 658.827 MES 2005 MA/MSc 332.1068 SAP MA/MSc 332.1 AFB 25.
Strategic brand analysis of Hum TV 26.
Allied Bank 27.
Aftab Fazal; Waqar Business policy and strategy project Mahmood; Nadeem on Honda the power of dreams Yaseeen 2005 28.
Business strategy analysis of Attock refinery limited Waqas, Raja Khalid 2005 29.
Holiday Inn hotels Sohail Shahzad 2005 30.
Managing marketing mix strategies of nestle Dasti, Muhammad Zahid Arif ; Muhammad Kamran 2005 MA/MSc 658.802 DAM 31.
Project of Strategic Management on Pakistan Telecommunication Limited Altaf Satti, Javed 2005 MA/MSc 384.95491 ALP 32.
Project of strategic management on Khan, Hanan Ali Pakistan Tobacco company 2005 33.
Punjab group of colleges strategic management Shakeel, Kh. Muhammad 2005 34.
SERENA hotel Ashfaq Ahmed 2005 35.
Strategic management concepts (Business policy) and Muslim Commerial Bank (Pvt)Ltd Aamar‐ul‐Hassan 2005 36.
Strategic management in Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Riaz, Muhammaf Ghazanfar 2005 37.
Strategic management project on Uniliver Pakistan`s product 'LUX' Rahat Ali Hunzai 2003 38.
ATM technologies and its implementation on ufone Rabbani, Aamer Ayub; Malik, Adil Munir 2002 Salman Tariq 5 Year MA/MSc 658.4012 WAB MA/MSc 658.4038 SOB MA/MSc 658.4012 KHP MA/MSc 658.4012 SHP
MA/MSc 658.4 AHS MA/MSc 332.1 AAS MA/MSc 658.4012 RIS MA/MSc 658.4012 RAS MA/MSc 005.4072 AAA S.NO Title A Comprehensive project of business policy and strategy on Nestle Author 40.
Attock petroleum limited Sajid Latif 41.
Business policy case on procter and gamble 39.
Waseem Iqbal Ali, Muhammad Mohsin ; Muhammad Kashif Shafkat Ali ; Sami Ullah ; Tassawar Customer relationship management Ilyas ; Waheed Uz Zaman Saleem, M. Habib Bank Limited Shahnawaz; Zafar Iqbal Ch. Job satisfaction amongst the S Sadia employees working in private, Batool; Nargis public and foreign banks of Pakistan Mumtaz 45.
KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Anwar, Muhammad Kashif 46.
Kohinoor textile mill Muhammad Waqas 47.
Marriott Inam ur Rheman 48.
Nestle strategic management Hanif, Muhammad Imran 49.
Pakistan State oil on strategy highway Rashid Hameed; M. Touseef Afzal 50.
Paktel limited Abeer Jabbar 51.
Project of business policy Union bank limited Athar Hammad 52.
Project of strategic management on Javed, Rana Ali McDonald's 6 Year Call. No MA/MSc 658.4012 WAC MA/MSc 658.4012 SAA MA/MSc 658.401 ALB MA/MSc 658.812 SHC MA/MSc 332.1 GHM MA/MSc 658.314 SAJ MA/MSc 658.4012 ANB MA/MSc 658.4012 MUK
MA/MSc 658.4012 INM MA/MSc 658.4012 HAN MA/MSc 658.4012 RAP MA/MSc 658.4012 ABP MA/MSc 658.4012 ATP MA/MSc 658.4012 JAP S.NO Title Author Year 53.
Project of strategic management on Hayat, Mian Naeem Pizza hut 54.
Risk analysis of National bank of Pakistan Khalid Jamil; Asim Ali Dogar 55.
Strategic management implication on Union Bank Faiz Ahmad 56.
Strategic management in Pakistan tobacco company Mushtaq, Shahzada Fahad 57.
Strategic management Kohinoor textile mills limited Bashir, Saad Khalid; Omar Ashraf Sand Call. No MA/MSc 658.4012 HAP MA/MSc 332.15095491
KHR MA/MSc 332.1068 ALS MA/MSC 658.4012 MUS MA/MSc 658.4012 BAP BS
S.No Title Year 1.
Basel accord and its impact on Pakistani banks Muhammad Waqas 2009 2.
Impact of macroeconomic indicators on non performing loans Naveed Anjum 2009 3.
Leadership without followers Shah, Aisha Amin 2009 4.
Performance comparison of Islamic banking and conventional banking Nabeel Naeem in pakistan 2009 5.
Cointegration in Asian stock markets Muzammal Khan 2008 6.
Corporate taxation a comparison between Pakistan and India Khalid Jamil 2008 7.
Effect of capital structure on profitability in banking sector Jalil, Muhammad Asim 2008 8.
Risk and return analysis along with testing the data quality Maqsood, Muhammad Meesam 2008 9.
Impact of brand advertisement on consumer buying‐ behavior Mehdi, Muhammad Mohazib 7 Author Call. No BS 332.15 WAB BS 339.5 NAI BS 658.4092 ZUR BS 332.091767 NAP BS 332.6425 KHC BS 339.5 JAC BS 06214 JAE BS 658.152 MAR BS 658.827 MEI PGD
S.No 1.
Title Author Economic and Welfare Implications of WTO Negotiations on Non Attiya Yasmin Javid Agriculture Market Access for Pakistan Call No. 2007 PGD 382.9222 ATE 2.
Trips Channenges for Pakistan Pharmaceutical Industry Mansoro Ahmad 2007 PGD 346.73 MAT 3.
International marketing competitiveness of Pak Textile in Post WTO period Saeed, Muhammad Hammad Bashir 2006 PGD 005.369 SAI 4.
Effects of WTO on textile industry of PAKISTAN Sheikh Mohammad ; Ibrar Anwar 2005 5.
Critical analysis of American antidumping action Khan, Muhammad Shahid Kamal 2004 6.
Liberalization of banking sector in Pakistan under WTO Muhammad Asif 2004 7.
Liberalization of shipping services problems and prospection Muhammad Khurshid 2004 8.
Liberalization of telecommunication serives in WTO a case study of Pakistan Zubair Mumtaz, Muhammad 2004 PGD 384.041 ZUL 9.
PAKISTAN'S compliance of trips agreement Attaullah 2004 PGD 341.758 KHP 10.
Post ATC regime: a case study of Pakistan with respect to towel industry Haroon Rasheed 2004 PGD 338.475491 HAP 11.
SME sssssssssss and WTO: a case study of Pakistan Zaidi, Syed Afaq Zahoor 2004 PGD 658.022 ZAI 12.
Software piracy a problem in International trade with special reference to Pakistan Mudassar Muzaffar 2004 PGD 364.168 MUS 13.
Effects of Trims of Foreign Direct Investment Under WTO Muhammad Sadiq ; Shahid Malik 2003 PGD 382.92 SAE 8 Year PGD 338.475491 SHI PGD 382.30973 KHC
PGD 330.5491 ASL PGD 382.420 KHL S.No 14.
Title Tariff Reduction Under WTO Regime A Critical Review of the Progress & Suggestions for Future Author Year Call No. Tariq Javaid , Muhammad 2003 PGD 382.3091 TAT 2003 PGD 338.475491 ZIW 15.
WTO agreement on textile & clothing and Pakistan vision 2005 Zia ul Haq 16.
A study on impact of WTO on the profitability of fertilizer companies of Pakistan Moin‐ud‐Din 17.
Intellectual property rights and Islam Qaiser Iqbal 18.
Market access and tariff binding by Pakistan in agriculture Afridi, Umar Dad 19.
Money laundering its impact on international trade international laws world trade organization & intellectual property rights The Impact of WTO agreement on textile and clothing liberalization expected under act and what Pakistan stands to gain from it Zaidi, S. Imran Qasim Ghulam Abbass 21.
The WTO agreement on textile and clothing implications for Pakistan Owais Anwar 22.
WTO agreement on agriculture state of negotiations from Uruguay round to July framework Roshan Malik 9 PGD 382.925491 MOS PGD 332.4088297 QAI PGD 382.41215491 AFM PGD 364.168 ZAM PGD 341.05491 OWW PGD 341.05491 ANW PGD 338.105491 ROW Technology Management
S.No 1.
Title Author ERP implementation challenges and Khan, Abdul Zahid 2010 remedial measures Evaluating ERP usage behavior of employees and its impact on their performance: a case of Ufone Experiential marketing and brand salience: a theoretical framework for a market phenomenon Extraversion, openness to experience‐Outcomes: mediating role of orgnizational commitment Factors determining customer satisfaction in Pakistani banks: A study on ATMS Gaps between ideal and actual most common performance enhancement factors in ERP projects Impact of cognitive and relational conflict on job satisfaction and organizational citizenship behavior Managing globalization: financial crisis distress social facet of indigenous culture: stress on Ethno‐
Ecology Measurement of individual performance during adoption of enterprise resource planning systems Performance evaluation of close‐
ended mutual funds by investment objectives in Pakistan's economy Call. No MS 658.5 ABE Saima Kanwal 2010 MS 658.4012 SAE Amjad Shamim 2010 MS 658.827 AME Imran Saeed 2010 MS 658.4 IME Khawaja, Kausar Fiaz 2010 MS 658.3152 KHF Azeem, Malik Faisal 2010 MS 658.5 AZG Muhammad usman 2010 MS 302.35 MUI Muhammad Hassan 2010 MS 658.049 MUM Fouzia Akram 2010 MS 658.3125 FOM Khalid , shazia Iqbal 2010 MS 658.152 KHP 10 Year S.No 11.
Title The role of motivation and attitude in determining the behavioral intention to adopt ICT (an application of technology acceptance model (TAM) and theory of planned behavior (TPB) in Pakistan) Author Year Call. No Mazhar Hussain 2010 MS 658.314 MAR MA/MSc
S.No Title A comparative study of organizational politics and its impact on employees attitudes and behaviours in local organizations and multinational organizations of Pakistan Author Year Call. No Abbasi, Nousheen Shaban ; Shafaq Habib Abbasi 2010 MA/MSc 658.406 ABC 2.
Art World (online info system) Tyeeba Shaukat 2010 MA/MSc 006.3 TYA 3.
Agent based remote desktop management system: a case of IT solution provider Ali, Syed Zeeshan 2009 MA/MSc 005.712 ALA 4.
Analysis of Punjab oil mills Aslam, Mian Farhan 2009 MA/MSc 622.338 ASA 5.
Javed, Syed Ali Business case for a tier 4 data center ; Muhammad Bilal 2009 MA/MSc 384.043 ALB 6.
CBT QMS ISO 9001 2000 Arif Kamran ; Hamid Mushtaq 2009 MA/MSc 658.562 ARC Asim Bilal 2009 MA/MSc 004.67821 ASC 2009 MA/MSc 658.30122 YAC 2009 MA/MSc 658.0521 RID 1.
Consumer needs and emerging broadband services are cause for downfall of ISP industry Contribution of human resource procedures towards the risk of reduction of profitability loss for ZTE Yasar Akram; Umar Farooq Mahsud Designing & implementation issues of mobile virtual network operators Muhammad Rizwan 11 S.No 10.
Title Effectiveness of providing superior value as a means to achieve customer satisfaction and competitive advantage: a case study of (PMCL) Mobilink Author Year Call. No Muhammad Arshad ; Noman siddique 2009 MA/MSc 651.72 MUE Riffat Hina 2009 Financial analysis of textile sector in Pakistan 12.
