BE MORE. Distance Learning Programs Guide

Fall 2014
Educating students at a distance has
been part of LSU’s mission for 90 years.
Accounting (ACCT)
ACCT 2001 Introductory Financial Accounting, $559, 3, r o
ACCT 2101 Introductory Managerial Accounting, $559, 3, r w p
ACCT 3001 Intermediate Accounting—Part I, $559, 3, r o
ACCT 3021 Intermediate Accounting—Part II, $559, 3, r o
ACCT 3121 Cost Analysis & Control, $559, 3, r w p
ACCT 3122 Accounting Information Systems, $559, 3, d r o
ACCT 3221 Income Tax Accounting I, $559, 3, r o
ACCT 3222 Auditing, $559, 3, r o
ACCT 4022 Advanced Accounting, $559, 3, r w p
ACCT 4235 Fraud Auditing & Forensic Acc’ting, $559, 3, r w p
ACCT 4421 Govt & Not-for-Profit Accounting, $559, 3, r o
Whether you want to earn college credit
to apply toward a degree, to enhance
your professional credentials, or to expand
your horizons, LSU Distance Learning
(DL) offers the courses and flexibility you
need to reach your goal. Independent
learning courses give you the flexibility
to achieve your educational goals while
Anthropology (ANTH)
G ANTH 1001 Intro to Physical Anth & Prehistory, $559, 3, w p
GGgANTH 1003 Intro to Cultural & Social Anth, $559, 3, w p
Biological Sciences (BIOL)
GGgBIOL 1001 General Biology, $559, 3,
GGgBIOL 1002 General Biology, $559, 3, r w p
BIOL 2160
Human Physiology, $559, 3, r p
Classical Studies (CLST)
CLST 2090 Greek & Roman Mythology, $559, 3, w p
Communication Studies (CMST)
you maintain other important work, home,
GGgCMST 2010 Interpersonal Communication, $559, 3, w p
and community commitments. With LSU
GGgCMST 2063 Argumentation & Debate, $559, 3, a p
DL, you choose when to enroll, where and
when to study, and your learning pace.
Curriculum & Instruction (EDCI)
EDCI 3000 Children’s Literature, $559, 3, w p
Economics (ECON)
This listing includes both Independent
GGgECON 2000Principles of Microeconomics, $559, 3, o
& Distance Learning (IDL) and Online
GGgECON 2010 Principles of Macroeconomics, $559, 3, r o
Distance Learning (ODL) courses. The
ECON 2035 Money, Banking, & Macroeconomics, $559, 3, r o
two distance programs differ in several
respects, but both types of courses offer
convenient, high-quality courses that
support learners anywhere and anytime.
Please consult the LSU DL website for
course descriptions, course details, and
information about policies and procedures
for the courses that interest you.
GgECON 2030 Economic Principles , $559, 3, w p
* See “Curriculum & Instruction”
English (ENGL)*
* Enrollment in 1000-level English courses requires completion of a
placement exam for students who do not have minimum college
entrance exam scores. Refer to the information on the website.
The satisfactory completion of ENGL 1001 or equivalent credit is
required for all English courses numbered 2000 and higher.
GGgENGL 1001 English Composition, $559, 3, r o
GGgENGL 2000 English Composition, $559, 3, r o
ENGL 2001 Advanced English Composition, $559, 3, r w p
ENGL 2002 Business Writing, $559, 3, r c p
ENGL 2012 Practical Grammar & Usage, $559, 3, r o
GgENGL 2025 Fiction, $559, 3 r w p
GGgENGL 2027 Poetry, $569, 3, r a w p
GGgENGL 2029 Drama, $559, 3, r o
GgENGL 2123 Studies in Lit Traditions & Themes, $559, 3, r o
ENGL 2710 Descriptive Grammar of English, $559, 3, r p
ENGL 3002 Technical Writing, $559, 3, r o
ENGL 3020 British Literature I, $559, 3, r w p
ENGL 3022 British Literature II, $559, 3, r w p
ENGL 3070 American Literature I, $559, 3, r o
ENGL 3072 American Literature II, $559, 3, r o
ENGL 3223 Adolescent Literature, $559, 3, r w p
ENGL 3593 Survey of Women & Literature, $559, 3, r ,w p
Entomolgy (ENTM)
ENTM 4199 Insects and Society, $559, 3, d r o
Environmental Studies (ENVS)
ENVS 1000 Environment & Tech: Env. Probs, $559, 3, w p
Geography (GEOG)
GGgGEOG 1001 Human Geog: Americas & Europe, $559, 3, p
Kinesiology (KIN)
GGgKIN 1600 Personal & Community Health Probs, $559, 3, o
KIN 2600
KIN 4602
* Native German speakers will not receive credit for German
language courses.
