APUSH Vocabulary

APUSH Vocabulary: The “Essentials”
BOLD = GPS Vocabulary
BOLD = Key
Plain = Important  = Independent  = Conceptual
Unit 1: Pre-English America
Looking for the 3G’s
Christopher Columbus
 Amerigo Vespucci
Treaty of Tordesillas
2 Forcing the 3G’s
Hernan Cortez
Francisco Pizarro
 Zambo
 “Black Legend”
 “Casta” System
 Peninsular
 Social Hierarchy
Juan de Sepúlveda
Bartolomé de las Casas
A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies
3 Breaching the US SSUSH1b
 Francisco Coronado
 Juan Ponce de Leon  Hernando de Soto
 Samuel de Champlain
 John Cabot  Jacques Cartier  Giovanni da Verrazano Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
 Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo
Spanish Mission System
 Henry Hudson
Maroon Natives
4 Natives in Pre-Columbian US SSUSH1a
 Pueblo Indians  Anasazi  Mound Builders Powhatan  Algonquin
 Mississippian Natives
 Huron Confederacy
 Juan de Oñate
Columbian Exchange Hunter-Gatherers Foraging Societies
Popés Rebellion
 Great Plains
 Great Basin
5 European Invasion SSUSH1a;2a,b
Mercantilism Columbian Exchange
Trans-Atlantic Trade Network “Lost Colony” of Roanoke
Triangular Trade  Small Pox Sir Walter Raleigh John White Defeat of the Spanish Armada
Unit 2: British Colonization
Jamestown Colonization SSUSH1a;2a
Virginia Company
Chesapeake Colonies
John Smith
Indentured Servant
Middle Passage
The “Starving Time”
Smith’s The Generall Historie of Virginia
Joint Stock Company
 Anglo-Powhatan Wars
British Common Law v Martial Law
7 Tobacco Saves their “Butts” SSUSH1a;2a
House of Burgesses Head-right System John Rolfe “Labor-Intensive” Crop
Royal Colony Lord De La Warr
 Yeoman Farmer
Cash Crop v Subsistence Farming
 Enclosure Movement
Atlantic Seaboard
 “Tidewater Gentry” v Frontier Farmers
8 Bacon’s Rebellion and the 1% SSUSH1a;2a,b
Bacon’s Rebellion
Nathaniel Bacon
Governor William Berkley
Barbados Slave Codes
Bacon’s "Declaration of the People of Virginia"
 Chattel Slavery
 Manumission
Lord Baltimore aka Lord Calvert
 "Haven for Catholics"
(Maryland’s) Act of Toleration
9 Puritan Piety SSUSH1b
Massachusetts Bay Company Plymouth Colony
 Squanto
“Separitist” v “Non-Separatist”
“Great Puritan Migration” William Bradford Mayflower Compact
John Winthrop
“City on a Hill”
"A Model of Christian Charity"
The “Elect”
 Predestination v “Salvation”
“Calvinist” “Visible Saints” Town Meetings  Theocracy v Common Law  Anglican Church
APUSH Backusaurus Rex
10 Puritan Persecution Purée SSUSH1b
Half-Way Covenant
 “Faithful” v “Dissenter” v Heretic
 “Puritan Ethic”
Old Deluder Act
Roger Williams
Rhode Island Quaker Ann Hutchinson Antinomianism
Thomas Hooker
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
“Blue Laws”
 “Praying Town”
Salem Witch Trials
 Religious Intolerance v Tolerance v Freedom
“Spectral Evidence”  Congregationalist Church
11 New England Colonies SSUSH1b
 Wampanoag
Navigation Acts
Salutary Neglect
New England Confederation
 Native “Disunity” v Native Confederacy
Pequot War
King Metacom King Phillip’s War
12 Mid-Atlantic Money Making SSUSH1c; 2a,b
Mid-Atlantic Colonies
New Netherlands
New Amsterdam
 Peter Minuit
Patroonships Peter Stuyvesant William Penn “Utopian” Colonies  Coureurs de Bois Quebec
 “Beaver Wars”
 Duke of York
 New Sweden
 Dutch West India Company
13 Middle Colonies SSUSH1c,d; 2a
The “Holy Experiment”  "Society of Friends"
 Pacifist or Conscientious Objector
 Indigo
 James Oglethorpe
 “Buffer Colony”  “Debtor’s” Prison
Royal vs Proprietary vs Charter Colonies
 Leisler's Rebellion
14 Colonial Regionalism SSUSH1e;2a,b
 Rural v Urban Homogeneous v Diverse
 Industrial v Agrarian
 “ Diverse” Economy
 Mason-Dixon Line  Culpepper’s Rebellion
 Hierarchy v Equality
 Regulator Movement
15 Great Awakening SSUSH2c,d
 Enlightenment
 Deism
Great Awakening
“Jeremiad” Preaching