Impact of participative management Muhammad on job satisfaction Sohaib 2009 13.
Implementation issues and business scope of WiMAX in Pakistan: Step forwards 4G global Village Rana, Muhammad Zia‐
ur‐Rehman 2009 14.
Marketing of Hight Technology Products Mohsin Ali 2009 15.
National book foundation online shopping system Rawalpindi Shafique Ahmed 2009 16.
Onlinesolutions Akram, Muhammad Nafees; Zeeshan Mahmood 2009 MA/MSc 658.054678 AKO 17.
Optimization and LOG file analysis in Junaid Rizwan GSM network 2009 MA/MSc 621.384522 JUO 18.
Quality management system in WERRICK pharmaceutical Ahsan Ashiq; Muhamm
ad Imran 2009 MA/MSc 658.4013 AHQ 19.
Socio economic analysis of satellite communication industry Muhammad Fiaz; Asad Bashir 2009 20.
Telecom evolution and its influence on Pakistan's economy and culture Khalil Ahmed ; Imran Hanif 2009 21.
Unified theory of acceptance & use of technology Rashid Hassan 2009 22.
VSAT technologies/applications and Pakistan scenario Nazir, Muhammad Aamir 2009 12 MA/MSc 338.4767795491 ABF MA/MSc 658.3152 SOI 11.
MA/MSc 621.384 RAI MA/MSc 621.38170 MOM MA/MSc 658.84 SHN MA/MSc 384.53 FIS MA/MSc 384 KHT MA/MSc 658.05 RAU MA/MSc 621.38 NAV S.No 23.
Title Study of channel equalization in mobile communication using adaptive filtering Author Smeeta Mumtaz; Hafsa Zafar Nasir, Syed Ali Raza; Muhamma
d Zeeshan 2008 24.
Effect of communication on organizational decision making 25.
"SMS order" processing system Usman, Muhammad 2008 26.
Aspect of network security in universities Abdul Waheed 2008 27.
Broadband technology rollout costing study Waheed‐uz‐
Zaman 2008 28.
Changing of numbering plan a myth or a reality 29.
Comparative analysis of Ufone and Warid 30.
2008 Call. No MA/Msc 384.53 SMS MA/MSc 302.35 NAE MA/MSc 003.54 USS MA/MSc 005.8378 ABA MA/MSc 004.68 WAB Shahid Amin; Zishan Amjad Muhammad Ashraf; Muhamm
ad Luqman Kaleem Hussain; Muham
mad Sohail 2008 MA/MSc 658.84 SHC 2008 MA/MSc 368.06895491 MUC 2008 MA/MSc 658.3 KAC Muhammad Ashraf 2008 MA/MSc 658.1511 MUC Afsheen 2008 MA/MSc 658.05 AFC Effectivness of Training in Pakistan Banks (A case study of N.B.P ) Virk, Yasir Masood 2008 MA/MSc 658.913321 VIE Effects of revamping trends in advertising media on recall purchase intention and brand attitude Employee"s behavior towards the technological changes"a case study of international islamic university islamabad Muhammad Aamir ; Waqar Ahmad 2008 MA/MSc 659.15 AAE Nasir Khan; Hussain, Syed Safeer 2008 MA/MSc 658.406 NAI Comparison of human resource practices in Ufone before and after privatisation Cost effective framework and issues for the deployment of bradband technologies in Pakistan Critical success factors in implementation of ERP in S.M.E'S of pakistan 13 Year S.No Title 36.
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation issues in PAKISTAN 37.
ERP Implementation issues in PTCL 38.
financing and corporate governance 39.
GIS implementation in telecom sector in Pakistan 40.
Author Muhammad Saeed; Hameed Ali Sumaira Inayat ; Akasha Butt Anwar, Muhammad Shahzad Farooq; Kamran Sabir Tassawar Ilyas; Waqas Ahmed Impact of information and communication technology (ICT) on human resource management Ijaz Ali (HRM) in Pakistan telecommunication company limited (PTCL) Naseem, Information system of Faculty of Mohammad Management Sciences Shoaib Bilal Awais Mobile phone banking security and ; Muhammad regulatory issues Mubeen Wajih Ud Din , Mobile sector exponential growth kanwar; Saqib and decline of payphone Hussain 2008 Call. No MA/MSc 658.521 SAE 2008 MA/MSc 658.406221 SUE 2008 MA/MSc 658.4 ANF 2008 MA/MSc 621.38225491 TAG 2008 MA/MSc 658.3 IJI 2008 MA/MSc 658.4038011 NAM 2008 MA/MSc 621.3845 BIM 2008 MA/MSc 621.38456 KAM 44.
Mobile TV inn different countries Rashid Habib 2008 MA/MSc 621.38807 RAM 45.
Online reservation and information system of Chateau Royal guest house Ghaffar, Munazza Irum; Ambreen Dawood 2008 MA/MSc 651.8 GHO 46.
Role of knowledge management to support enterprise resource planning systems Khaqan Zafar 2008 MA/MSc 658.84 KHR 14 Year S.No Title 47.
Shrinkage of ISP industry in Pakistan 48.
The diffusion of internet in Pakistan and its utilization in Universities of Pakistan Author Sehar Altaf; Zillehuma Nasir Ayesha rashid Lone; Amna Shahid 49.
WIMAX and its comparison with 3G and 4G technologies Sana Khaliq ; Tayyaba Farooq 2008 50.
Scope of satellite technology in Pakistan Waseem Zulfi 2007 51.
"Document management system" of Saba Jabeen fms 2007 52.
A comparative Study of Performance Sumeera Anjum Evaluation and Compensation in ; Beenish Jainil corporate sector of Pakistan 2007 MA/MSc 004.24 SUC 53.
A Study of Comparative Analysis of Moiz Ullah, Syed Cellular Operators Mobilink & Paktel 2007 MA/MSc 658.4032 MOS 54.
Accounts information management system for pakgerman engineering 2007 MA/MSc 657.8 KHA 2007 MA/MSC 658.312 MUA 2007 MA/MSc 384.095491 SHA 2007 MA/MSc 004.62 KAA 55.
Khan, Muhammad Shahwar An Analysis of the market Mueen requirements with the skills of fresh Shehzad; Omer graduates in I.T & telecom sector Sultan Qureshi Shah, Syed Azki Analysis of impact of proliferation of Baqar ; Hafiz ICT in Pakistan Muhammed Junaid Kanwal APC & revenue assurance Ameer; Nosheen mechanism Akhtar 2008 2008 Call. No MA/MSc 004.678 SES MA/MSc 302.23 AYD MA/MSc 621.38422 SAW MA/MSc 384.5195491 WAS MA/MSc 005.369 SAD 58.
Application of telecenter using GIS Umair Ali 2007 MA/MSc 621.3822 UMA 59.
Assessment of cellular quality of services Hina Shoukat; Isbah Hanif 2007 MA/MSc 658.4032 HIA 15 Year S.No Author Year 60.
Automated system of services and spare parts for Honda Center Chishti, Ijaz Mazhar; Muham
mad Ajmal Khan 2007 61.
Automation of human resource management department Tawan Pakistan project (PBM) Wajid Khan; Muhamma
d Omer 2007 MA/MSc 658.3 WAA 62.
Business plan for kisan rabta ghar Saqib Mehmood 2007 MA/MSc 658.4012 SAB 2007 MA/MSC 338.95491 ILC 2007 MA/MSc 621.382 MUC 2007 MA/MSc 658.4012 HUC 2007 MA/MSc 004.6 NAD 2007 MA/MSc 658.8720 SAD 2007 MA/MSc 658.8720 SAD 2007 MA/MSc 004.36 NAD 63.
Title Ilham‐ur‐
Case study on privatization of PTCL Rehman; Zaman‐
ul‐Haq Muti‐ur‐
Credit card transaction on wireless Rehman; Shoaib media Asif Hussain, Syed Critical analysis of strategic Khuram; Muham
management process in PIA & mad Hassan suggestion for improvement Askry Deployment of NGN and its business Najam, Abbdul advantages fo stakeholders in Wahab; Saddiq, Pakistan`s market M. Khalid Ferooz Saqib Shahzad, Design & implement website of Muhammad; Wa
RAZA engineering qas Ahmed Muhammad Design & implement website of Saqib Shazad RAZA engineering ; Waqas Ahmed Naqvi, Fazilat Distributed WEB and WAP Fatima; Ali, application Rozina Ramzan 70.
Document management system of FMS Saba Jabeen 2007 71.
EDGE (enhanced data rate for GSM evolution) technology) Muhammad Wasif 2007 16 Call. No MA/MSc 005.369 CHA MA/MSC 005.369 SAD MA/MSc 658.872 WAE S.No Title 72.
Employee management in Ufone 73.
ERP implications in human resource management 74.
Final report on PTCL reference interconnect offer 75.
Human resource information system of telephone industries of Pakistan (TIP) Haripur Identification of petential areas for foreign investment in Pakistan and its E‐ marketing Impact of E‐procurement on organizations performance: Implematation and testing of internet project of national telecom corporation Implementing mobile VPN for third generation (3G) GPRS and VMTS cellular networks Implimentation & testing of intranet project of National telecom corporation (for connecting 22 locations within Pakistan) Author Shah, S. Mubashir Ali ; Waqas Afridi Tehmina Iqbal; Farhana Gull Humara Iqbal; Kalsoom, Fozia Iffat 2007 Call. No MA/MSc 658.3 SHE 2007 MA/MSC 658.054 TEE 2007 MA/MSc 384.068 KAP Sidra Naz 2007 MA/MSc 384.6583 SIH Muhammad Bukhsh; Muham
mad Mobeen 2007 MA/MSc 332.671 MUI Zaidi, Saroor Haider 2007 MA/MSc 658.72 ZAI Mohsin Asif; Aftab Alam 2007 MA/MSC 004.68 MOI Asad Mehboob; Muha
mmad Imran 2007 MA/MSc 621.382 ASI Aftab Alam; Mohsin Asif 2007 MA/MSc 005.758 AFI Saima Yaqoob 2007 MA/MSc 658.4038 SAI MA/MSc 658.05 SAI 81.
Informaion technology auditing 82.
Saira Information management system for Zafar; Huma read foundation school Tariq 2007 83.
Interactive 3D map of FMS block Zeeshan Tariq 2007 84.
Inventory control system for computer retail company Madiha Riaz 2007 17 Year MA/MSc 006.4 ZEI MA/MSc 658.787 MAI S.No Title Author Year 85.
Inventory management system (Hayyat Textile Faisalabad) Muhammad Ammar 2007 86.
Inventory management system (sales module) Farrukh Riaz ; Muhammad Anan 2007 MA/MSc 658.5002854 FAI 87.
IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) video conferencing on cellular setup Aziz‐UR‐Rehman 2007 MA/MSc 658.7 AZI 2007 MA/MSc 621.388 RAI 2007 MA/MSc 332.64 JAI 2007 MA/MSc 658.4038011 SAM 2007 MA/MSc 658.87222 FAM 2007 MA/MSc 004.6 NAM 2007 MA/MSc 621.3845 SAM MA/MSc 621.38222 BAM 88.
IPTV (Internet protocol television) 89.
Issues in the use of information technology on stock market in Pakistan 90.
Management information system (century 21 builder's) Rana, Muhammad Usman Arif; Yasis Aziz Javed Iqbal, Jam; Sajjad Ahmed Sauid Ashfaq Fatima Raza; Roufun Nisa Nazia Nazrab; Sadia Abdullah Sameen Khalid; Zunera Batool 91.
