AP Biology Body Systems Project Group #3 Topic: Urinary System

AP Biology
Body Systems Project
Group #3
Topic: Urinary System
Your team must find information about the following topics related to the digestive system in the animal kingdom. This
project will count as a quiz grade for you and the members of your group. You must be present for the presentation to
receive full credit for the project so make sure that you sign up for a presentation day when you will be in class.
What is the main purpose of the assigned system?
How is homeostasis involved?
o Maintenance of water balance in the body
o The endocrine systems involvement in control of the system through the use of hormones and
negative feedback.
How is transport involved in this system? Passive, Active, Signal transduction?
Compare and Contrast the human and earthworm excretory systems
Presentation Requirements:
You must provide a power point presentation with the material
You must include in this presentation helpful diagrams of the various systems
You must provide a hand out for the members of the class that summarizes your information. No more
than 2 sides of paper… (17 students + one copy for me)
Remember to site all of your resources at the end of your Power Point.
You are also welcome to use any website during your presentation.
The presentation should be no longer than 15 minutes.