Benjamin Franklin
George Whitefield
Jonathan Edwards
"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"
"Old" v "New Lights"
 William & Gilbert Tennent
 John Wesley
 Seminary School
16 Colonial America's Identity SSUSH 2c,d; 3a
Poor Richard's Almanack
 The Pennsylvania Gazette
Phillis Wheatley
Ann Bradstreet
Peter Zenger Case  “Freedom of Speech”
 Libel v Slander  Stono Rebellion
 Gullah
Wool Act of 1699
 “Mrs. Silence Dogood”
 “Pay it Forward”
Unit 3: Revolutionary Ideology to Constitutional US
Break’n Rules & Make’n Money SSUSH 1b;2c
Iroquois Confederacy
Dominion of New England
Sir Edmund Andros
 “Glorious Revolution”
18 Oh! Hi, Oh, Is This Your Land? SSUSH 3a
Anglo-French Imperialism Competition
French and Indian War
Albany Plan
“Join or Die”
George Washington
Ohio River Valley
 Militia
 “Red Coats”
 The “Regulars”
19 French and Indian War SSUSH 3a,b
 Seven Years War
Fort Necessity Fort Duquesne Treaty of Paris, 1763
 Chief Pontiac
Pontiac’s Rebellion
Proclamation Line of 1763
“Line of Proclamation”
20 English Crack Down SSUSH3b
 Molasses Act, 1733 Currency Acts Sugar Act Stamp Act
Sam Adams
Sons of Liberty
Daughters of Liberty Economic Coercion Stamp Act Congress
Paul Revere
John Hancock
 “Direct” v "Virtual” Representation “No Taxation without Representation”  George Grenville
 “Direct” v “Indirect” Tax Declaratory Act, 1766 “Liberty Tea” James Otis Townshend Acts
APUSH Backusaurus Rex
21 American Passive & Aggressive Rant SSUSH3b
 Admiralty Courts Writs of Assistance
Quartering Acts
 Paxton Boys
Patrick Henry
Virginia Resolves
Boston Massacre
 Crispus Attucks
Committees of Correspondence
John Dickinson "Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania" Tea Act
British East India Company
22 English Reply – “Check Yourself…” SSUSH3b
 The Liberty Incident  The Gaspee Incident Boston Tea Party Intolerable Acts Coercive Acts
Quebec Act
1st Continental Congress
“Declaration of Rights and Grievances”
“Minute Men”
23 America – “…Wrecks Itself” SSUSH3b
 William Dawes “The Regulars are coming”
Lexington and Concord
2nd Continental Congress Olive Branch Petition
Continental Army
War Bonds Continental Congress
 “Shot heard ‘round the world”
 “Patriot” v “Loyalist”
“Continental” Dollars
 “Tory” v “Whig”
24 English Smack Down SSUSH3c;4a
John Locke
Natural Rights
“Compact Theory”
Lee's Resolution
 Battle of “Bunker” Hill
Hessians  Foreign Envoy Common Sense Thomas Paine
John Adams Thomas Jefferson
25 American Revolution SSUSH 4a,b,c
Declaration of Independence
Abigail Adams
“Remember the ladies”
Mercy Otis Warren
26 Losing a War SSUSH 4b,c
 Battle of Long Island Troop Morale  Enlistment Contracts v Desertion
Paine’s The Crisis
Washington’s “Crossing the Delaware River” Battle of Trenton  Ethan Allen
 Henry Knox
 Nathan Hale  “Privateering”
 Fort Ticonderoga
Benedict Arnold
Battle of Saratoga
Treaty of Alliance, 1778  Franco-American Alliance
Marquis de Lafayette
Valley Forge
 General John Burgoyne
 “Conway Cabal”
 Kazimierz Pulaski
 Chief Joseph Brant
27 Winning a War SSUSH 4b,d
Baron Von Steuben  John Paul Jones  Nathaniel Greene  George Rogers Clark
Battle of Yorktown
Lord Cornwallis
Treaty of Paris, 1783
 “Perpetual” v “Limited” Peace
John Jay  Newburgh Conspiracy  Washington’s Newburgh Address  Society of Cincinnatus
28 America Under the Articles SSUSH 5a; 6a
 “Civic Virtue” & “Virtuous Republic”  “Republican Motherhood”
Articles of Confederation
State’s Rights Ideology “Northwest” Territory
Land Ordinance of 1785
Land Speculation
Northwest Ordinance of 1787 Specie
Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom
 National Debt
29 Shays’ Shenanigans SSUSH 5a,b
 “Not worth a Continental”  Deficit Spending
Inflation vs Hyperinflation
 Debtor v Creditor Foreclosure Shays' Rebellion
 The “Critical” Period
Daniel Shays
 “Mobocracy”