Marketing through SMS and MMS 92.
Methodology for the assessment of quality of service of internet 93.
Mobile virtual network operator business plan 94.
Multiprotocol label switching implementation issues in Cybernet and Ufone Bareera Riaz 2007 95.
Online examination system of IIUI Asma Rani 2007 96.
Online real estate Fiaz Khawaja, Kausar 2007 97.
Online vehicle information system office of excise taxation officer, motor registration authority Rawalpindi Malik, Naila Khalid 2007 18 Call. No MA/MSc 658.8 MUI MA/MSc 371.26 ASO MA/MSc 005.369 FIO MA/MSc 629.2446 MAO S.No Title Author Year 98.
Pakistan's it software exports potential Arfan Tahir, Muhammad 2007 99.
Prospects of cellular data communication in Pakistan Ijaz Ahmad 2007 100.
PTCL telephone directory and information system Irfan Shah 2007 101.
Public private partnership ‐ Success and failure factors 102.
Quality of services in mobile adhoc networks Sajid Bashir; Sayab Khalid Farrukh Nawaz; Abaidulla
h Khalid Rizwan Pasha; Shakeel‐
ur‐Rehman Call. No MA/MSc 380.125491 ARP MA/MSc 621.382 IJP MA/MSc 004.695491 IRP 2007 MA/MSc 338.73 SAP 2007 MA/MSc 621.3822 FAQ 2007 MA/MSc 384.535 PAR 103.
Radio in the Loop 104.
Regulatory issues of ICT convergence Summmiya Shaheen 2007 105.
Restricted GSM cell base SMS marketing Muhammad Nasir 2007 106.
Revenue assurance system and procedure for interconnect services Abeera Akmal; Amna Waheed 2007 MA/MSc 004.6 ABR 107.
Risk management in IT projects (A Risk Management Plan for Netsol's ERP Implementation) Fazle Wadood 2007 MA/MSc 004.1681 FAR 108.
Role of ICT in poverty alleviation and Safia Iqbal electronic school network 2007 MA/MSc 303.4833 SAR 109.
Role of management information system on profitability in PIA 2007 MA/MSc 658.05 AMR 110.
Role of organizational culture in strategic HRM 2007 MA/MSc 658.406 MAR 111.
School information system 2007 MA/MSc 658.4038 FAS Amber Shahid; Shallah Arshad Mahr‐un‐
Nisa; Tahira Yasmeen Kazmi, Nayyar Abbas 19 MA/MSc 004.62 SUR MA/MSc 382.45 MUR S.No Title Author Year 112.
SICS: Satech inventory control Madiha Riaz system for computer retail company 2007 113.
Steganographic cipher Ahmed Luqman 2007 114.
Strategic information report on implementation of ERP in HEC Sumaira Iftikhar 2007 115.
Strategies and implementation of next generation networks in Pakistan 116.
Success analysis of wll services of PTCL Shiraz Feroz; Abdullatif Khan Imran Rafiq; Zahoor Ahmed Muhammad Usman; Muham
mad Ahmad Call. No MA/MSc 005.3 MAI MA/MSc 005.82 AHS MA/MSc 658.5 SUI 2007 MA/MSc 004.6 SHS 2007 MA/MSc 384.536 IMS 2007 MA/MSc 658.7072 MUS 2007 MA/MSc 362.105491 AKT 117.
Supply chain management system 118.
Telemedicine and ICT application in Pakistan Akmal Sajjad 119.
The CRM project Asma Abbasi; Tayyaba Ghouri 2007 MA/MSc 658.812 ASC 120.
The influence of organizational factors on information systems success in government agencies in Pakistan Hamid Mehboob; Tayya
b Rehman 2007 MA/MSc 658.4038 HAI 121.
Muhammad Training needs assessment in Islamic Salman Masood banking and finance Khan ; Hamza bin Naeem 2007 MA/MSc 332.1091767 SAT 122.
Travel reservation system Sanam Rabbani 2007 123.
VoIP Service by Brain Tel: A case study Atiq‐ur‐Rehman 2007 124.
VoIP service by brain tel:a case study Hussain, Farooq Muhammad 2007 20 MA/MSc 658 SAT MA/MSc 004.695 ATV MA/MSc 621.385 ATV S.No 125.
Title Web content management system 126.
Issues tracking & monitoring system 127.
Analysis of standardization at exports of Pakistan 128.
Automatic teller machine 129.
Automation of the global mobility Pvt limited supply bazar Abbotabad 130.
Business plan for a new vehicle tracking company 131.
Capacity measurement in UMTS (Third generation of telecommunication) 132.
Class result module of FMS intranet 133.
Cross country comparison of innovation performance across India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan Customer perception towards mobile banking system: comparative study of cost of transaction in mobile banking and manual banking for customer satisfaction E‐Commerce analysis & development issues with Author Year Zahida Noureen 2007 Razzaq, Rabeea Abdul; Humera Khan; Fozia akram Umer, Muhammad Faisal; Waqar Ahmed Samia Asif ; Tanzeela Maqsood Khan, Mohammad Kamran Shiraz Ahmed; Syad Rahman Ali, Anjum Liaqat; Fahad Reyaz Aftab, Mariam M. ; Khan, Mamoona Afzal Maria Khalil; Sunila Kanwal Amir Qamar, Muhammad Athar Mehmood; Ziad Karamat 21 Call. No MA/MSc 005.758 ZAW 2006 MA/MSc 005.369 RAI 2006 MA/MSc 382.64 UMA 2006 MA/MSc 004.66 SAA 2006 MA/MSc 005.369 KHA 2006 MA/MSc 658.4012 SHB 2006 MA/MSc 384.5072 ANC 2006 MA/MSc 005.758 AFC 2006 MA/MSc 338.06409177 MAC 2006 MA/MSc 332.10684 AMC 2006 MA/MSc 658.872 ATE S.No Title 136.
E‐exporter (from concept to implementation) Belpint.COM 137.
Effective implementation of Anti theft Mobile phone system by IMEI number 138.
E‐mail interaction with cellular phone 139.
Employment dissatisfaction of fresh business postgraduates 140.
Evolution of mobile communication generations 141.
Financial information for P.O.F. budget system: enquiries and reports 142.
Future trends of satellite navigation system in Pakistan 143.
Author Waheed Abbas; Mazhar Hussain Ghulam Sabir; Asif Siddique Bilal Ahmed Khan; Shahid Ahmad Bashir Mussarat Bashir; Hina Javaid Sidra Arif; Mehwish Altaf Rizvi, Samra batool Najeeb Ahmed; Ch. Zahid Mahmood Naseem, Impact of it on service based and Muhammad manufacturing concerns Sajid; Adnan Amin Ali, Ammar Impact of leasing on automobile Yasir; Syed Adeel industry and economy of Pakistan Bari Impact of micro credit programme Adnan on women with special reference to Jamil; Abid Khushhali Bank Hussain Junaid‐ul‐
Impacts of limited mobility on Haq; Usman teledensity of Pakistan Manzoor Implementation of WTO Bhatti, M. environmental standards in Pakistan Kamran; Shah, opportunity or threat Asif hussain 22 Year 2006 Call. No MA/MSc 658.84 WAE 2006 MA/MSc 629.821 GHE 2006 MA/MSc 621.382 BIE 2006 MA/MSc 658.31422 MUE 2006 MA/MSc 621.3845 SIE 2006 MA/MSc 355.62132 RIF 2006 MA/MSc 384.51 NAF 2006 MA/MSc 658.403 NAI 2006 MA/MSc 658.15242 ALI 2006 MA/MSc 332.7 ADN 2006 MA/MSc 658.312 JUI 2006 MA/MSc 333.705491 BHA S.No 148.
Title Importance of management information system (MIS) in the progress of and organization (Paktel, Ufone, Instaohone) 149.
Information system as a tool of management and marketing sucess 150.
Investment banking 151.
Issue tracking and monitoring system of PIFRA 152.
Legal financial and social issues in information economy 153.
Loan risk evaluation systems: Loan risk evaluation systems 154.
Author Sajjad Ahmed; Murtaza Rehman Khan Anwar, Muhammad Bilal; Kashif Hussain Latif, Muhammad Faisal Rabeea Abdul Razzaq; Humera Khan; Fouzia Akram Shoaib Javed; Zahid Mudassar Ali Abdullah, Sammon Gujjar, Marketing strategy for a new mobile Muhammad operator in Pakistan Inayat; Kashif Sohail Joiya Mansoor MIS of Gordon College Rawalpindi Javed; Kamran Afzal Khan Year Call. No 2006 MA/MSC 658.4038 SAI 2006 MA/MSc 658.4038 ANI 2006 MA/MSc 332.66 LAI 2006 MA/MSc 339.5 RAI 2006 MA/MSc 2006 MA/MSc 332.1753 ALL 2006 MA/MSc 384.535 GUM 2006 MA/MSc 658.05 MAM 156.
Mobile business (mbusiness)‐The new frontier of electronic business Imran Hashim 2006 MA/MSc 658.84 IMM 157.
Mobile computing using WAP onling hotel reservation & car rental system Asif Kamran; Nasir Tanveer 2006 MA/MSc 658.84 ASM 158.
Mobile number portability Muhammad Saleem 2006 MA/MSc 384.068 MUM 159.
Motivation Theroies & Their Applications in Business Organizations Atif Noor 2006 MA/MSc 658.314 ATM 23 S.No 160.
Title Online transparent forum for International Islamic University Author Year Rizvi, syeda Auj Zahra 2006 Iftikhar, Mirza Asad; Asim Faran; Muhamm
ad Hassan Askry Sibtain Port knocking (The network security) Syed; Muhamma
d Aamer Shabbir Potentiol threats of e‐security to the Muhammad business world and prototype of Aftab; Ahmer online banking system with advance Nehal security features Fahad Price war in telecom sector Shahzad; Naveed Iqbal Problems in implementing quality Sohail standards & configration Imran; Tabraiz mangement management in Ullah Khan software industry Asfhan Reforms in capital market of Latif; Saqib Pakistan Hussain Organization development as an approach for organizational improvement 2006 MA/MSc 658.406 IFS 2006 MA/MSc 005.8 SIP 2006 MA/MSc 332.10684 AFP 2006 MA/MSc 384.533 FAP 2006 MA/MSC 338.470053 SOP 2006 MA/MSc 332.0414 ASC 167.
Routing platform: a competitive and qualitative research Yasir Ali ; M. Noman Aslam 2006 168.
Secure data transmission Aftab Ahmad 2006 169.
Services reengineering at PTCL Ikram Ullah 2006 170.
Sabah Small and medium size entrepreneur Nasim; Rizwana (Women entrepreneur) Nazir Siddiqui, Smart cards smart life Muhammad Nazim 24 Call. No MA/MSc 658.84 RIO MA/MSc 658.83 YAR MA/MSc 658.05 AFS MA/MSc 658.562 IKS 2006 MA/MSc 338.04 SAS 2006 MA/MSc 332.76 SIS S.No 172.
Title Author Year Strategic brand analysis of HUM TV Mehran Tariq 2006 Strategic planning for private public partnerships at institutional level in Pakistan Success factors and government strategies to promote software exports from Pakistan Sonia Hussain; Sadia Tasleem Waqas Ahmed ; Muhammad Mushtaq Sultan, Raja Muneeb; Sajjid Aslam 175.
Telepresence 176.
Universal service fund project 177.
Werrick sis: statistical information system of Werrick pharmaceuticals 178.
