Evergreen Christian School – Olympia, WA Full Time Middle School

Evergreen Christian School – Olympia, WA
Full Time Middle School Math Teacher Description
BASIC FUNCTION: The Christian Teacher will assist students in learning skills and attributes, and attitudes
that will contribute to their development as mature, able and responsible Christian men and women to the
praise and glory of God. They will partner, when possible, in the spiritual formation of the student; as well as
being the spiritual leader of their classroom.
1. Believe that the Bible is God’s Word
2. To maintain a Christian role model in attitude, speech and actions towards others
3. To maintain a person of spiritual maturity with academic abilities and leadership qualities
4. Observes Matthew 18 principle in dealing with students, parents, faculty, staff and administration
5. Demonstrates true character qualities of enthusiasm, courtesy, integrity, gratitude, kindness, self-control and
6. Shows, by example, the importance of Scripture study, memorization and prayer
7. Ability to use and teach excellent English in written and oral communication
8. Develops and maintains excellent rapport with students, parents and staff to promote a positive learning
9. Ability to work independently with little supervision in a versatile constantly changing workflow and
classroom environment
10. Organizational and filing skills
11. Sensitive to the needs of others such as office staff members, teachers and students
12.Maintains regular and accurate attendance, grade reports to meet the demands for a comprehensive
knowledge of each student’s progress
13. Maintains a clean, attractive, well-ordered classroom and takes all necessary precautions to protect the
students, equipment, materials and facilities
14. Plans a program of study that meets the individual needs, interests and abilities of the students, challenging
each to do his/her best work
15. Prepares weekly lesson plans for the supervising grade level review
16. Employs a variety of teaching styles, instructional aides, methods and materials that will provide for
creative teaching to reach the whole child – spiritual, mental, physical, social and emotional.
17. Prepare substitute plans
18. Respect of confidentiality related to students, parents, staff, and constituency is required and will be
19. Other duties as assigned
Bachelor's Degree in Math Education or Washington Teaching Certificate or transferable certificate from
another state in Mathematics or Master's Degree in Education
Salary based on FT assignment, education and teaching experience