30 Constitutional Convention SSUSH 5b,c
 Annapolis Convention Alexander Hamilton James Madison
 Federalist v Anti-Federalist
Federalism v Confederacy
The Federalist Papers
 Political Factions
31 Constitutional Quarrels & Compromise SSUSH 5b,c,d
Virginia Plan v New Jersey Plan
Great Compromise  “Connecticut Compromise”
 Census
 Apportionment
 Unicameral vs Bi-Cameral
Baron de Montesquieu
3/5’s Compromise
 “Separation of Powers”
 Commerce Compromise
“Necessary and Proper” Clause
 “Loose” v “Strict” Constructionism
 “Limited” Government via Bill of Rights
APUSH Backusaurus Rex
32 Federal Firsts SSUSH5e
Excise Tax  “Protective” Tariff
Bank of the United States (BUS)
 “Elastic” Clause
 Judiciary Act of 1789  Attorney General  Presidential Cabinet
Debt Assumption Plan
Hamilton's Report on Manufacturers
Hamilton’s Report on the Public Credit
 Funding at Par
 Battle of Fallen Timbers  Treaty of Greenville, 1795  “Little Turtle”  Miami Confederacy
33 Washington’s America SSUSH5e
Precedent Citizen Genét Neutrality Non-Intervention Policy Neutrality Proclamation of 1793
Jay Treaty, 1794
Pinckney Treaty, 1795
Whiskey Rebellion
 Bi-Partisan v Partisan
34 Federalists Know Best SSUSH5e
Isolationism  Freemason
Washington's Farewell Address, 1796
“Foreign Entanglements”
XYZ Affair
Alien & Sedition Acts
35 Adams’ Agitation SSUSH5e
Nullification  Doctrine of Nullification Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions
Convention of 1800
Judiciary Act of 1801
“Midnight Judges” “Court Packing”
 Fries Rebellion
Aaron Burr
 Doctor Benjamin West William Marbury  “Revolution of 1800” Chief Justice John Marshall
Unit 4: Democratic Expectations and Expansion
Jeffersonian Democracy SSUSH6a
"We are all Republicans; we are all Federalists"
12th Amendment
Marbury vs. Madison
 Judicial Review Barbary Pirates  "Burr Conspiracy"  Gabriel's Rebellion  Assimilation
 Napoleon Bonaparte
 The "Nobel Savage"  Toussaint L'Ouverture  Haitian Rebellion
37 Louisiana & Foreign Frustrations SSUSH6b
Louisiana Purchase Lewis and Clark Expedition
Sacagawea Embargo Embargo Act of 1807
"O'Grabme" Chesapeake-Leopard Affair The Chesapeake Incident
Tecumseh The “Prophet”
 William Henry Harrison
Non-Intercourse Act (1809)
Macon's Bill No. 2
 Tenskwatawa
38 Madison’s War SSUSH6c
"Prophet's Town"
John C. Calhoun
Henry Clay
 War Hawks v Doves
War of 1812  “Second War for Independence”  "Freedom of the Seas"  Francis Scott Key
Dolley Madison  Fort McHenry Andrew Jackson “Old Hickory”
 Battle of Horseshoe Bend
39 “Draw”ing an American Identity SSUSH6c
Hartford Convention Treaty of Ghent Battle of New Orleans
National Identity
40 Nationalism & the “American System” SSUSH6c-e
“American System” Infrastructure Erie Canal 2nd BUS Tariff of 1816
“Era of Good Feelings”
Panic of 1819  Rush-Bagot Treaty  Convention of 1818 Land Act of 1820  National Road
41 “Era of Good Feelings” SSUSH6d,e; 7a,e
 James Monroe
Adams-Onis Treaty John Quincy Adams Monroe Doctrine Latin America
 “Self-Defense” Doctrine Gerrymandering
McCulloch vs. Maryland
Gibbons vs. Ogden
42 Growing Economic Power SSUSH7a,c,e;8a
Cotton Gin
Eli Whitney
Interchangeable Parts
Mass Production
Rifled Muskets
43 Sparking an Industrial Revolution SSUSH7a
 “Company Town”
 Robert Fulton  Samuel Slater Textiles Lowell Mill
“Lowell Girls”
Samuel Morse Morse Code Telegraph  John Deere  Cyrus McCormick
 Elias Howe
 Potato Famine “Potato Eaters” “NINA” Nativist “Know-Nothing” Party  American Party
APUSH Backusaurus Rex
44 Creating the 99% SSUSH7a
Capitalism Laissez-Faire  Fletcher v Peck
Dartmouth College v Woodworth
Commonwealth v Hunt
National Trade Union
 Skilled v Unskilled Labor
45 Demanding a Piece of America’s Pie SSUSH7a;8b,c
Daniel Webster "Iron Horse"  Tallmadge Amendment
Missouri Compromise
 Congressional “Balance”
"We Have the Wolf by the Ear..."
