February 2016 - Evansville Bar Association

February 2016
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By: Steve Hoar
During my sophomore year in college in 1992, I spent a semester in Washington D.C. as a
congressional intern. I had a fascinating, front-row seat to the making of law. I was awed by
the Capitol and would sometimes steal away reflective moments in the Rotunda among the
relics of our nation. My time at the heart of democracy encouraged me along my path to the
My oldest children, twin daughters, just turned 11 years old, an age at which they are
becoming aware of the world around them and could begin learning about the issues of our
day. Unfortunately, much has changed in politics since 1992. Incivility dominates the
landscape. We are ANGRY!!! We want our leaders to tell it like it is. Respect and courtesy are undesirable
characteristics of the weak and politically correct. Our presidents, no matter of which party, are compared to
Hitler. Given this venomous environment, if one of the girls comes walking into the room while I’m watching a
presidential debate, I simply turn the TV off.
Threads of incivility are part of the fabric of American history. An extreme example is the 1856 caning of
Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner. Sumner spoke out against the Kansas-Nebraska Act and one of its authors,
South Carolina Senator Andrew Butler. Sumner went so far as to mock Butler’s speech impediment caused by a
recent stroke. Butler’s cousin, Congressman Preston Brooks, also from South Carolina, had observed Sumner’s
speech and thought it was an insult to his cousin and their state. Avenging this insult, Brooks confronted Sumner at
his desk on the Senate floor and repeatedly struck Sumner with a cane until Sumner was nearly dead.
Today, technology makes incivility more efficient and widespread. The anonymity of the internet frees the poster
from inhibition and social norms. Social media is used to attack our leaders, and sometimes each other, with
piercing cruelty. Our children live in the age of the cyberbully. The coarseness of our politics is reflected in, or
perhaps a reflection of, incivility in our society as a whole.
Lawyers have a special responsibility to resist society’s descent to incivility. We routinely deal with contentious
issues. Our clients may despise each other and expect us to be their junkyard dogs. The adversarial system is
designed to produce just results, but its participants, including the lawyers, can be battered in the process.
Incivility may be a trait popular culture assigns to successful lawyers, but wise lawyers know better:
 Incivility is ineffective. No deal is closed because one party tries to intimidate the other. No judge grants a
motion because a lawyer calls opposing counsel’s argument disingenuous. No jury is impressed by a lawyer treating
an adverse witness with derision.
 Incivility is unhealthy. It raises stress levels and releases stress hormones into the bloodstream. Blood
pressure rises. The immune system is weakened. Repeated activation of the stress response could eventually lead
to cardiovascular disease and other illness.
Incivility erodes the rule of law. Public confidence in the justice system is diminished when lawyers bad-mouth each
other or judges. Costs soar as lawyers battle over issues having little to do with resolution of the dispute, making
justice more inaccessible.
Thankfully, we Evansville lawyers are privileged to practice law in a local bar renowned for its civility. We are a
close-knit group that understands zealous advocacy does not require tearing down each other. We even have our
own Code of Professional Courtesy, The EBA remains committed to fostering an environment that promotes
I am proud to be an Evansville lawyer. And while our nation’s politics may not inspire me the way they did in 1992, I
am now inspired by my fellow members of the bar and our ability to work together in service to the rule of law.
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News From the EBA Board of Directors
The Board unanimously approved
continuing the policy of offering free
CLE to staff attorneys at Legal Aid, the
Volunteer Lawyer Program and Indiana
Legal Services during the 2016 calendar
The Board adopted a policy stating that
effective with 2017 dues, dues payments
received after February 15 will incur a
10% late fee.
The Board confirmed the policy that the
EBA will not give attendee lists or
attendee contact information to
sponsors /underwriters of EBA events.
The Board reviewed the 2015 financials
noting that the EBA ended the 2015
fiscal year with approximately $6000 net
Are you a newer attorney that could use a mentor?
Are you a seasoned attorney that wishes you knew more of the
newer members of our Bar?
Are you an attorney that loves to tell or hear the great stories of the
many amazing attorneys that have made up our great Bar?
Maybe you want a networking opportunity or maybe you just like
hanging out with other Lawyers?
Sign up to join the lawyers lunch club!
The Membership Taskforce will place members in
fun groups of 6, making sure each group contains
a great mix of experience, practice area etc. Just
e-mail [email protected] or call 463.3201 to join
the club!
EBA - VLP Awards Luncheon
Wednesday, March 16
Tropicana Evansville - Conference Center
Don’t miss this annual awards and support staff appreciation event. Please bring your legal support staff to
enjoy this wonderful event.
Register on-line at www.evvbar.org or e-mail [email protected] or call 812-463-3201. Cost is $15 per person.
Provided by: Neil Chapman
Zola Suite Practice Management: Is it the One?
If you haven’t found the right fit with other cloudbased solutions like Clio, Rocket Matter or My Case,
you might consider Zola Suite.
Zola Suite promises best-in-class features such as
Built-In Email, Built-In Accounting, and Intuitive,
Fast and Fun Interface. The theme for Zola is the
power of ONE: One instance of data entry for error
reduction, one interface screen, one monthly fee.
