Crossword Puzzle - McCarter Theatre

Crossword Puzzle
About Theatre Terms and Lingo
Directions: How well do you know your
theater lingo? Using the
clues on the back, fill in the
puzzle and put your theater
knowledge to the test!
For terms that contain more than
one word, write the term without
spaces in the puzzle.
1. The union I.D. of a member of the Screen Actors Guild.
6. Stage movements and positions the director works out with the actors in rehearsal (e.g. enters through the house, crosses
stage left, opens the door).
7. The person who creates and organizes the scenic aspects in a production.
10. The "picture-frame" shaped opening in the wall separating the stage from the auditorium. 13. Prearranged word, sounds, actions or gestures that signal to an actor, crew member, or stage technician that it is time to
proceed to the next line or action. 16. An item carried on stage by an actor or found on the set. 17. A phrase associated with an actor's ability to sense when she or he is properly positioned in respect to stage lighting and fully
visible to the audience. 19. Low platform on wheels, casts, or a track on which a set, set pieces, and/or actors may be placed and then quickly moved into
position on stage. 20. The designer in charge of all forms of illumination who provides visibility of actors and set, creates mood, and often
establishes time of day in a given scene.
21. The person who arranges the “soundscape” of a production including aural effects, recorded music, and the placement of
microphones. 22. A long speech given by a single character. 23. A decorative frame that covers up a proscenium -- also referred to as a false proscenium. Down 1.  The person who provides practical and organizational support to a production's director, actor, designers, stage crew, and
technicians throughout the rehearsal, technical rehearsal, and performance process. 2.  Shorthand for the labor union that represents entertainment industry technicians, artisans, and craftspersons.
3. The minute physical behavior of the actor (e.g. fiddling with a tie or sipping a drink). 4. An actor assigned to perform in a role when the person originally cast has taken ill or cannot appear. 5. The script of the play kept by the stage manager that includes all of the blocking, business, and technical cues for the show. 8. An actor's or stage manager's union I.D.. 9. The professional union for actors and stage managers -- short for Actors Equity Association. 10. The person in charge of the business and financial side of a theatrical production. 11. The professional union for film and television principal and background performers worldwide -- stands for Screen Actors
Guild. 12. A stage wagon with a very low profile (very low to the ground). 14. The artistic leader responsible for coordinating and unifying the work of all contributing artists on a theatrical production. 15. The enclosed, windowed area at the back of the auditorium used for technical control purposes. This is from where the stage
manager calls or runs the show.
18. The person responsible for selecting or creating the outfits and accessories worn by the performers.