"Network security: a clear understanding and easy solutions" www.easy‐ Saira Ahmed Rauf, Muhammad Asim; Shahid Naseem Shah, Ali Raza; Khurram Iftikhar Call. No MA/MSc 658.8343 MES 2006 MA/MSc 658.042 SOS 2006 MA/MSc 004.095491 AHS 2006 MA/MSc 621.386 SUT 2006 MA/MSc 621.38456 SAU 2006 MA/MSc 658.4032 RAS 2005 MA/MSc 005.8 SHN MA/MSc 004.6 TAB MA/MSc 658.45 RAB 179.
Bandwidth management Tauqeer Ahmed 2005 180.
Business intelligence in telecom sector Rabia Gul; Sarah Shah Hughes 2005 181.
Business policy and strategy final project on nestle Hira Zafar; Asfia Butt; Nosheen Aman; Mehwish Javed 2005 MA/MSc 658.4012 HIB 182.
Business policy and strategy MGT‐
609 Jam, Muhammad Saleem 2005 MA/MSc 658.4012 JAB 183.
Cellular mobile communication & CDMA 2000 implementation in Pakistan Sfsheen Jalil; Asma Kiran 2005 MA/MSc 384.5 AFC 184.
Comparative analysis of consumer banking Muhammad Azam 2005 MA/MSc 332.178 MUC 25 S.No 185.
Title Comparision of performance appraisal system in public & private sectors of Pakistan Author Year Rakhshindah Batool 2005 Shakeel Shahzad; Muham
Computer complaint system mad Waqar Sajjad Computerization of National Bank of Ibrahim Abbasi, Pakistan Khana Daak Branch, Mohsin ; Farooq Rawalpindi Ahmed Khan Tariq Computerized sales system Wadood; Shaban Ali Naeem Courier service operations Ayub; Toqeer management system Iqbal Khan, Data Base of unique marble Muhammad Akbar Database information system and Qaisar web solution for marilac paint Khan; Mazher company Yasin Deployment of wireless local area network in International Islamic Abdul Mannan University Campus Zafar, Design & implementation of Internet Muhammad service provider Zeeshan; Bhatti, Ghulam Yaseen Farooq, DSL Connectivity through National Muhammad Telecommunication Corporation Imran; Wajid Mehmood Alam, Muhammad Employee entry / exit and Ashfaq; Muham
attendance tracking system mad hassan Khudai 26 Call. No MA/MSc 658.3125 RAC 2005 MA/MSc 658.05 SHC 2005 MA/MSc 332.100164 IBC 2005 MA/MSc 005.74 TAC 2005 MA/MSC 005.74 NAC 2005 MA/MSc 658.4038 KHD 2005 MA/MSc 658.4038 QAD 2005 MA/MSc 004.6 MAD 2005 MA/MSc 004.678 ZAD 2005 MA/MSc 621.387 FAD 2005 MA/MSc 658.302 ALE S.No Title 196.
ENUM‐ the future 197.
Fault reporting ticket & ticket management system (FRT ‐ TMS) Author Raza Illahe ; Muhammad Zubair Malik Nazia Kanwal Year 2005 Call. No MA/MSc 621.305 RAE 2005 MA/MSc 005.754 NAF Ansari, Maliha Frequency spectrum management in Abid; Afsheen Pakistan Naz Abbasi, Imran Future of CDMA in Pakistan Ahmed; Adeel Ahmed Ahmad, Mian Future of cellular companies and the Fiaz; Faheem role of PTA in telecom sector Akhtar Malik 2005 MA/MSc 384.5 ANF 2005 MA/MSc 385.4 ABE 2005 MA/MSC 384.068 AHF 201.
Hawala and It`s impact on investment in housing and saving Farooq, Muhammad Sajid 2005 MA/MSc 332.178 FAH 202.
Hospital automation system Bilal Hospital Ghulam Mustafa; Ijaz Akbar 2005 MA/MSc 658.4032 GHH 203.
Hostal management system Obaid ullah 2005 MA/MSC 647.068072 OBH 2005 MA/MSc 647.92 MUH 2005 MA/MSc 658.403 MAH 2005 MA/MSc 004.62 TAI 2005 MA/MSc 658.4012 BII 2005 MA/MSc 658.787 QAI 198.
Muhammad Hotel Management System for Herfa Shakeel; Nadeem Inn Hotel Yaseen Muhammad Aamir Human resource management Mahmood; Muha
information system mmad Hassan Abbasi 206.
Interconnection 207.
Inventory control system of Toyota Rawal Motors 208.
Inventory management system Shahi Beverages Company Tariq Ahmed Bilqees Majeed; Wajiha Khan Qamar, Muhammad Atif; Yasir Siraj 27 S.No Title Author Year Call. No MA/MSc 658.4038 MAD 209.
IT role in oil / gas producing companies Madiha Munnawar 2005 210.
Knit management information system: (Knit textile (Pvt) ltd, industrial area, Islamabad) Gillani, Syed Murtaza 2005 MA/MSc 658.4038 GIK 211.
LAN emulation over ATM Hanyah Zahoor 2005 MA/MSc 004.68 HAL 212.
Local loop and LDI future in Pakistan Hassan Iqbal; Muhamma
d Saqib Saghir 2005 MA/MSc 621.3857 HAS 213.
Logistic management system Khurram Abbas 2005 MA/MSc 658.5 KHL 214.
Management information system and online accounting system 2005 MA/MSc 005.4072 MUM 215.
Management information system of Firdous cloth mill Faisalabad 2005 MA/MSc 658.4038011 AZM 216.
Management marketing mix strategies of Nastle 2005 MA/MSc 658.8 DAM 217.
Managerial efficiency in the family owned businesses 2005 MA/MSc 658.04 SHM 218.
Market segmentation of celluler subscribers 2005 MA/MSc 004.66 KHS 219.
Multicasting 2005 MA/MSc 004.66 IMM 2005 MA/MSc 657.48 BAB 2005 MA/MSc 005.8 FAN 220.
Mutual Fund 221.
Network data scrutinizer Muhammad Ismail; Baghoor, Farhat Abbad Aziz, Muhammad Hamid; Mian Zahid Rafique Dasti, Muhammad Zahid Arif; Muhammad Kamran Sheikh, Muhammad Naveed Khan, Shazia Sarwar; Um‐e‐
Kulsoom Imran Mahmood ; Muhammad Abbas Babar Iqbal; Osama Saleem Farhat Shafiq 28 S.No Title Author Sajid, M. Usman; Mansoor Aftab Fahad Rizwan; Rahmat Zafar Khan, Samee Ullah ; Shahid Iqbal; Shamas ud Din Year Call. No MA/MSc 658.4038 SAN 222.
News management web portal for student news publishers 223.
Online book store National book foundation the World's leading publishing organization of Pakistan 224.
Online document management system 225.
Online sales franchies system of U FONE Atif Kamran 2005 226.
Pakistan's telecom profile an investors guide Naqvi, Syed Ali Faheem 2005 227.
Paper on network, and internet security Ummara Tabassum 2005 228.
Patient management information system (PMIS) Anjum, M. Shahzad 2005 229.
Payroll and attendance system Qaisar Mahmood 2005 230.
Peerless impact of computer applications on banking sector Haider, Syed Imran; Shahid Afraz Khan 231.
Perpetuation and sustainability of a brand in focus: tea industry Amber Farooq ; Mariam Ahsan 2005 232.
Personnel information system OIL & GAS development company LTD Asma Zarin 2005 233.
Perspective of mobile commerce:application and acceptance in Pakistan Faria Arshad 2005 MA/MSc 658.872 FAP Power‐line carrier commuinations the future Sharif, Muhammad Zahid; Shahzeb Ali Khan 2005 MA/MSc 621.384 SHP 234.
29 2005 2005 MA/MSc 658.05 FAO 2005 MA/MSc 004.33 SAM 2005 MA/MSc 658.86 ATO MA/MSc 658.835 NAP MA/MSc 005 UMP MA/MSc 005.74 ANP MA/MSc 657.74 QAP MA/MSc 332.1 HAP MA/MSc 658.8342 AMP MA/MSc 658.322 ASP S.No Title Author Year 235.
Prospect of mobile commerce in Pakistan Amber Jamil 2005 236.
Prospects of call centers for banks in Saiqa Yousaf islamabad 2005 237.
Re‐launch of company brand 2005 238.
Risk management 239.
Rural telephony in Pakistan 240.
SiS project report on machine to machine communication 241.
Space strike: an arcade style shooting came for java enabled mobile phones Strategic information system report on "Trends and analysis of mobile communication market of Pakistan" Student admission & information system: the University of Lahore (TUOL) Gujranwala Campus Students, teachers and management communication process and its effective application in universities in the context of its impact on quality education Study and technical report on mobile information systems and their implementation in Pakistani market the J2ME application Ambreen Naqvi Aqsa Rafique; Nadia Khalid Iftikhar, Muhammad Haroon Atif Javed ; Hassan Sheraz; Muhamm
ad Hussain 2005 MA/MSc 658.155 AQR 2005 MA/MSc 384.6 IFR 2005 MA/MSc 658.4038 ATS 2005 MA/MSc 794.8072 AMS 2005 MA/MSc 384.5 CHT 2005 MA/MSc 005.74 MUS Iftikhar Alam 2005 MA/MSc 658.45 IFS Naima Tahsin 2005 MA/MSc 384.5072 NAS Malik Farrukh Iqbal 2005 MA/MSc Amina Zehra Chohan, Anbreen Azmat; Ayesha Riaz Qureshi Muhammad Munir; Fahad Hussain 30 Call. No MA/MSc 621.384 AMP MA/MSc 658.872 SAP MA/MSc 658.8342 AMR S.No Title 247.
Transaction processing and stock management system 248.
Virtual class rooms and online joining system 249.
WAP and WEB enabled banking system 250.
Author Iqbal, Muhammad Saeed; Amjad Khan Imran Mohyuddin; Fahe
em Ashraf Umair Khaliq Muhammad Wireless fidelity Wi‐Fi Fiaz; Tariq Mehmood How Mobilink can improve their Khan, Ali customer call centers services in Nadeem; Syed order to enhance customer Imran Hussain satisfaction: a case study of Mobilink Tirmizi Muhammad Daily sales information system of Mahfooz; Muha
Saadi Cement Private Limited mmad Umer Farooq Saeed SIS project GSM: GSM security Ahmed; Muham
mad Kamran Ashraf, Muhammad Hajj Information System Faisal; Iftikhar Ahmed Hussain, Raja Irshad; Mohsin A gateway to the technological Iftikhar boom Abbasi; Muham
mad Gulzaib Yasir A project of business policy on CIIT Sultan; Raza, (Wah Campus) Syed Shahzad A web site for mondrian (A resturant Bhatti, Uzma in Islamabad) Athar 31 Year Call. No 2005 MA/MSc 005.745 IQT 2005 MA/MSc 005.435 IMV 2005 MA/MSc 332.1 UMW 2005 MA/MSc 621.3893 MUW 2005 MA/ MSc 658.812 TIH 2005 MA/ MSc 658.4038 MUD 2005 MA/ MSc 384.5 SAS 2004 MA/MSc 651.9055 ASH 2004 MA/MSc 621.38456 HUG 2004 MA/MSC 658.401 YAP 2004 MA/MSc 658.4038 BHW S.No Title Author Year Call. No MA/MSc 658.05 IFA MA/MSc 658.4012 NAA 258.
Academic services automation (database application) Ifzal Ahmad 2004 259.