Speaking of, Zola prices from $49.00/month for a
solo, to $99.00/month for one attorney and 2 staff
members. Test drive at ZolaSuite.com.
Congratulations on your Retirement
Magistrate Judge Hussmann!
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Bar Updates: Welcome to new attorney members
Marjorie L. Daily, Erin E. Schmitt and Ian Blair.
Please make the following changes and additions to
your address book:
Congratulations to Joe Langerak who was elected Member of
Jackson Kelly.
Congratulations to Krista Weiberg and her husband on the
birth of their daughter, Isabelle.
Committee/Section Meetings
Family Law Section Meeting, Noon - EBA Office
Access to Justice Committee Meeting, Noon - EBA
Diversity Committee Meeting, 8:00AM - EBA Office
Women Attorneys Section Meeting, 5:00PM Evansville Country Club
Membership Taskforce Meeting, 8:00AM - EBA Office
Young Lawyer Section Meeting, Noon - Turoni’s
Main St.
Paralegal Section Meeting, Noon - Willard Library
Real Property Section Meeting, Noon - EBA Office
CLE Committee Meeting, 11:45AM - ONB Deli
EBA Executive Committee Meeting, 8:15AM - EBA
Marjorie L. Daily
Olsen & White, LLP
123 Locust St.
Evansville, IN 47708
(812) 423-3143
[email protected]
Krystal Lechner
Mead Johnson Nutrition
2400 W Lloyd Expy
Evansville, IN 47712
(812) 429-5154
[email protected]
Christopher L. Lucas
Jackson Kelly, PLLC
221 NW Fifth Street
Evansville, IN 47708
(812) 421-7454
[email protected]
Erin E. Schmitt
Vanderburgh County
Prosecutor’s Office
1N.W. MLKJr Blvd. Rm 108
Evansville, IN 47708
(812) 435-7076
[email protected]
William Krowl
Yocum Law Office
1041 N. Royal Avenue, Suite B
Evansville, IN 47715
(812) 421-1865
Aaron Trump
Ziemer, Stayman, Weitzel &
20 N.W. First Street
P.O. Box 916
Evansville, IN 47706-0916
(812) 424-7575
[email protected]
Kightlinger & Gray, LLP, a full-service regional law firm,
seeks a motivated and high-performing associate attorney for
its Evansville office. Three to five years’ experience in
insurance defense and business litigation. Candidates should
possess superior academic credentials (top one-third of class)
as well as strong verbal and written communication skills.
Candidates should also be well-organized and professional,
capable of meeting deadlines and juggling multiple complex
projects. Please forward resume, writing samples, salary
requirements and law school transcript to:
[email protected] or fax (317) 968-8107.
Blackburn & Green is seeking an Associate Attorney with
3 to 5 years to join its Evansville office. The successful
applicant will have strong academic record; desire to interact
with clients on a daily basis; excellent communication skills;
strong organizational and multi-tasking skills; and the ability to
establish priorities, meet deadlines and provide close
attention to detail. Interested applicants should email a
resume, professional references, and law school transcript to:
[email protected]
Berry Plastics is looking for an IP Attorney with a minimum
of 2 years IP experience. For a complete description of
responsibilities and qualifications, visit the EBA website under
employment opportunities.
Warrick County Circuit Court Reporter Please check
the EBA website under employment opportunities for a full
description of the position. Anyone interested should submit
their resumes by February 8, 2016 to:
Warrick Circuit Court,
One County Square, Suite 360
Boonville, IN 47601
or: [email protected]
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Katie Worman, President
In January of each year, the EBF Treasurer calculates the funds
available for that year’s grant cycle. The amount of available funds is
determined by using 4.5% of the average market value of the EBF
endowment at the end of the eight previous quarters, plus 2/3 of all
contributions made during the calendar year less expenses.
One way that the available grant funds for any given cycle can be
increased is by regular contributions from donors. As you can see
from the calculation, 2/3 of all contributions made during a calendar
year are added to the available funds. We received $9272 in
donations in 2015, and $6181 of those new donations will be added
to the funds available for the 2016 grants cycle.
In the coming weeks, you will receive a letter asking you to consider
making a donation to the EBF. When you read this letter, please
remember that 2/3 of the donation that you make this year will be
added to the funds available for grants in 2017 and consider giving to
the EBF this year.
Women Attorneys Section
February 10 - 5:00 PM
Evansville Country Club
Special Thanks to:
For underwriting the event
Register via e-mail [email protected] or call 812.463.3201.
Indiana Bar Foundation Event in Evansville
February 29
5:00PM - EBA Office
From the Indiana Bar Foundation:
Evansville Mixer, We the People Demonstration on
February 29
The Unit 6 team from Evansville North High School will give a
20-minute demonstration of their testimony and respond to
judges questions on February 29. Join Christopher Ripley,
Fellow, and the Indiana Bar Foundation to listen to these
students, and learn how the Foundation is expanding We the
People’s reach in Indiana. The program is from 5:00 p.m. – 6:00
p.m. at the Evansville Bar Association’s (EBA) offices. Please
RSVP to Kayla DeVoy at 317-608-6502 or by email. This event
is open to all attorneys, judges or interested persons in the
Greater Evansville community who would like to learn more
about the Foundation’s mission and We the People. Invite a
friend but RSVP!