"A fire bell in the Night..."
46 Jacksonian Democracy SSUSH7e
“Common Man”
“Jacksonian Democracy” “Popular Political Culture”  “King Caucus”
 “Corrupt Bargain”
Democratic Party
Universal White Male Suffrage
Tariff of 1828
 “Spoils System” Rachael Jackson  “King Mob”  “Bare-Knuckle” Campaign  Constituents
47 Jackson’s America SSUSH7e;8c
 “Tariff of Abominations”
Exposition and Protest of South Carolina
 State’s Rights Ideology
Nullification Crisis  Theory of Nullification Secede Force Bill of 1833 Webster-Hayne Debate
Compromise Tariff Peggy Eaton Affair “Petticoat Affair” Cherokee Indian Removal Act of 1830
48 Jackson’s Legacy SSUSH7e;8c
 “Kitchen Cabinet”
Cherokee v Georgia
Worcester v Georgia
 “Dependent” Nation
 Treaty of New Echota
“Trail of Tears”
Nicholas Biddle
Specie Circular
 “Pet” Banks
 “Jackson’s War on the Bank”
 “Political Collateral” “Wildcat Banks”
 Senate Censure
Martin Van Buren Panic of 1837 Independent Treasury Plan Divorce Bill Martin “Van Ruin”
49 American Social Reform SSUSH7c
2nd Great Awakening
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Dial
Henry David Thoreau
On Civil Disobedience
James Fennimore Cooper The Last of the Mohicans  “American” Hero Herman Melville
Moby Dick
 Alexis de Tocqueville
 Democracy in America
 Nathaniel Hawthorne
 The Scarlet Letter
 Washington Irving
 “American” Mythology
 Edgar Allen Poe
Hudson River School
Walt Whitman Leaves of Grass
Noah Webster
McGuffey Reader
50 American Morality SSUSH7c,d;8a
Charles G. Finney “Burn-Over” District
Robert Owen
Lyman Beecher
 New Harmony, Indiana
Joseph Smith Brigham Young
Mormon Church
Dorothea Dix
Mental Asylum Penitentiary  Sylvester Graham
 Emma Willard
 Elizabeth Blackwell
51 Promoting Reform For All SSUSH7d,e;8a
 Anti-Masonic Party Elizabeth Cady Stanton Lucretia Mott
Seneca Falls Conference of 1848
Declaration of Rights and Sentiments  “Cult of Domesticity” Mt. Holyoke Oberlin College
Margaret Fuller  "Separate Spheres"
Susan B. Anthony
Horace Mann
Grimké Sisters
52 Abolition Movement SSUSH8a,b
William Lloyd Garrison The Liberator Frederick Douglas The North Star
Fugitive Slave Law
 David Walker  Walker’s Appeal  American Colonization Society  Liberia  “Gag” Rule
 “Necessary Evil”
 “Gradualist’ v “Immediatist”
Underground Railroad
Harriet Tubman
 Hinton Helper, The Impending Crisis of the South
Nat Turner’s Rebellion
Sojourner Truth
Tom’s Cabin
 Denmark Vesey
 “Peculiar Institution”
APUSH Backusaurus Rex
Unit 5: Sectionalism, Civil War and Reconstruction
Manifest Destiny SSUSH7b
Manifest Destiny  Willamette Valley Oregon Trail
Mormon Trail
The “Donner” Party
“54’40” or Fight!” James K. Polk  “GTT” Stephen Austin
General Antonio de Santa Anna
54 Cutting Trails and Claiming Land SSUSH7b;8d
 Webster-Ashburton Treaty
Sam Houston The Alamo
 Davy Crockett
American Soil!"