Al‐Nisa departmental store Nagina Noreen 2004 260.
Comparative analysis of the banks providing the services of consumer financing Mehwish Iftikhar 2004 MA/MSc 332.178 MEC 261.
Constructive cost model for costech systems (Private) Limited Waseem Zulfi 2004 MA/MSc 338.51 WAS 262.
Critical analysis of virtual private networks and its implementation in a Pakistani organization Ayub, Nayyar Afzaal ; Saeed, Jalil Ahmed 2004 MA/MSc 004.62 AYC 263.
Customer relationship management Nazish Riaz 2004 264.
Deregulation and privatization: technologies, economical and social impact Jamal, M. Abid; Rashid Iqbal 2004 265.
Development of IT infrastructure of ICT (PTCL) Adnan Akbar; Malik, Anjum Aqeel 2004 MA/MSc 658.4038 ADD 266.
Digital beginning: young children of electronic media and digital technologies Maryam Shafiq 2004 MA/MSc 302.231083 MAD 267.
Digital switching (R&D) region Pakistan telecommunication company limited 2004 MA/MSc 268.
Enterprise resource planning of Sabro 2004 MA/MSc 658.521 WAE 269.
Evolution of GSM: 2G & beyond 2004 MA/MSc 658.3445 HAE 270.
Financing options for new companies 2004 MA/MSc 658.1 MUF Nadeem Iqbal; Shahid Rasheed; Shabee
r Shahzad Wajid Hussain; Rana Masood Ahmed Hammad bin Imtiaz; Jahangir Ali Pasha Muhammad Naveed; Abrar Younas 32 MA/MSc 005.74 NAS MA/MSc 338.9 JAD S.No Title 271.
Green lands 272.
Group‐buying websites 273.
Hospital management system and Hosptial inventory ssytem 274.
Impact of telecommunication services on security marketing in Pakistan Industrial analysis: analysis of cement industry for cost effective fuel 276.
Industry strategic analysis and solution 277.
Internet planning and management 278.
Intranet infrastructure for national police academy 279.
ISP Bible detailed technical and management plan for running an ISP (with the special emphasis on value‐
added services) IT based development of HRMS manual for familty health international ‐ Pakistan Author Palwasha Taufiq; Amna Nawab Mah.e.Mubeen Arshad; Momina Dar Gilani, Wajid Ali; Omer Bin Islam Nosheen Abbasi; Qurat‐ul‐
Ain‐Khan Amir Khan Amjad Khan; Shahid Rizwan Rajput, Muhammad Yousuf; Hussain, Syed Wajahat Masooma Amjad; Omaimah Nazir Munawar Zeeshan; Zeesha
n, Pervez Akhtar Saddal, Shumaila Ejaz Year 2004 Call. No MA/MSc 338.177 PAG 2004 MA/MSc 658.05 MAG 2004 MA/MSc 658.4032 GIH 2004 MA/MSc 382.456295491 NOI 2004 MA/MSc 338.45 AMI 2004 MA/MSc 338.095491 AMI 2004 MA/MSc 658.4012 RAI 2004 MA/MSc 658.4038011 MAI 2004 MA/MSc 004.678 MUI 2004 MA/MSc 658.300285 SAI 281.
KSB management reporting system (KSBMRS) Muhammad Rizwan ul Haq 2004 MA/MSc 332.1068 MUK 282.
LAN/WAN infrastructure for SAF games for Sports Complex Sohail Aslam; Arslan Khursheed 2004 MA/MSc 004.68 SOL 283.
Motivation theories & their Atif Noor applications in business organization 2004 MA/MSc 658.83421 ATM 33 S.No Title 284.
Myson DBMS for project management 285.
National institute of handicapped Islamabad 286.
Network infrastructure for passport management system 287.
Online transactions in Pakistan and their Gaps 288.
Overseas Pakistan Foundation (OPF) niversity's Education Management System Research on Application Secrvice Providers (ASP), their implementation in Pakistan & prototype development of contact management software Author Ahtisham Rafique; Siddiqui, M. Tayyeb Faisal Munir; Arshad Hussain Year 2004 2004 MA/MSc 658.301 FAP Zeeshan Qaswar 2004 MA/MSc 658.4038 ZEN Zobia Erum; Sadia Rehman 2004 MA/MSc 332.1028521 ZOO Sarah Sanaullah 2004 MA/MSc 371 SAE Naima Tahsin; Sana Javaid 2004 MA/MSc 658.812 NAR MA/MSc 658.4012 NAS 290.
Strategic information system (SIS) report on Students portal Naz, Sumera Shaheen; Aysha Rasool 2004 291.
Strategic information system report on energy crises Mehwish Akhlaq 2004 292.
Strategic information system report on salary survey Imran Shabir 2004 293.
Strategic information system report on the Road to 3G Khurram Saleem 2004 294.
Strategic management & its application at Mobilink Shah, Ali Raza ; Raza Illahe 2004 295.
Trainee information system for National Police Academy Subal Sarmad 2004 University information system Asif, Athar Mahmood; Waqa
s Iqbal 2004 296.
34 Call. No MA/MSc 005.74 AHM MA/MSc 658.4012 MES MA/MSc 658.322 IRS MA/MSc 384.30285 KHS MA/MSc 658.4012 SHS MA/MSc 658.312404 SUT MA/MSc 370.73 S.No Title 297.
Value added services and its impact on cellular companies 298.
VOIP implementation in Pakistan & its affects on the revenue of PTCL Author Sajid rasool; Shahid Siddique Ambreen Fatima ; Saima Saleem Bhatti, Zainab Iqbal; Masooma Malik Ahmad, Muhammad Saeed Year 2004 Call. No MA/MSc 658.812 SAV 2004 MA/MSc 004.6 AMV 2004 MA/MSc 005.276 BHS 2003 MA/MSc 658.4012 AHA 2003 MA/MSc 658.4012 KHB 2003 MA/MSc 005.369 ATC 2003 MA/MSC 332.12068 2003 MA/MSc 657.48 FAD 299.
Web base systems of Fauji Cement 300.
Automation system of fashion ka ghar Rawalpindi 301.
Business plan for IT company (launching broadband wireless access service) Khan, Rai Muhammad Asif 302.
College automation system Ata‐ur‐
Rehman; Gulraiz Akhtar 303.
Corporate banking solution 304.
Decreated profitability of Pakistan Television Corporation Limited 305.
Development of intranet for International Intitute of Islamic Econimics Nauman Ejaz 2003 MA/MSc 005.2 NAD 306.
Educational intranet of Mohi‐ud‐Din Islamic University Gulnar 2003 MA/MSc 005.8 SAS 307.
Ejob e‐recruitment system and website of Al‐Hunain international (pvt) limited Sajid, Muhammad Aslam 2003 MA/MSc 658.407111 SAE 308.
Harmain pharmacy: inventory and billing software Sadia Malik 2003 MA/MSc 615.1076 SAH 309.
High performance multi‐vendor Nawaz, networks [Management issues for IT Muhammad managers] Azhar 2003 MA/MSc 621.382 NAH Saqib Imtiaz, Syed Farrukh Afzal; Mehmood Khan 35 S.No 310.
Title Human resource management system (HRMS) internet of Mari Gas Company Limited (MGCL) Author Jadoon, Javed Iqbal ; Faisal Aziz Khattak Muhammad Nadeem; Khan, Muhammad Arshad Muhammad Masroor; Rafiq Ahmed Year 2003 311.
Human resource management system (HRMS) of national bank of Pakistan 312.
Impact of WTO on automobile industry of Pakistan 313.
Intranet of Rawalpindi Islamabad press club Nasir Jamal 2003 314.
Inventry control system of IESCO regional store Rawalpindi Nasir Hanif 2003 315.
IP multicasting Nazish Ashfaq 2003 316.
Management Information System individual finance assistance Pakistan Bait‐ul‐Mal 317.
Management information system of Cinnamon restaurant 318.
Management information system of Cinnamon restaurant Ali, Muhammad Aziz; Abdul Wajid Khan Niazi; Ghulam Mustafa Ch. Muhammad Atif; Hafiz Muhammad Anwar Muhammad Atif ; Hafiz Muhammad Anwar Call. No MA/MSc 658.300285 JAH 2003 MA/MSc 658.3 MUH 2003 MA/MSc 3384.56292 MUI MA/MSc 650.028546 NAI MA/MSc 658.787 NAI MA/MSc 004.66 NAI 2003 MA/MSc 352.73 ALM 2003 MA/MSc 005.369 MUM 2003 MA/MSc 005.369 MUM 319.
Market analysis and development of Farah Jabeen marketing strategies for proplan ; Saba Altaf associates 2003 MA/MSc 658.83954 FAM 320.
Mineral sector trade of Pakistan Khan, Shazia Aslam 2003 MA/MSc 382.2091 KHM Negative growth of DAP in Pakistan Zaheer Abbas; Khawaja Riaz Ahmed 2003 MA/MSc 338.4766862 ZAN 321.
36 S.No Title 322.
Network centralization of banking system 323.
Network solutions 324.
Online advertisment of VEGA4+ 325.
Online examination system of Brooks technology 326.
Online library management system of women campus library IIUI 327.
Online store 328.
Author Awan, Tariq Saeed ; Umar Farooq Khalil Tanoli, Mazhar Ali Khan; khan, Liaqat M. Gondal, Muhammad Ansar Iqbal; Tanveer Akhtar Sohail Yousaf; Syed Mansab Ali; Zawar Hussain Hameeda Akhtar; Saima Kanwal Farah Sahar Muhammad Azaz Project Management information Ali; Abdul Majid system individual financial Khan Assistance Pakistan Bait ‐ul Mal Niazi; Ghulam Mustafa Ch. Sheikh, Muhammad Research study of general packet Fawad; Aziz, radio service (GPRS) Muhammad Abdul Abdul Researh bases study on GSM Samad; Haroon technology Ashraf Ihsan, Role of small & medium industries in Muhammad economy of Pakistan Nubasher; Wasee
m Butt 37 Year 2003 Call. No MA/MSc 332.11094 AWN 2003 MA/MSc 004.68 TAN 2003 MA/MSc 659.15 GOO 2003 MA/MSc 005.74 RAO 2003 MA/MSc 025.3132 HAO 2003 MA/MSc 658.872 FAO 2003 MA/MSc 658.4 MUP 2003 MA/MSc 621.38426 SHR 2003 MA/MSc 621.3845 ABR 2003 MA/MSc 658.022 IHR S.No Title 332.
Satisfaction level of mobile users 333.
Strategic business plan: Solutionz Private Ltd 334.
Strategic information system report on Imtiaz Chemineers website and intranet Author Rafi, Mian Muhammad; Zahi
d Latif Malik Year 2003 Call. No MA/MSc 621.3845 RAS 2003 MA/MSc 658.4012 ZES Sidra Omar 2003 MA/MSc 005.74 SIS 335.
Strategic information system report on online IIUI hostel system Afifa Saleem ; Arooj Ansar 2003 MA/MSc 658.4038 AFO 336.
Strategic information system report on Pakistan Tobbaco company: motivation determinants & employee`s satisfaction Tashfeen Siddique ; Raja Shahid Riaz 2003 MA/MSc 658.3072 TAP 337.
Streamlining customer services in supply chain of PTC 2003 MA/MSc 583.795491 SHA 338.
Web site of information service academy 2003 MA/MSc 658.455 ZUW 339.
Web‐based drug inventory and MIS 2003 MA/MSc 005.15 SAS 340.
