UW Medicine 2012 Compliance & Ethics Quiz

UW Medicine
2012 Compliance & Ethics Quiz
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PLEASE NOTE: Employees hired in 2011 or before, must complete this training. Employees who
attended the New Employee Orientation in 2012 do not need to take this training.
DIRECTIONS: Print this quiz. Circle or fill in the correct answer or answers below.
Overview of State
Ethics Law
1. True or False. The Ethics in Public Service Act applies to me if I am
employed by the University of Washington.
2. True or False. If I believe I may have a potential conflict of interest with
respect to my position, I must disclose to my supervisor.
3. True or False. If there is a reasonable expectation that my actions may be
influenced by a gift, I cannot accept it.
4. True or False. The standards of conduct for the Medical Centers can be
found in the Integrity at Work brochure.
5. True or False. Each of us is responsible for supporting UW Medicine's
compliance efforts.
Health Care
Fraud & Abuse
6. True or False. Billing for a service that is different than what was
performed is a potential fraud and abuse violation.
HIPAA – Privacy
and Security
7. True or False. UW policies prohibit retaliation against those raising a
concern/question in good faith.
8. True or False. Examples of patient information include name, address,
diagnosis, social security number, and medical record number.
9. What department handles patient requests for access to or copies of their
medical records?
a) Information Desk
b) Volunteer Services
c) Health Information Management
d) IT Services
10. True or False. Acceptable methods of disposing of any document
containing confidential patient information include placing it in a locked
recycling bin or shredding.
UW Medicine Compliance and Ethics Quiz – 2012
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UW Medicine
2012 Compliance & Ethics Quiz
11. Your job requires you to become involved with a patient’s care. It is OK to
give your co-worker information about that patient ONLY when:
a. The patient is a good friend of your co-worker
b. Your co-worker needs the information for a job-related reason
c. The patient is a celebrity & your co-worker promises not to tell anyone
d. The patient is a friend of your co-worker, and your co-worker is curious
about how their friend is doing.
12. True or False. I must account for disclosures that are not for treatment,
payment, health care operations, or authorized by the patient.
13. What are considered valid identification documentation when checking into
a clinical area for services?
a) Safeway Club Card
b) Driver’s License
c) Library Card
d) All of the above
14. What control is appropriate for safeguarding unsecured patient information
taken off-site?
a. Locked vehicle
b. Leave it on the bus
c. Kept on person at all times or stored in a suitable locked receptacle
15. If I have a compliance question or suspect there is a problem, all of the
following actions are correct EXCEPT:
a. Tell my supervisor
b. Call the UW Medicine Compliance Office at 206.543.3098
c. Do nothing
d. Call the UW Medicine Compliance Hotline at 206.616.5248
Please provide the completed quiz to your manager/supervisor, as evidence of completion.
Your paper quiz will be manually entered in the LMS and show up in the completion reports after the
quiz results have been submitted by your manager/supervisor to [email protected]
To satisfy the 2012 UWMC Annual Education requirements you must score 80% or better on all of the
following quizzes:
Compliance & Ethics and Ethics
Cultural Diversity
Infection Prevention and Control
Organization Specific Topics
Patient Safety
Workplace Safety
UW Medicine Compliance and Ethics Quiz – 2012
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