 Annexation Slidell Mission
Republic of Texas
“Spot” Resolution
55 Mexican-American War SSUSH8d,e
"Remember the Alamo" Mexican-American War Republic of California
California Gold Rush
Sutter's Mill
Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo Mexican “Cession”  Gadsden Purchase
56 Making & Breaking Compromises SSUSH8e;9a
Wilmot Proviso  “Free Soil” Party Compromise of 1850 Kansas-Nebraska Act
John Brown
Stephen Douglas
Popular Sovereignty
Lecompton Constitution
“Bleeding Kansas”
 “Border Ruffians”
 Personal Liberty Laws
 Ostend Manifesto
Sumner-Brooks Affair
57 Constitutional “Property” SSUSH9a
Dred Scott vs. Sanford
Republican Party
Lincoln-Douglas Debates
58 Growing Sectionalism SSUSH9a
John Brown’s Raid Armory “Raid on Harper's Ferry”
Freeport Doctrine
 Southern “Fire-eaters”
Federal Arsenal
59 Causes of the Civil War SSUSH9a,c,d
Election of 1860
Confederate States of America (CSA)
 Crittenden Compromise
 “Preserve the Union” Constitutional Party North v South Democrats Corwin Amendment
60 Gearing Up For Civil War SSUSH9c,d
Jefferson Davis Fort Sumter Border States
Robert E Lee Anaconda Plan “Greenbacks”
“Stonewall” Jackson  "King Cotton" Diplomacy  National Bank Acts
1st Battle of Bull Run
61 War of “Southern Independence”SSUSH9b-e
Emergency Presidential Powers
Suspension of Habeas Corpus
Writ of Habeas Corpus
Battle of Antietam Emancipation Proclamation Conscription  “$300 Man”  Draft Riots
 RMS Trent Affair General George B McClellan  General George Meade “Peace Democrats”
"A Rich Man's War, but a Poor Man's Fight"
 Monitor vs. Merrimac
Battle of Gettysburg
62 Civil War Drags on SSUSH9b-f
Battle of Vicksburg Ulysses S. Grant William T. Sherman Gettysburg Address  “Total War”
“War of Attrition” Battle for Atlanta Sherman’s “March to the Sea”
 Fort Pillow Massacre
Clara Barton Andersonville Prison  54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry "Bread Riots"
63 Union Victory SSUSH9b,f;10a
Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural Address
"With Malice Toward None, and charity for all"
 Lincoln’s 10% Plan
Wade-Davis Bill
Radical Republicans Pocket Veto  "Copperheads"
Appomattox Court House John Wilkes Booth
“Sic Temper Tyrannis!”
Thaddeus Stevens
64 Plans for a Peaceful Union SSUSH10a-c
Andrew Johnson
13th Amendment
Freedmen’s Bureau
Ex parte Milligan
 Amnesty
 “Forty Acres and a Mule”
 “Ironclad Oath”
 Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1867
APUSH Backusaurus Rex
65 Reconstruction Reorganization SSUSH10a-c
14th Amendment Reconstruction Act of 1867 Edwin Stanton “Scalawag” “Carpetbagger”
 “Freedmen’s School”
Morehouse College
Thomas Nash
Harper's Weekly Black Codes
66 Reconstruction Rivals SSUSH10c,e
Tenure in Office Act
 Hiram R. Revels
 Blanche K. Bruce
Crédit Mobilier
"Whiskey Ring"
"Indian Ring"
"Crime of '73"
Samuel Tilden
Political Machine Boss Tweed Tammany Hall
 Specie Resumption Act The Birth of a Nation
67 ReconstructionTroubles SSUSH9f;10c,d,f
15th Amendment
Ku Klux Klan
Grandfather Clause
Poll Tax
Literacy Test
Sharecropper v Tenant Farmer  “Economic Slavery” Crop-Lien System Colfax Massacre
Convict-Lease Program Enforcement Act of 1870  “Slaughter-House Cases” Election of 1876
Redemption Governments
 Dunning School
Compromise of 1877
Unit 6: Revolutionizing Economics, Politics & Society
Closing the West SSUSH11a,b;12c
Homestead Act, 1862 Transcontinental Railroad
Morrill Land Grant Act
“Dry” Farming
“Dug Out”
 “Closing the West”
Granger Movement
 “Granger Laws”
69 Rise of the Railroads SSUSH11a-c
 Cornelius Vanderbilt
Andrew Carnegie
Carnegie Steel
Munn v Illinois
Wabash Case
Interstate Commerce Act  ICC  “Range” Wars  Goodnight-Loving Trail  Chisholm Trail
 Chicago Stock Yards
 Comstock Lode
Farmer's Alliances
 Bland-Allison Act
70 Native Concerns SSUSH12c
Sitting Bull Crazy Horse Sand Creek Massacre Battle of Little Big Horn  George Custer