Werrick's geographical information system 2003 MA/MSc 005.74 RIW 341.
Zarai Traqiati Bank Ltd Human Resourceintranet 2003 MA/MSc 658.05 MOZ 342.
Atomization of inventory control system of toyota rawal motors sawan camp Rawalpindi 2002 MA/MSc 658.4012 GOA 343.
Business plan of an ISP " spider net" 2002 MA/MSc 658.16 SAB Zeenat Ara Shabeeh e Bashir; Fehmeed
a Farid Zunaira Ashraf; Durr‐e‐
Shahwar Mehreen Saira Hameed Malik Rizwan Bashir ; Usama Bilal; Abdul Majid Khan Niazi Muhammad Ashraf ; Khalid Kehmood Gill; Mohammad Sharif Tareen Gondal, Zafar Iqbal ; Adnan Zafar Gilani Samreen Ashraf; Sabeen Janjua 38 S.No Title 344.
Business plan of cablenet operation 345.
Business plan of Information Technology College 346.
Capital online system 347.
Complete internet & intranet application of Rawal public school 348.
Author Year Saba Tariq 2002 Khan, Fozia Najam; Furrukh Anwar Fareeha Alam; Noreen Akhter Umer Bin Seed Nauman Computerized sale and stock system Bashir; Muhamm
(Toyota Islamabad Motors) ad Naeem; Khan, Wasiq Mehmood Awan, Yaren Counters Automation System of Khan ; Arshad Pakistan Post Mehmood Call. No MA/MSc 658.4012 SAB 2002 MA/MSc 658.4038 KHB 2002 MA/MSc 658.4012 FAC 2002 MA/MSc 658.05 UMC 2002 MA/MSc 005.74 NAC 2002 MA/MSc 670.425383 AWC MA/MSc 060.68 SHD MA/MSc 378.1554 KHE MA/MSc 658.05 HAI 350.
Development of NGo/NPO Shakeel Ahmad 2002 351.
E‐University functions, operations and a model website Khan, Liaquat Ali 2002 352.
I. T. Business cyberSpace Hamid, Khurram 2002 353.
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IT‐Solution: a web based student information system Shehzana Javaid 2002 MA/MSc 658.05 SHI 355.
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Strategic information system project Imran Anjum (the vision) 2002 MA/MSc 658.4038 IMR 39 S.No Title Author Year 357.
The G. P. Fund system Farrukh Khan 2002 358.
Web site of Kohinoor textile mills ltd. Taiba Zarin ; Aneela Ayub 2002 359.
Webschool educational system Tabassum 2002 360.
Webstock on‐line brokerage system and webste of taas securities (PVT) Limited Khalid Mehmood 2002 361.
E‐ Marketing (Developing a website) Erum Fazal National Police Academy of Pakistan 2001 362.
Economical effects of information technology "Socio‐ Tech" Hammad Bashir 2001 363.
E‐Education Saima Rehman 2001 364.
E‐Marketing Amber Farooq 2001 365.
Islamabad city web portal Saadia Noor 2001 366.
Islamabad web portal Saadia Noor 2001 367.
It solution for the computer vendors Afridi, Tariq Hameed 2001 368.
It solution for the computer vendors Afridi, Tariq Hameed 2001 369.
Online customer interaction (E‐
Adeela Jamil Marketing) @ Walji's holiday makers 2001 370.
Online resume 2001 Shagufta Yamin 40 Call. No MA/MSc 005.74 ZAS MA/MSc 658.4012 TAW MA/MSc 371 TAS MA/MSc 006.33 KHW MA/MSc 658.84 ERE MA/MSc 338.926 HAE MA/MSc 004 SAE MA/MSc 658.8421 AME MA/MSc 006.722 SAI MA/MSc 005.276 SAI MA/MSc 658.5 AFI MA/MSc 658.722 AFI MA/MSc 658.84 ADO MA/MSc 004.77 SHA S.No Title Author Year Call. No MA/MSc 658.048 ASW MA/MSc 658.4012 ASB MA/MSc 658.4012 FAB MA/MSc 658.4038011 NAC MA/MSc 731.55 SAL MA/MSc 658.05 KHD MA/MSc 658.72 FAD MA/MSc 658.84 NAD 371.
Worldwide Membership systems Asma Rauf 2001 372.
Business plan for C Plus International Asad Mukhtar 2000 373.
Business plan for launching ISDN services in the lacal loop in Pakistan Farrukh Khan 2000 374.
Corporate information system Naqvi, Syed Waqar Raza 2000 375.
Data applications on mobile market survey Salman Iqbal ; Salman Ashraf 2000 376.
Developing a website explore Pakistan Khan, Amjad Ali 2000 377.
Development of an auctions site Faisal Liaqatullah 2000 378.
Development of an online shopping mall Nadia Wahid 2000 Naseer,Muhamm
ad Farhan 2000 MA/MSc 621.3850904 NAD Iftikhr Murtaza; Sajjad Ashraf 2000 MA/MSc 621.385 IFD Khurram Shahzad 2000 MA/MSc 001.553 KHD 382.
E‐Government & Monopoly control authority Azeem, Sardar Rahat 2000 383.
E‐Marketing Faisal Mahmood 2000 384.
E‐Marketing kentuckey fried chicken Afsana Mukhtar (KFC) 2000 379.
Development of business plan for an ITSP (internet telephony service provideer) Development of mobile data technologies and implementation of mobile data services in Pakistan (strategic information systems) Development of technological intrastructure for an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) 41 MA/MSc 352.33 AZE MA/MSc 658.84 FAE MA/MSc 380.1072 AFE S.No Title Author Year Call. No MA/MSc 658.812 SHE 385.
E‐Relationship management and marketing for cement industry Shahid Ghazanfar 2000 386.
e‐solution for national saving organization Azam, Muhammad Abaidullah 2000 MA/MSc 658.404 AZE 387.
Final project report Corporate information system Syed Waqar Raza Naqvi 2000 MA/MSc 658.4012 NAF 2000 MA/MSc 004.66 MAF 2000 MA/MSc 658.4012 ABF 2000 MA/MSc 005.276 ANI 2000 MA/MSc 329.253 HAI 2000 MA/MSc 332.10285 MUI 2000 MA/MSc 621.382 ASI Majeed, Muhammad Asim; Malik Aleem Ahmed Abdul Majid; Mahmood ul Hassan Shaikh Anjum, M. Adnan; M. Nadeem Malik 388.
Frame relay in today's enterprise network 389.
Frame relay technology and strategic business plan 390.
Implementation of intranet in IIU medical center 391.
Information technology in the fuel industry introducing " fuel tool" (User interface & website) 392.
Information technology strategy plan for Pakistani banks 393.
Integrated services digital network technology and marketing plan 394.
Internet journalism training program Haider, Syed Suqlain 2000 395.
Inventory tracking system Naila Yusuf 2000 396.
National cotton pages of Pakistan Zubair Qazi, Abdullah 2000 397.
National Cotton pages of Pakistan Zubair, Abdullah Qazi 2000 Haroon Malik Muhammad Shahzad; Umar Faiz Asif Feroze; Moham
mad Basit 42 MA/MSc 070.17 HAI MA/MSc 658.0285 NAI MA/MSc 658 QAN MA/MSc 338.47677 ZUN S.No Title Author Year 398.
Online ‐ Job placement site (for future component solutions) Khan, Asad Ali 2000 399.
Online Jobs a VXL Nasim Qaiser 2000 400.
Online tendering system Khan, Arohad Ali 2000 401.
Online‐Consultancy powered by: System services international E‐
Consultancy Nauman Akram 2000 402.
Online‐Jobs @ VXL Nasim Qaisar 2000 403.
Online‐Registration @ VXL Imtiaz Ali 2000 404.
Private branch exchange Khalid Aziz; Khalid Khan 2000 405.
Rice export portal Yawar Sherwani 2000 406.
Rice export portal Sherwani, Yawar 2000 407.
Small Scale software House Establishment Chaudhry, Tauseef Akram 2000 408. Faisal Rahim 2000 409.
System services International E‐
consultancy Nauman Akram 2000 410.
Technology, future and global impact of internet telephony 411.
VSAT (very small aperture terminal) networks Rizwan Karim; Aamir Yaseen Maqsood Iqbal; Shakeeb Aftab 43 Call. No MA/MSc 650.14 KHO MA/MSc 650.142 NAO MA/MSc 658.800285 KHO MA/MSc 658.46 NAS MA/MSc 025.0665014 NAO MA/MSC 006.722 IMO MA/MSc 004.68 KHP MA/MSc 382.6 YAR MA/MSc 641.3318 SHE MA/MSc 658.05 CHS MA/MSc 005.276 FAS MA/MSc 004.67 NAS 2000 MA/MSc 621.385 RIT 2000 MA/MSc 384.3 MAV S.No 412.
Title Web classification system LOOT sale Author Year Muhammad Sadiq 2000 Saleem, Muhammad Kashif Khurshid Alam; Tajamul Hussain Shirazi 413. 414.
Air‐sale: web based flight reservation service 415.
"Issues and barriers in mobile number protability" 416.
A comparative study of performance Sumeera Anjum evaluation and compensation in ; Beenish Jamil corporate sector of Pakistan 417.
A practical approach for marketing Qazi, Sabah ud through exhibitions and the internet Din 418.
Al warid tel Dar, Atif Nawaz 419.
Analysis and implementation of MPLS based VPNs Raza, Ali Syed; Zahid Iftikhar 420.
Analytical study of Sabro Air Conditioning Company Malik, Lubna Yasmin 421.
Business Plan for launching an Internet Service provider (Dreamnet (pvt limited) Ata ur Rehman 422.
Business Policy and strategic management 423.
Cellular phone enabled Oil and Gas web portal of Pakistan 424.
Challenges faced by SNEs against large multinationals Amjad Ali; Nazir Mukarram Junaid Salman; Yasir Abbas Rana Malik, Mohammad Imran ; Mubashir Mubeen ; Imran Hameed Shahzad Khan; Raja M. Farid 44 2000 Call. No MA/MSc 658.5 MUW MA/MSc 658.84 SAW MA/MSc 005.276 KHA MA/MSc 621.382 AMI MA/MSc 004.24 SUC MA/MSc 658.84 QAP MA/MSc 658.40 DAA MA/MSc 621.3851 RAA MA/MSc 658.401 MAA MA/MSc 658.4012 ATB MA/MSc 332.1 JUB MA/MSc 005.758 MAC MA/MSc 338.642095 SHC S.No 425.
Title Comparative analysis of Wi‐Max standards from business and technological perspective Author Sibghat‐
ullah; Jehanzaib Khalid 426.
Corparate governence in Pakistan ownership, control and the law Shakeel Ahmad 427.
Corporate social responsibility of mobile sector in Pakistan Khalil Ahmad 428.
Developing marketing opportunities and strategies for Haleeb foods limited Ayesha Raisani 429.
Digital divide in education sector in Pakistan Ali Hussain ; Habib Ahmad 430.
Effect of USC on consumer prices Sajjad Ali; Kareem Khatran 431.
Effects of mobiles on human health and society Nashmia Siddique 432.
Muhammad Electronic financial inventory control Usman; Imran system Rasheed khan 433.
E‐Relationship management and marketing for cement industry Shahid Ghazanfar 434.
Free space optics and arena of wireless communications Mudasir Hassan 435.
Hook up of IIUI with Pakistan educational and research network (PERN) Asif Nawaz 436.
How advertising form people's attitude Raza, Muhammad Ali 437.