GGgGERM 1101 Elementary German, $747, 4, o
GGgGERM 1102 Elementary German, $747, 4, r o
GGgGERM 2101 Intermediate German, $559, 3, d r o
GgGERM 2102 Intermediate German, $559, 3, r p
GGgGERM 2155 Readings in German Literature, $559, 3, r p
Greek & Roman Mythology
See CLST 2090, Greek & Roman Mythology.
History (HIST)
GgHIST 1001
GGgHIST 1003
GGgHIST 2055
GGgHIST 2057
HIST 3071
HIST 4051
HIST 4052
HIST 4130
HIST 4140
Western Civilization to 1500, $559, 3, o
Western Civilization Since 1500, $559, 3, o
The United States to 1865, $559, 3, w p
The United States: 1865-Present, $559, 3, w p
Louisiana History, $559, 3, w p
Colonial America: 1607-1763, $559, 3, w p
American Revolution, 1763-1789, $559, 3, w p
World War II, $559, 3, a w p
GGgLATN 1001 Elementary Latin, $747, 4, w p
GGgLATN 2051 Intermediate Latin, $747, 4, r w p
Library & Information Science (LIS)
LIS 1001
Library Research Meths & Material, $200, 1, d o
Management (MGT)
MGT 3200
Principles of Management $559, 3, w p
Marketing (MKT)
MKT 3401
MKT 3410
MKT 3411
MKT 3413
MKT 3421
MKT 3431
MKT 4443
Principles of Marketing $559, 3, d r o
Sports Marketing $559, 3, d o
Consumer Analysis & Behavior, $559, 3, r w p
Marketing Research, $559, 3, r w p
Mktg Communication: Promotion, $559, 3, r p
Retailing Management, $559, 3, r w p
International Marketing, $559, 3, r p
Mathematics (MATH)*
* Enrollment in 1000-level math courses requires completion of a
placement exam for students who do not have minimum college
entrance exam scores. Refer to the information on the website.
MATH 1009Math for Elementary Teachers I, $559, 3, r p
MATH 1010 Math for Elementary Teachers II, $559, 3, r p
MATH 1015 Basic Mathematics & Applications, $559, 3, r p
GGgMATH 1021 College Algebra, $559, 3, r p
GGgMATH 1022 Plane Trigonometry, $559, 3, r p
MATH 1025 Mathematics of Commerce, $559, 3, r p
GGgMATH 1029 Intro to Contemporary Math, $559, 3, r p
GgMATH 1100 The Nature of Mathematics, $559, 3, d r p
GGgMATH 1431 Calculus w/ Bus & Econ Applications, $559, 3, r p
MATH 1435 Mathematics for Business Analysis, $559, 3, r p
GGgMATH 1550 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I, $926, 5, r p
GgMATH 1552 Analytic Geometry & Calculus II, $747, 4, r p
MATH 2057 Multidimensional Calculus, $559, 3, r p
MATH 2085Linear Algebra, $559, 3, r p
MATH 2090Differential Equations & Linear Alg, $747, 4, r p
MATH 3355 Probability, $559, 3, r p
Music (MUS)
GGgMUS 1751 Music Appreciation, $559, 3, d o
The Vietnam War, $559, 3, o
Information Systems & Decision Sciences (ISDS)
ISDS 1102 Intro to Management Info Systems, $559, 3, o
ISDS 3115 Intro to Operations Management, $559, 3, r o
Louisiana State University
1225 Pleasant Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Latin (LATN)
GGgGEOG 1003 Human Geog: Africa & Asia, $559, 3, p
German (GERM)*
Human Sexuality, $559, 3, w p
Community Safety Education, $559, 3,
Political Science (POLI)
GGgPOLI 2051 American Government, $559, 3, w p
GgPOLI 2053
Intro to Comparative Politics, $559, 3, c
Phone: 800-234-5046 or 225-578-2500
Fax: 225-578-3090
E-mail: [email protected]
GGgPOLI 2057 Intro to International Politics, $559, 3, w p
GGgSPAN 2101 Intermediate Spanish, $559, 3, d r o
GGgPOLI 2060 Intro to Political Theory, $559, 3, p
GGgSPAN 2102 Intermediate Spanish, $559, 3, r p
POLI 2070 Public Policy Making: An Intro, $559, 3, w p
GgSPAN 2155 Spanish Textual Commentary, $569, 3, r a p
Psychology (PSYC)
GGgPSYC 2000 Intro to Psychology, $559, 3, o
PSYC 2040 Social Psychology, $559, 3, r o
PSYC 2060 Educational Psychology, $559, 3, o
PSYC 2070 Devel Psych of the Life Span, $559, 3, r o
PSYC 2076 Child Psychology, $559, 3, r o
PSYC 2078 Adolescent Psychology, $559, 3, r o
PSYC 3081 Personality, $559, 3, r o
PSYC 3082 Intro to Abnormal Psychology, $559, 3, r o
PSYC 3083 Psychological Counseling, $559, 3, r o
Sociology (SOCL)
Theatre (THTR)
GGgTHTR 1020 Intro to Theatre, $559, 3, w p
GGgTHTR 1800 Intro to Dance, $559, 3, d o
Women’s & Gender Studies*
* See ENGL 3593, Survey of Women & Literature, and SOCL 4521,
Sociology of Gender.