 A Century of Dishonor
Dawes Severalty Act Helen Hunt Jackson
"Ghost Dance Movement"
Chief Joseph Geronimo Massacre at Wounded Knee Frederick Remington
 “Sooners”
71 Woes of Settling the West Trouble SSUSH11a,b
Sherman Silver Purchase Act  “Free Silver” Omaha Platform, 1892
William Jennings Bryan
 “Bimetallism” v Gold Standard Populist Party Cross of Gold Speech
William McKinley
Panic of 1893 Frederick Jackson Turner The Frontier Thesis “Coxey's Army” The Wizard of Oz
72 Rise of Robber Barons SSUSH11a,c
Robber Baron John D. Rockefeller
Standard Oil Monopoly Trust
J. Pierpont Morgan
Vertical vs. Horizontal Integration
George Pullman
Gustavus Swift
Phillip Armour
73 Rule of Robber Barons SSUSH11c
Sherman Anti-Trust Act Patronage  “Tweed Ring” Montgomery Ward George Eastman
 “Stalwarts”  “Half-Breeds”  “Mugwumps” Graft
Gospel of Wealth
74 Gilded Age SSUSH11c,d
“Gilded Age” Thomas Edison Phonograph Kinetograph Nikola Tesla
“Mass Culture”
"War of Currents" George Westinghouse
Elisha Otis
Mark Twain Alexander Graham Bell
"Wizard of Menlo Park"
Will K. & John H. Kellogg
Fredrick W. Taylor Scientific Management
75 Gilding “Pop Culture” SSUSH11c,d;14a
James Naismith
Abner Doubleday
French Cocoa Wine
1893 Columbian Exposition
Louis Pasteur William James Vaudeville “Tin Pan Alley” Scott Joplin  “Rag Time”
Sears, Roebuck, & Co  Horatio Alger’s "Rags to Riches"  Veblen’s The Theory of the Leisure Class
APUSH Backusaurus Rex
Immigration & Urbanization Woes
Ellis Island
Angel Island
"Dumbbell" Tenement
Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
Gentlemen’s Agreement
Jacob Riis’ How the Other Half Lives
Ashcan School
77 Industrialization Continues SSUSH11c;12b,d
Knights of Labor Terrence Powderly American Railway Union
Great Railroad Strike of 1877
Eugene V. Debs  “Yellow Dog” Contract Haymarket Strike Homestead Strike
78 Rise of Labor Unions SSUSH12b,d
Samuel Gompers American Federation of Labor (AFL) Collective Bargaining
 “Closed” v “Open” Shop
Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
Pullman Strike of 1894
In re Debs
Mother Jones
Social Darwinism
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
79 Gilded Age Racism SSUSH13c
Jim Crow Laws
Plessy vs Ferguson
 “Separate But Equal”
Booker T. Washington
W.E.B. DuBois
National Association of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Niagara Movement  “Talented Tenth” Atlanta Riots, 1906
The Atlanta Compromise
 “Talented Tenth” The Crisis
Ida B Wells
 Federal Anti-Lynching Law
Leo Frank
80 Raking the “Muck” SSUSH13a,d
Muckrakers Upton Sinclair The Jungle Meat Inspection Act
Frank Norris’ The Octopus
Ida Tarbell History of Standard Oil Theodore Roosevelt Pure Food and Drug Act
Lewis Hines
 Lincoln Steffens’ The Shame of the Cities
 James Spargo’s Bitter Cry of Children
81 Progressive Politics SSUSH13e
 “Progressive Era” Roosevelt’s “Square Deal”
Pendleton Civil Service Act
17 Amendment
16 Amendment
Graduated Income Tax
82 Progressive Champions SSUSH13a,b,d
Jane Addams Hull House  “Settlement House” Movement “Americanization”  YMCA
 “Social Gospel” Movement
Margaret Sanger
 Anti-Saloon League
Carrie Nation
Women's Christian Temperance Movement
Alice Paul
Carrie Chapman Catt
Mann Act
83 Progressive Era Progress SSUSH13f
Conservation Movement Anthracite Coal Strike, 1902
Robert M. La Follet
William H Taft
 Hepburn Act
John Muir
Mann-Elkins Act
Federal Trade Commission
Unit 7: Evolution of Federal Expectations
American Expansionism SSUSH14b
Expansionism Sphere of Influence China’s Open Door Policy Sanford Dole W.A.S.P
Republic of Hawaii Queen Liliuokalani Protectorate
"White Man's Burden"
85 American Imperialism SSUSH14b
Imperialism Cuban Independence José Marti De Lôme Letter
Anti-Imperialism League
86 Spanish-American War SSUSH14b
 “Yellow Journalism”
U.S.S. Maine
Spanish-American War William Randolph Hearst