Opening Jan. 25 in Suite 505 of
the Curtis Building
• Private free-standing 500+ sq. ft.
corner office conference room
available for weekly, daily, and half
day rental. Perfect for jury trials,
bench trials, client meetings,
depositions, pre-trial/settlement
conferences, witness preparation and
board meetings.
• Conference Center overlooks and is a one minute walk to the
Vanderburgh County Courthouse and the Vanderburgh County Civic
Center. Two minute walk to the Federal Courthouse.
• Conference Center will include private keyed entrance, 10 person
conference table, secure high speed wireless and wired internet, 50”
UHDTV with Bluetooth sound system, wireless copier/scanner,
complimentary beverages, tablet/cell phone charging stations, work desk,
additional seating and secure document shredding.
• Curtis Building amenities include ample free parking, same floor
restrooms, cleaning service and breakfast/lunch catering to Conference
Center from the on premise antique Caboose diner.
• For reservations or additional information, please contact:
Massey Law Offices, LLC
(812) 491-9333
915 Main St., Suite 502, Evansville, IN 47708
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New Issues in Family Law Resulting From
the Affordable Care Act
Tuesday, March 1
Noon - EBA Office
Family Law Section Presents
EBA Women Attorneys Section
Annual Speaker Series
May 5, 2016
Tropicana Conference Center
Speaker: Katherine Rybak
Negotiation Skills Workshop and Lunch
with international speaker, Carol Frohlinger
Cost is $25 for Family Law Section Members, $30 for EBA
Members, $50 for Non-members. There will be an
additional $5 charge for walk-ins.
Business and Commercial Law Section Presents
Southwestern Indiana Bankruptcy Conference
Robert P. Musgrave, Chapter 13 Trustee
Seminar Chair
4 CLE*
March 9, 2016
Old National Bank
8:30AM - 11:45AM (No CLE for this Session)
Creditor Session
Noon - 1:00PM (joint session creditors and attorneys)
Key Note Speaker: Kevin P. Dempsey, Clerk for the
Bankruptcy Court of the Southern District of IN.
1:00PM - 4:30PM Attorney Session
Case Law Update - Andy Ozete
Assets on the Edge - Stacy Wissel
Adversary Proceedings 101 - Kevin Kinkade
Attorney Fees in Bankruptcy - Robert Musgrave
FDCP Issue in Consumer Bankruptcy - Michael DiRienzo
Leases in Bankruptcy - Robert Musgrave
Judicial Estoppel & Assets - William Harbison
*Must Attend both Lunch and Attorney Session to receive
entire 4 hours of Credit.
Cost for the Key Note Speaker and Attorney Session is $100 for
Business and Commercial Law Section Members, $120 for EBA
Members, $200 for Non-Members. This includes lunch. Cost for
Creditor Session is additional $25.
Lunch will be held on 8th floor.
Morning and Afternoon Sessions will be held on 4th floor.
Register on-line at www.evvbar.org , e-mail [email protected]
or call 463-3201.
President of Negotiating Women Inc. and Co-author of
Her Place at the Table and Nice Girls Just Don’t Get It,
Carol Frohlinger is an internationally known speaker on
the ways women can negotiate with authenticity to
achieve their maximum personal and professional
More information coming soon!
“A Night Down South”
Friday - April 29
Old Vanderburgh Courthouse
Watch Your Mailbox for More
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Mock Trial Student Lunch Planning Meeting, 8:30AM - EBA Office
Family Law Section Meeting, Noon - EBA Office
Access to Justice Committee Meeting, Noon - EBA Office
Talk to a Lawyer, 4:30 PM - EBA Office
Diversity Committee Meeting, 8:00AM - EBA Office
Women Attorneys Section Night of Chocolate, 5:00PM - Evansville Country Club
Morning Mixer, 7:30ish to 8:30ish - Donut Bank Hwy 41 & Lincoln
EBA Board of Directors Meeting, 11:30AM - EBA Office
Membership Taskforce Meeting, 8:00AM - EBA Office
Paralegal Section Meeting, Noon - Willard Library
Young Lawyer Section Lunch, Noon - Turoni’s on Main Street
Real Property Section Meeting, Noon - EBA Office
EBF Board of Directors Meeting , Noon - EBF Office
CLE Committee Meeting, 11:45AM - ONB Deli
EBA Executive Committee Meeting, 8:15AM - EBA Office
Indiana Bar Foundation “We the People” Mixer, 5:00PM - EBA Office
For reservations, pricing, or to verify credits or content for the ICLEF video replays, please contact ICLEF at
(317) 637-9102 or visit www.iclef.org.
02/08, 09
Workers Compensation Institute
Year in Review 2015