Identification of potential areas for foreign investment in Pakistan and its E‐marketing Muhammad Bukhsh ; Muhammad Mobeen 45 Year Call. No MA/MSc 004.6265 SIC MA/MSc 658.40835491 SHC MA/MSc 658.408 KHC MA/MSc 658.4012 AYS MA/MSc 370.5491 ALD MA/MSc 658.8343 SAE MA/MSc 363.189 NAE MA/MSc 657.48 MUE MA/MSc 658.812 SHE MA/MSc 621.3822 MUF MA/MSc 384.33 ASH MA/MSc 659.1072 RAH MA/MSc 332.67325491 MUI S.No 438.
Title Author Zahid Impact of oil and gas prices on Nawaz; Asim household budgets Ahmad Manzoor, Impact of WTO on Pakistan stock Muhammad market Shoaib; Tanveer Ahmad Andleeb Implementation of E‐Commerce and Sanaullah; Sadia its barrier in PAKISTAN Imran Year 441.
Issues and barriers in mobile number portability Amjad Ali; Nazir Makarram Khan 442.
Knowledge harvesting from International joint ventures Amna Atiq; Arifa Tubbassam 443.
Liberalization of Pakistan telecom sector Imran, Muhammad Tahir 444.
Management informaton system Waqas Ahmed ; Abdullah Arshad
Asim Ali; Muhammad Asad Hussain Talib, Muhammad Arfan Amjad, M. Nadeem; Khan, M. Asim Ullah 445.
Miracle international hair tonic 446.
Mobile WIMAX performance and comparative analysis 447.
Patient monitoring system (Holy Family Hospital) 448.
Potential of mobile television in Pakistan Farah naz 449.
Proctor and Gamble pvt limited, Pakistan Sheraz Sattar 450.
Project business policy ISO certified company 9001‐9002 Fauji corn complex Khan, Mohammad Kamran 46 Call. No MA/MSc 339.41 ZAI MA/MSc 332.678 MAI MA/MSc 658.8725491 ANI MA/MSc 621.382 KHI MA/MSc 658.4038 AMK MA/MSc 621.3821 IML MA/MSc 658.4038 WAF MA/MSc 658.4012 ASS MA/MSc 658.0522 TAM MA/MSc 005.74 AMP MA/MSc 006.7 FAP MA/MSc 658.4038 SHP MA/MSc 658.15 KHP S.No Title Author Hassan Iqbal ; Amir Aziz 451.
Risk management in networks 452.
Role of IT in Pakistan with respect to Bhatti, Waqas E‐Government Manzoor 453.
Role of NGOs in poverty alleviation a Kamran case study of human development Masood; Habib foundation (HDF) Abbasi Khan, Sabro S.A. Brothers Mohammad Omar Quddusi, Muhammad Security considerations for voice Usman; Muham
over internet protocol mad Ghayour Khan 456.
Shifa International Hospital Abdul Qadeer 457.
Software Development Report on Course Registration System Hina Sakoor 458.
Strategic information system report on digital subscriber line (DSL) Bilal Bashir ; Ejaz Asif 459.
Strategic information systems report on innovation an online shoping Nadia Zafar center Ashraf, M. Strategic management Al Kalsoom Rizwan; Mazhar industrial corporation Iqbal Strategic management Sheikh, Furqan implementation in Habib bank Ahmed Limited Iqbal, Jam Strategic management of netsol Javed; Shahzad technologies limited Khan Asad Successful launching of triple play Mehboob; Syed Imran Bukhari 47 Year Call. No MA/MSc 621.38 HAR MA/MSc 352.38 BHR MA/MSc 362.583 KAR MA/MSc 658.11 MUH MA/MSc 658.05 QUS MA/MSc 658.9136211 ABS MA/MSc 005.119 HIS MA/MSc 621.3878 BIS MA/MSc 658.84 NAI MA/MSc 658.4012 ASS MA/MSc 658.4012 SHS MA/MSc 658.4012 IQS MA/MSc 384.5 ASS S.No Title Telecommunication Deregulation and its impact on economy in Pakistan Telecommunication deregulation and its impact on economy in Pakistan Author Zahid Hussain; Adeel Ayub Zahid Hassan; Adeel Ayub 466.
Threat of cyber warfare on global E/M commerce Asghar Ali ; Yasir Daud 467.
Training need assessments in islamic Ali, Muhammad banking in Pakistan Imran 468.
Transportation of voice data over frame relay network Qaisar Javaid 469.
Travel management system : Software for travel agencies Shah, Waqar Ali 470.
Variables theat affect customer satisfaction in the internet services industry Khan, Osman Muhammad 464.
Year Call. No MA/MSc 384.05491 ZAH MA/MSc 384.041095491 ZAT MA/MSc 005.8 YAT MA/MSc 658.40712 ALT MA/MSc 004.6 QAT MA/MSc 005.3 SHT MA/MSc 658.812 KHV BS
S.No 1.
Title Author Awais Ahmed Account information system of Army Abbase; Muham
Public School Westridge III mad Mursal Rawalpindi Mehdi Mahpara Business ethics in telecom industry Ayesha; Sadaf Pakistan Khalid Comparative analysis of Yousafzai, Ali supermarkets & retail stores from Zia; Muhammad the consumer's perspective Arshad Nazia Convergence of IT infrastructure & Nawaz; Sadia security surveillance Bukhari 48 Year Call. No 2009 BS 658.802 AWA 2009 BS 658.4012 MAB 2009 BS 381.148 YOC 2009 BS 658.4038 NAC S.No Title 5.
Customer behavior towards Islamic banking in Pakistan 6.
Developing a website for a Social Organization " SearchnServe" URL 7.
Effect of IT on business processes and organizational change 8.
Electronic government directorate 9.
E‐Recruitment in Pakistan 10.
Fundamental analysis of food & fertilizer companies of Pakistan Identifying customer satisfaction factors for the quality of service in higher education Identifying EPR factors in Human Resource Department of Multi‐
Cultured Organizations Author Zaidi, Sundas Batool; Lubna Shahab Khalid, Muhammad Awais; Fazal Haider Tayyaba Akhter; Saira Batool Zainab Munir; Saba Masood Saniyah Farid; Rizwana Mushtaq Akhtar, Raja Zulfiqar; Atif Yaqoob Rabia Naz; Shumaila Ijaz Kanwal Shahid Rizvi, Syeda Amna; Uzma Habib Implementation of expert system for Sadaf crop management and yield Majeed; Sadaf prediction in agricultural industry Mehboob Investigate the user ecceptance Zartishia level f RFID ( Radio fequency Iqbal; Anila identification) in Pakistan Akhtar Implementation issues of E‐
Governanace in Pakistan Issues of telemedicine/E‐Health Samia Shahid 49 Year Call. No 2009 BS 332.1088297 ZAC 2009 BS 658.7 KHD 2009 BS 658.403 TAE 2009 BS 320 ZAE 2009 BS 650.140285 SAE 2009 BS 631.8 AKF 2009 BS 658.812 RAI 2009 BS 658.4012 KAI 2009 BS 323.042 RII 2009 BS 577.55072 SAI 2009 BS 621.3841 ZAI 2009 BS 610.285 SAI S.No Title Marketing strategy of Pakistan tobacco company after implementation of international marketing standards Relationship between stock market returns and CPI inflation Role of information technology in business transparency of hotel industry Author Year Call. No Zar, Raja Muhammad Sherjeel 2009 BS 332.042 SHM Waqas Saleem 2009 BS Nadine Mughal ; Sehar Hanif 2009 BS 647.94 NAR Role of total quality management in business excellence Farooqi, Ayesha Ikram ; Freha Sial 2009 BS 658 AYR Saba Akbar 2009 BS 338.9 SAS Maida Azhar; Sara Khalid 2009 BS 621.3815 MAA 23.
A comparative study on Islamic Vs . Conventional financing Ariful Islam 2008 BS 332.091767 ARC 24.
A few influencing factors of product performance and organizational performance Sabeel Anjum 2008 BS 658.5038 SAF 25.
Asterisk server for voice over IP 2008 BS 004.6 ADA 26.
Automation of medical store 2008 BS 658.31243 SAA 27.
Availability and accessibility of ICT in Kalhoro, Sabir rural areas of Pakistan Hussain 2008 28.
Comparative analysis of Ijrah Mahwish Anjum (Islamic lease) v/s conventional lease
2008 29.
Complete E‐commerce solutions on internet banking 2008 17.
Study of HR capacity building activities and comparison of participants satisfaction level in public and private educational institutes of Pakistan Acceptance and impacts of technology integration in organization Adnan Javaid; Sohaib Hassan Saara Shuja; Rehab Iftikhar Omar Sadat 50 BS 371.33495491 KAA BS 332.091767 MAC BS 332.10285 OMC S.No Title Author Year 30.
Customer satisfaction in banks Huda Hanif 2008 31.
Cutomer satisfaction of PIA & Emirates airlines Sidra Saeed 2008 32.
E‐shopping system Kamrul Islam 2008 33.
Examining the impact of electronic commerce on relationship marketing 34.
Growth of telecom sector in Pakistan (2000‐2008) 35.
Impact of advertising on consumer behavior : A study of cellular companies in Pakistan Haroon, Saad Hassan; Aamir Zulfiqar; Ali, Rehan Tahwar ; Muhammad Nadeem Khan kayani, Hashim Muhammad Ibrar; Muhamma
d Zaman Shumaila Faruq; Tahira Latif 36.
Impact of branding and price on consumer perception and buying behaviour Impact of media regarding consumer preferences towards Meena Mehwish imported and local brands of clothes 2008 BS 658.812 HAE 2008 BS 384.068 REG 2008 BS 658.82 KAI 2008 BS 658.827 SHI 2008 BS 650.0285467 MEI 38.
Impact of mobile phone on social environment Saima Akram ; Iram Liaquat 2008 BS 303.4833 SAI 39.
Impact of software piracy on software industry of Pakistan and buyer's behavior Abbasi, Shafaq Hibib; Nousheen Shaban Abbasi 2008 BS 384.3 ABI 40.
Impact of technology innovation on airline industry Maria Shabbir 2008 BS 387.7364 MAI
Mirza, Mehak Amna ; Mahvish Syed 2008 BS 658.31240285 MII Dar, Imran Bashir 2008 BS 658.4063 DAI 41.
Impacts of E‐learning on students of International Islamic Universwity Islamabad Innovation management: types, management practices and innovation performance in services industry of Pakistan 51 Call. No BS 332.10688 HUC BS 658.4012 SIC BS 380.1 KAE S.No 43.
Title Author Aslam, Mian Intangible benefits evaluation of ERP Farhan; Saad projects in Pakistan Muneeb Call. No 2008 BS 658.4012 ASI 44.
Islamic search website Umair Khaliq 2008 45.
Learning to lead: Leadership and organizational performance Qasim Hussain 2008 46.
Market orientation and nre‐product success in Pakistan Imran Umar, Muhammad 2008 47.
Marketing and promotional strategies of Ufone Sohail ; Abrar Munir Chughtai 2008 48.
Marketing and promotional strategies of Ufone Sohail ; Abrar Munir Chughtai 2008 49.
Mobile commerce and its transactions Asim Siddique 2008 50.
Mobile internet acceptance in Pakistan Irfan Haider 2008 51.
Motivation of employees through performance appraisal system Saiqa Bibi; Saba Maryam 2008 52.
Performance appraisal of Islamabad traffic police (ITP) 53.