Joseph Pulitzer
A "Splendid Little War"
“Rough Riders”
War in the Philippines
87 Teddy’s Empire SSUSH14c
Teller Amendment Platt Amendment Roosevelt Corollary
Lodge Corollary
Panama Canal
 “Civilize and Christianize”
“Big Stick Diplomacy”
"Great White" Fleet
APUSH Backusaurus Rex
88 Progressive Challenges SSUSH14c
“Dollar” Diplomacy  “Moral” Diplomacy
Federal Reserve System
Keating-Owen Act
Muller v Oregon
Clayton Anti-Trust Act Ludlow Massacre Workmen's Compensation Act
"New Nationalism"
"Bull Moose" Party
"New Freedom"
Woodrow Wilson
89 European Tensions SSUSH15a
Militarism Alliances
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
90 US Resists WWI SSUSH15a
Arabic Pledge Sussex Pledge "Watchful Waiting"
 “Powder Keg” of Europe
Zimmerman Telegram
RMS Lusitania
Pancho Villa
91 WWI-Oh, It’s On SSUSH15b
"War to End All Wars"
"Make the World Safe for Democracy"
"Yanks are Coming"
War Mobilization
War Industries Board
Selective Service Act
 “Liberty” Bonds
92 WWI – America’s Homefront SSUSH15b
Great Migration Espionage Act Schenck v United States
 “Clear and Present Danger”
 Debs v US Food Administration Herbert Hoover "Liberty Cabbage"  “Liberty” Garden
War Labor Board Committee on Public Information “Victory” Bonds Sergeant Alvin York
93 US Plans for Peace SSUSH15c;16a
Russian Revolution
Vladimir Lenin Armistice Treaty of Versailles
Fourteen Points League of Nations "Big Four" "Collective Security" Article X (10)
"Irreconcilables" v "Reservationists" "War-Guilt" Clause Reparations Boston Police Strike
Chicago Race Riots
Weimar Republic
Great Spanish Flu Pandemic, 1918
94 “Return to Normalcy” SSUSH15d;16a
“Return to Normalcy”
 Red Scare
 “America for Americans”
"Palmer Raids"
Mitchell A. Palmer
Sacco and Vanzetti
 Immigration Act of 1917
National Origins Act Emergency Quota Act
Immigration Act of 1924
J. Edgar Hoover
95 Roaring Twenties SSUSH15d;16b
 “Roaring Twenties” "Jazz Age" Flapper 19th Amendment Prohibition Volstead Act
"Speakeasies"  “Bootlegging”  18th Amendment  “Invisible Empire”  Dunning School
Al Capone
Henry Ford Model T
Charles Lindbergh
Spirit of Saint Louis
 Penicillin
96 Modern Reaction SSUSH16c,d
"The Lost Generation" Leopold and Loeb  Fundamentalism v Modernism
Billy Sunday
Scopes "Monkey" Trial Fordney-McCumber Tariff Teapot Dome Scandal
"Ohio Gang"
97 America Refines Culture SSUSH16c,d
Irving Berlin The Great Gatsby F Scott Fitzgerald Charlie Chaplin Art Deco Mary Pickford
A Farewell to Arms Babe Ruth
Douglas Fairbanks The Jazz Singer Ernest Hemingway
98 Harlem Renaissance SSUSH16d
Duke Ellington
Billie Holiday
Harlem Renaissance Langston Hughes Louis Armstrong
Strange Fruit George Gershwin
Marcus Garvey
Universal Negro Improvement Association
 “Black Nationalism” Madam Walker
"The New Negro Movement"
The Cotton Club
99 Dawn of Consumerism SSUSH17a
"The Business of America is Business" "Silent" Cal McNary- Hagan Bill Overproduction
Under-Consumption Washington Naval Conference The “Powers Treaties” Dawes Plan
Kellogg-Briand Pact
 “Great Mississippi Flood of 1927”
Stock Market Speculation
APUSH Backusaurus Rex
100 Prosperity/Hidden Trouble SSUSH17a
"On Margin" Buying  “Black Tuesday” Stock Market Crash of 1929 "Rugged Individualism"
 “Hoovervilles”
 Recession v Depression
Great Depression Unemployment Rate
101 Depression Hits SSUSH17a,c
Reconstruction Finance Corp (RFC)
Hoover (Boulder) Dam
 Federal “Stimulus Package”
"Welfare Capitalism"  “Bonus Army” March Patman Bonus Bill
 Federal Home Loan Act
102 Depression and Politics SSUSH17b;18a
Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR)
Eleanor Roosevelt
 “Cycle of Poverty” v “Cycle of Prosperity”
Brother, Can you Spare a Dime? V Happy Days Are Again Polio 1st New Deal 1st "100 Days"
 “Relief, Recovery, & Reform”
Dust Bowl
Route 66
 “Okies”
FDR’s “Brain Trust”
John Steinbeck
Grapes of Wrath
"The Only Thing We to Fear..."
