Job Placement and Cooperative Education Registration and

Wake Technical Community College
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Job Placement and Cooperative Education Registration and Application
Please complete this form in its entirety and return it to Wake Tech Job Placement and Cooperative Education.
The information you enter below may be given to potential employers. Please take the time to complete the form
carefully and accurately. Please Print
Name: __________________________________
Student ID Number: _______________________
Primary Curriculum: _______________________________ Date Completed or Estimated(mm/yyyy)
Semester Hours Completed (if applicant has not graduated or is not an alumni): ______ Overall GPA: __________
Program GPA: _____
Secondary Curriculum: ______________________________________________________
Previously earned diplomas, degrees or certificates: __________________________________________________
Institution where earned: _______________________________ Date: ___________________________________
Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________________
Telephone: (____) ___ - _________ Wake Tech Email Address: [email protected]
Alternate Email Address (alumni only): _____________________________________________________________
Type of opportunity you seek (check one):
Graduating student seeking full-time employment
Alumni within five years of graduation seeking full-time employment
Alumni beyond five years of graduation seeking full-time employment
Currently enrolled curriculum student seeking cooperative education (for credit)
Currently enrolled curriculum student seeking a paid internship (non-credit)
(If you will consider an unpaid internship or Co-op please check here)
If applying for Co-op, please indicate the semester/ year for which you are applying: ________________________
Authorization, Release and Agreement
Employers frequently contact Wake Technical Community College in an effort to recruit students and alumni for
employment, Cooperative Education experiences and internships. Many of these employers ask us to provide them with
contact information and resumes of students who meet the specifications they have established for employment. Wake
Technical Community College will not provide this information without your written authorization.
We assist currently enrolled curriculum students, graduating curriculum students (curriculum courses are those for which
academic credit hours are earned) and qualified alumni by counseling them on the development of job search skills that are
necessary to succeed in today’s job search market. These include methods of seeking job leads, networking, marketing tools
(cover letters, resumes, etc.), interview skills, business etiquette and proper business attire. Counseling may include
participation in seminars, courses and online orientation programs. Graduating students and eligible alumni receive one-onone assistance with resume writing.
By participating, you agree to:
1. Complete the Job Placement and Cooperative Education Orientation Program online.
2. Produce and maintain a resume that meets the standards defined by this office.
3. Follow posted instructions regarding job application and employer contact (these will vary for different employers.)
4. Present yourself at all times as a professional and conduct yourself in a manner that speaks well of Wake Technical
Community College.
5. Attend seminars, sessions with counselors or review other materials posted online as required by our staff.
6. Alumni who graduated more than five years prior to the date of this application are required to meet with the
Director for referral to appropriate admissions or academic advisors.
7. Your application for Job Placement assistance is valid for 12 months from the date this document is signed and
submitted to our office. A new application must be completed for each semester of Co-op.
Resumes will be forwarded by this office for job opportunities for all eligible candidates. Eligibility is determined by the job
specifications submitted by the employer and may include minimum GPA standards. Students who are graduating and
alumni using our services are eligible to have access to our database of full-time opportunities for graduates and alumni.
Students who are currently enrolled are eligible to have access to our database of part-time opportunities, internship and
cooperative-education opportunities, and summer job opportunities.
Pursuant to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, I authorize the Job Placement and Cooperative Education Office of
Wake Technical Community College to release from my education record any directory information designated by the
College, references sent to prospective employers, transcripts, resume and other academic information relative to my
selection for participation in Cooperative Education assignments and / or Job Placement.
The College does not guarantee employment to any student or employees to any employer.
Your signature at the bottom of this page indicates your agreement with the policies outlined herein and your authorization
for Wake Technical Community College to send your resume and contact information to an employer for these purposes.
I ____________________________________________ (print name) hereby release Wake Technical Community College’s
staff, faculty or administrators and employers from any liability or damages associated with this program and for providing
information requested by employers. I further agree to abide by the policies and procedures associated with Job Placement
and Cooperative Education programs at Wake Technical Community College.
Student / Alumni Signature
Review / approval to participate in Cooperative Education: ______________________________________________________