Poverty alleviation through ICT 54.
Risk management and organizational performance Malik, Adeel Ahmed 55.
Role of ICT in improving performance of public sector of Pakistan 56.
Role of information technology in tourism sector of Pakistan Adiba Iram ; Maria Aslam Khan Nadeem Alam; Mohamma
d Maruf Hossain Syed, Serwat Habib; Neelofer Anbreen Syed Rahmat Shah; Safdar Khan 52 Year BS 005.276 UMI BS 658.4092 QAL BS 658.57595491 IMM BS 658 SOM BS 658.83 SOM BS 658.872 ASM BS 384.068 IRM BS 658.3125 SAM 2008 BS 363.2332 SYP 2008 BS 362.57 RAP 2008 BS 658.155 MAR 2008 BS 352.38 ADR 2008 BS 338.4791 NAR S.No 57.
Title Role of women in economic development of Pakistan through ICT Author Year Call. No Qismat Ullah 2008 BS 305.42095491 QIR Ashfaq Muhammad ; Sohail Muneer 2008 BS 368.5491 ASP 2008 BS 658.404 SAV 2008 BS 297.54 MUZ 2008 658.3125 WAS 2007 BS 658.8342 EHA 58.
The progress of takaful in Pakistan 59.
Virtual teams of 21st century: going beyond space, moments and organization with technology 60.
Zakah: as a source of sustainable income 61.
Significance of project management performance assessment model 62.
Affects of TV ads on consumer behavior 63.
Amsah girls hostel Nabia Abdullah 2007 BS 658.15224 NAA
Analysis of quality of service provided by cellular companies in Pakistan Asmara Shakil ; Sana Wasi 2007 BS 384 KHA 65.
ATM processing and scamming in banking sector Sumaira Anwar 2007 BS 332.17 SUA Chattah, Misbah Ashraf; Noreen Akhtar 2007 BS 650 CHB Qurat‐ul‐
ain; Aliya Shad 2007 BS 338.195491 QUC 68.
Umaira Content management in the banking Shifa; Sana Khalid sector of Pakistan Abbasi 2007 BS 651.5 UMC 69.
Developing knowledge skills and attitude for current or future jobs Samira Arshad 2007 BS 650.14 SAD 70.
Effect on open source software on business patterns in the software industries Aqeela Noreen 2007 BS 005.3650 AQE 66.
Business research project on BPO industry Analysis & proposed training module Consumer preference and objective assessment of food product in Pakistan Saqib Ilyas Muhammad Bilal; Musharaf Nawaz Warraich, Aamir Shahzad Ehasan Ul Haq, Raja; Usman Bakhsh 53 S.No Year Call. No 2007 BS 658.0546 MIE 2007 BS 658.311 ASE 2007 BS 658.3111 BIE 2007 BS 658.8343 QUF 2007 BS 658.4038 MUF 2007 BS 658.81 UJH Muhammad Usman 2007 BS 650.13 MUI 78.
Multimedia campaign of evolve studios Inc. Fehmina Nosheen 2007 BS 658.05 FEM 79.
People leave managers, not companies Salma Obaid; Sana Hameed 2007 BS 658.3 SAP 80.
Project management parctical implication issues of project management in public sector of Pakistan Yunus, Muhammad Shoaib 2007 BS 658.401 YUP 81.
Removal of billboards is commercial axe for corporate sector Madiha Rehman ; Qurat ul Ain Faiza 2007 BS 346.07 KHR 82.
Software quality management Amir Nawaz 2007 BS 005.1068 AMS 83.
The implementation of business process management in the banking sector Noreen Naeem; Saba Javed 2007 BS 658.4032 NOI 71.
Title Electronic data interchange & its impact on E‐commerce Evaluation of recruitment and retention policies of Abbott and pharmacia Evaluation of recruitmrnt and retention policies of Abbott and Pharmaciao 74.
Failure of event management companies in creating brand images 75.
Fauji foundation dispensary management system 76.
How KFC can maintain its competitive edge and how sales of KFC can increease? Interpersonal conflicts and its management in information system development Author Misbah Murtaza; Hafsah Zahur Aslam, Ahmad Bilal; Zeeshan Riaz Bilal Aslam, Ahmad Qureshi, Aisha Qayyum; Qureshi
, Mahwish Saleem Shahzad, muhammad Babar Ujala Masood; Madiha Shabbir 54 S.No Title Author Tariq, Muhammad Saad; Muhamma
d Omer Call. No 2007 BS 338.195491 TAT 84.
The role of bank loans (Agricultural loans) in the economy of Pakistan 85.
Total quality management implementation in telecom industry Sarah Aslam ; Shazia Khan 2007 86.
Traffic management system Yusra Ali 2007 Shandana Shah; Sehrish Abbasi Shumaila Manzoor; Sobia Sheraz BS 658.4013 SAT BS 658.7882 YUT 2007 BS 621.38 SHU 2007 BS 658.0553 SHW Asma Iftikhar ; Fatima Ali 2007 BS 378 IFW Brand tracking study on Haleeb Bakht, Sahebzada Ghulam Bedar; Bakht, Sahebzada Ghulam Bedar 2006 BS 658.8343 BAB 91.
Causes and measures of problem loans in banking industry Khan, Khizar Hayat 2006 BS 332.1753 KHC 92.
Comparative Market Survey of consumer behavior regarding cellular phone usage and fixed line 2006 BS 658.8342 HUC 93.
Comprehensive research on cable TV and cable internet 2006 BS 384.6 MUH 94.
Comprehensive research on E‐
government challenges & issues in Pakistan Huma Toqeer; Sara Altaf Khan Muhammad Salman Khan; Hafiz Zahid Mehmood Awan, Zeeshan ul Hassan; Usman Ghani Mughal 2006 BS 352.38 AWC 95.
Comprehensive research on organizational conflicts in Nestle Salman Zia ; Kashan Saleem 2006 BS 658.049 SAC
Utilization of ICT in Pakistan..... 88.
Web‐ERP solutions used in Pakistan 89.
What are the factors effecting the success of a university? 90.
55 Year S.No Title 96.
Computerization of Hyundai outlets (Hundai twincity motors) 97.
Conflict management in perspective of Quranic references 98.
Course management system IIUI 99.
Credit approval process adopted by commercial banks 100.
Author Year Muhammad Omar Khan 2006 Call. No BS 658.0285 MUC Muhammad Usman; Yasir Arfat Khan Javeria Safdar; Summiya Shaheen Sial, Junaid Amir; Ammad Zafar 2006 BS 650.13 MUC 2006 BS 658.05 JAC 2006 BS 332.7 SIC Customer relationship management in banking sector of Pakistan Hina Fatima 2006 101.
Electronic tax payment system system ( Vehicle tax ) Raza Ahmad 2006 102.
Enterpreneurship feasibilty report of Qaiser Javed a grocerystore 2006 103.
Evolution, progress and future of Geo Tv 2006 104.
Future of new cellular operators in telecom sector 105.
Future of PC games 106.
Human resource management system of pak datacom Ltd. Danish Altaf Junaid Jamil; Muhamma
d Rizwan Sana Asad; Kanwal Iqbal BS 332.10688 HIC BS 005.369 AHE BS 658 QAE
BS 302.234 DAE 2006 BS 621.38225491 JUF 2006 BS 794.805 SAF Sidra Naz 2006 BS 331.11 SIS 107.
Human resource practices of world bank in Pakistan Asim Rashid; Mubashir Farooq 2006 BS 658.3 ASH 108.
IdeeFixe's website & information management system Ikramullah; Imra
n Khattak 2006 BS 658.300285 IKI 109.
Impact of advertising revenues on PTV finance Muneeb Anwar ; Muhammad Nasir Shafique 2006 BS 659.144 MUI 56 S.No Title Author Baqir, Muhammad Nauman; Abid Masood Muhammad Usman ; Qaisar Riaz Irfan Wali; Atta ur Rehman Abbasi Samreen Altaf; Sana Rehman Alvi Bilal, Habib‐ur‐
Rehman ; Muhammad Abdullah Gilani, Abeer Un Nabi ; Muhammad Fahad Rehman Habib Ur Rahman; Mohsin Khan Sadaf Minhaj; Rabbiya Shabbir Year Call. No 2006 BS 629.25491 BAQ 2006 BS 670.423 MUI 2006 BS 658.4038 IRI 2006 BS 650.14 SAJ 2006 BS 658.83 BIM 2006 BS 658.01 GIM 2006 BS 332.5491 HAM 2006 BS 658.406 SAM 110.
Import of used cars and its impact on automobile industry of Pakistan 111.
Information system, as a tool of management success in selected Telecom organization 112.
IT implementation on baig enterprises & engineering 113.
Job recruitment system 114.
Marketing research on Rafhan custard 115.
Marketing, Managing and financial policies and analysis of three major ISP's of Pakistan 116.
Microfinance with special reference to Pakistan 117.
Mobilink‐A market leader and a trend setter 118.
Online Hotel Management System (Reservation and billing) Madeeha Iqbal; Madiha Hassan 2006 119.
Online project monitoring system of Faculty of Management Sciences Fahad 2006 120.
PAF online registration and information management system 121.
Pakistan telecommunication company limited routers data base mangment system Faisal Sultan ; Muhammad Usman Saeed Shahid, Muhammad Ali; Bilal Shaukat 57 BS 005.369 MAO BS 658.4038 FAO 2006 BS 004.6 FAP 2006 BS 658.4038 SHP S.No Title Author Year Call. No BS 338.475491 ABR 122.
Reasons/Factors for control in CEMENT sector Abdul Basit 2006 123.
Reservation of employees about their future in PTCL after privatization Summra Sanaullah 2006 BS 384.05491072 SUR 2006 BS 332.10685 HAS 2006 BS 332.63222 QAS Hassan, Syed Kamran ; Muhammad Asif Qasim, Muhammad Shoaib ; Habib Ur Rehman 124.
Security for E‐Banking services 125.
Stock investments and behavior of stock exchange 126.
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Mortgage finance industry Ayaz Khan Mohmand; Haro
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Online payment systems in underdeveloped world Hassan Shakeel; Muham
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Performance of Islamic banks in Pakistan 167.
Performance of PSO 168.
Performance of PTCL 169.
Pop massenger 170.
Profile in flash 171.
Real estate financing 172.
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3D first person shoot them up Amina Zehra 2004 BS 006.6 AMI
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Accounting information system of pak datacom limited 2004 BS 658.4038 RAA 182.
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Automation of GPO ordinary accounts Wah Cantt: 188.
Bilal hospital 189. an auction website 190.
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Effect of trims on FDI under WTO Saqib Nawaz; Muhamm
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Establishment of an ISP 202.
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Feasibility study on call centers 204.
Fund raising for non‐profit organizations 205.
GIS application for advertising 206.
Hospital management and information system 207.
HRM and payroll System of Pak‐
Electron Limited (PEL)) 208.
Implications of Sales Taxl on Business 209.
Influence of effective communication on quality of education 210.
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Title LAN, WAN and WLAN design and deployment at care, case and ss‐
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Pharmacy information system Al‐
Shifa Eye Trust Hospital Nadeem Yaseen; Muham
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Prospect of cellular companies in Pakistan 222.
Prospect of cellular companies in Pakistan 223.
Quality of ice cream industry in Pakistan 224.
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Title Scope of business to consumer e‐
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Mustansar, Ch. Muhammad Kashan; Muham
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Directory information system 248.
Discussion board (as a reuseable Net Hanyah Zahoor service) 249.
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