Prep. for Col­lege English—Grammar, $224, p
Prep. for College English—Writing, $224, p
GGgSOCL 2001 Introductory Sociology, $559, 3, d o
SOCL 2501 Current Social Problems, $559, 3, p
SOCL 2505 Marriage & Family, $559, 3, w p
SOCL 4461 Criminology, $559, 3, d r o
SOCL 4521 Sociology of Gender, $559, 3, r w p
Spanish (SPAN)*
* Native Spanish speakers will not receive credit for Spanish
language courses.
GGgSPAN 1101 Elementary Spanish, $747, 4, o
GgSPAN 1102 Elementary Spanish, $747, 4, r o
A Study of Decimal Fractions, $89, p
A Study of Basic Algebra, $89, p
A Study of Selected Geometry Topics, $89, p
A Study of Intermediate Algebra, $89, d p
Prep. for College Mathematics I, $622, r p
Prep. for College Mathematics II, $622, r p
Social Work
Basic Human Biology for Social Work, $300, w p
Course Features Key
g General Education Course: Courses satisfy LSU General Education
d Course Under Development: Refer to the LSU DLP website for
r Prerequisite: This course has a prerequisite that must be completed before you can enroll. For more details, refer to the
course description on the LSU DLP website.
a Audio-Visual Components: Access to an audio player or a video
player is required. If A-V materials are required, the A-V
materials fee has been added to the course cost unless
included with textbook. For more details, refer to the course
description on the LSU DLP website.
c Computer Access: Access to a computer is required. Some courses that require a computer may also require Internet access.
Course Formats Key
o Online Distance Learning Course: Course is available exclusively
online. Access to a computer and the Internet is required.
Course details and fees are available online.
w Web-enabled Course: Course materials are available online and
course work is submitted via the Internet. You must have
access to a computer and to the Internet. Depending on the
instructor’s grading methods, graded work may be returned
by mail or electronically.
p Print-based Course: The course is available as a printed course
guide. Course work is submitted and returned by mail.
Certificate in Accounting
Whether it’s the next step in your plan to earn a CPA or simply
a way to demonstrate your knowledge of accounting to your
employer, the Certificate in Accounting will open the door to new
opportunities. Since you can enroll at any time, you can begin
ACCT 3121: Cost Analysis and Control
ACCT 3221: Income Tax Accounting I
ACCT 3222: Auditing
Certificate of Liberal Studies
Well-rounded students are more productive in the workplace and
in society. This curriculum focuses on providing students with
selected courses that adhere to this philosophy. For students with
little or no college experience, this program provides an excellent
beginning. All courses in this curriculum should easily transfer to
any accredited university.
ENGL 1001: English Composition
POLI 2051: American Government
CMST 2010: Interpersonal Communication
Plus two of the following electives:
ACCT 4022: Advanced Accounting
ACCT 4235: Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting
ACCT 4421: Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting
“Excellent course! I
enjoyed the flexibility
of DL courses but
still learned as much
as if I was physically
attending class!”
— GEOG 1001 student
Plus one course in World or American History:
HIST 1001, HIST 1003, HIST 2055, or HIST 2057
Plus one of the following electives:
ENGL 2029: Drama
MUS 1751: Music Appreciation
THTR 1020: Introduction to Theatre
THTR 1800: Introduction to Dance
Certificate of Business Communication
Communication is a key to success in the business field. Whether
you work or plan to work in management, marketing, or customer
service, you need essential communication skills to ensure
success. This carefully selected curriculum provides students the
opportunity to gain advanced knowledge and practice to succeed
in the business environment.
ENGL 1001: English Composition
ENGL 2000: English Composition
ENGL 2002: Business Writing
CMST 2010: Interpersonal Communication
Plus one of the following electives:
MGT 3200: Principles of Management
ENGL 3002: Technical Writing
MKT 3421: Marketing Communication: Promotion
Certificate of Human Services
For those working in government, medical, non-profit, and other
related fields, a foundation in human services is essential. This
curriculum emphasizes the basic concepts needed for success in
this arena. The program is for those currently employed in human
services or for those who plan to enter the field.
PSYC 2000: Introduction to Psychology
SOCL 2001: Introduction to Sociology
SOCL 2501: Current Social Problems
KIN 1600: Personal and Community Health Problems
Plus one of the following electives:
Louisiana State University
1225 Pleasant Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
PSYC 2076: Child Psychology
PSYC 2078: Adolescent Psychology
SOCL 2505: Marriage and Family
SOCL 4461: Criminology
Phone: 800-234-5046 or 225-578-2500
Fax: 225-578-3090
E-mail: [email protected]
Louisiana State University
1225 Pleasant Hall • Baton Rouge, LA 70803
LSU Distance Learning courses can help you achieve your educational
goals on your schedule. Refer to the website for complete policies and
LSU Continuing Education offers independent-learning courses through
two programs. Online Distance Learning (ODL) courses are fully online
courses delivered in Moodle. All interaction in the course—assignments,
quizzes, exams, instructor communication, discussion forums—is done
online. Independent & Distance Learning (IDL) courses are offered in
print-based and web-enabled formats. Print-based courses follow a
printed course guide and require assignment submission by mail. Webenabled courses provide an electronic course guide and assignment
submission electronically through our website. Both print-based and
web-enabled courses require paper exams administered by an approved
proctor in your area. Distance learning courses provide convenience and
flexibility; however, they are not a shortcut to earning credit or a form of
credit by exam. The ODL and IDL programs have different policies and
procedures; review the policies on our website.
· Begin a course on your schedule: enroll any day, any time
· Plan your education around your life—no class meetings or
registration hassles
· Work at your own pace: depending on your course, you will have
either six months or nine months to complete your course (most
courses require a minimum of nine weeks to complete)
· Take the course you need: choose from more than 115 course titles
· Receive college credit courses from an accredited university
· Benefit from our experience: LSU is a recognized leader in distance
· Take advantage of LSU’s excellent educational value
No. Admission to LSU (or other college or university) is not required.
For ODL courses, you may enroll online through the ODL website. For
IDL courses, you may enroll online or download the application form
from the IDL website and mail or fax it to us.
You can enroll at any time during the year. Many students complete their
coursework and exams in less time than a typical semester.
We offer more than 115 college-credit courses. We also offer a number of
non-credit courses. Information in this guide is correct as of the date of
printing; for the most up-to-date information, please consult our website.
LSU undergraduate course fees through the Distance Learning
Programs are $153 per credit hour, plus required fees. Fees for noncredit courses are specified in the course listing. In addition, there is
a $10 non-refundable application fee for each course. You will also
need to purchase textbooks. Some of our courses require additional
materials. ODL courses require an exam proctoring fee paid directly to
the required proctoring service; the current charge is $31.25 per exam
session. To learn more about specific course requirements, please refer
to the course descriptions on the LSU Distance Learning website.
Apply credit toward a degree at LSU
Transfer credit to another university
Use credit to meet licensing or certification requirements
Learn new skills for your current employment
Prepare for a new position or profession
Prepare for college or graduate school
Many students, both at LSU and other colleges and universities, use
distance learning courses to meet English composition, analytical
reasoning, arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences
requirements and prerequisites. LSU general education courses are
marked with a star ( ) in this guide. Check with your advisor to
see whether credit from LSU can be applied toward your degree
For ODL, you will take exams online through a service called ProctorU.
For IDL courses, if you live in the Baton Rouge area, you will take exams
at our office on the LSU campus. If you live elsewhere, you may take
your exams in your local area, with an approved proctor.
Yes. Louisiana State University and A&M College is accredited by
the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on
Colleges to award baccalaureate, master’s, and doctorate degrees.
Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur,
Georgia 30033-4097, or call 404-679-4500, for questions about the
accreditation of Louisiana State University and A&M College.
LSU Continuing Education is a member of the University Professional
& Continuing Education Association, the Association for Distance
Education & Independent Learning, SLOAN-C, and the Electronic
Campus of the Southern Regional Education Board.
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