103 New Deal and Depression SSUSH18a
“Fireside Chats” Emergency Banking Relief Act  “Bank Holiday”
 “Alphabet Agencies”
FDIC  “Public Works” Programs
 “Deficit” Spending Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
Rural Electrification Administration (REA)
Glass-Steagall Act Agricultural Adjustment Act
 Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) Works Progress Administration v Public Works Administration
Federal Emergency Relief Admin
"Priming the Pump"
Francis Perkins
Harold Ickes
104 New Deal Triumphs & “Fails” SSUSH18b,c
2nd New Deal  Social Security Act Fair Labor Standards Acts National Labor Relations Act
Wagner Act Industrial Unionism
National Labor Relations Board
 “Black Congress”
 “Liberty League”
Father Coughlin
Schechter Poultry Corp. v US
Francis Townsend
105 New Deal and Discontent SSUSH18e
 “Court-Packing Bill”
Huey Long
 “Every Man a King”
 “Share the Wealth”
Neutrality Acts
Adolph Hitler Benito Mussolini Fascism Emperor Hirohito Hideki Tojo
Unit 8: Technology and Global Impact
Tensions in Europe and Asia SSUSH18e
Stimson Doctrine
Nye Committee
Winston Churchill Joseph Stalin
 “Cash and Carry” Policy "Good Neighbor Policy"
 “America 1st Committee”
107 US Fights for Neutrality SSUSH18e;19c
Axis Powers Allies
"Quarantine" Speech
FDR’s “Four Freedoms”
Lend-Lease Act
Selective Service Act, 1940 Atlantic Charter
United Nations
"Arsenal of Democracy"
108 WWII-Now, It’s Our Problem SSUSH19a-d
Pearl Harbor
"December 7th, A Date Which Will Live in Infamy..."
Executive Order 9066
Japanese-American Internment Camps War-Time Conversion Office of Price Administration
A Phillip Randolph
Fair Employment Practices Act
Congress of Racial Equality (C.O.R.E)
109 WWII- American Homefront SSUSH18d
 “Rosie the Riveter” Rationing  War Labor Board Smith-Connally Act
 “Braceros”
"Zoot Suit" Riots
Korematsu v United States
Manhattan Project
 Ration Cards
110 Allies Success in Europe SSUSH19c,f
European Theater Dwight D Eisenhower D-Day "Storming the Beach at Normandy" Holocaust
Omaha Beach Battle of Stalingrad Fall of Berlin V-E Day
Cairo & Teheran Conferences
APUSH Backusaurus Rex
111 Allies Success in the Pacific SSUSH19c,e,f
 Yalta Conference Pacific Theater Battle of Midway Battle of Okinawa
Harry S Truman
Los Alamos Potsdam Conference Hiroshima & Nagasaki V-J Day
Robert J. Oppenheimer
Nuremberg Trials
Tokyo Trials
"Atomic Age"
"Super Powers"
"Arms Race"
112 US Ends Isolationism SSUSH20a
Department of Defense
Marshall Plan
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
Containment Policy Iron Curtain Truman Doctrine “Eastern Bloc”
Warsaw Pact
Satellite Nations
George A. Kennan
“Radio Free” Europe
Berlin Blockade
113 Waging Cold War SSUSH20a,b
Berlin Blockade
Berlin Airlift
Senator Joseph McCarthy
 “McCarthyism”
House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC)
Interstate Highway Act
Civil Defense
 “Duck and Cover” Berlin Wall "Hollywood Ten" Alger Hiss "I Like Ike" Bomb Shelter
114 Cold War Maneuvers SSUSH20a,b,e
38th Parallel
Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
Kim Jong Un
“Forgotten War”
Sputnik I
Chinese Communist Regime
Korean War
Eisenhower Doctrine
Executive Order 9981
115 America Races to Keep #1 SSUSH21d
"Kitchen Debate" Brinksmanship "Space Race”
 U-2 Incident  Nikita Khrushchev
Hydrogen Bomb
National Defense Education Act
Rosenberg Trials
"Missile Gap"*
National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) UNIVAC Mutual Assured Destruction
Neil Armstrong Apollo Missions “Proxy War” “Pre-emptive Strike” Kerouac’s On the Road
116 JFK's "New Frontier" SSUSH20c,e;21b
1960 Nixon/Kennedy TV Debate Fidel Castro Cuban Revolution Bay of Pigs Peace Corps
 “New Frontier”
"Ich Bin Ein Berliner!"
Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO)
 “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”
117 Cuban Communism SSUSH20c,e
Cuban Missile Crisis "Hot Line" Partial Test Ban Treaty
Domino Theory
Green Berets
118 Vietnam Intervention SSUSH20d,e
Lee Harvey Oswald Warren Commission Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Napalm Agent Orange
Ho Chi Minh Dien Bien Phu
Tet Offensive Operation "Rolling Thunder"
Viet Cong
119 Cold War Disillusionment SSUSH20d,e;24c
 Tinker v Des Moines  “Vietnamization” Henry Kissinger Leonid Brezhnev Fall of Saigon
Pentagon Papers
"Peace With Honor"
My Lai Massacre
Paris Peace Accords
120 The Fabulous 50’s SSUSH21a-c
Baby Boom Levittown  “G.I. Bill” Dr. Jonas Salk Truman’s “Fair Deal” I Love Lucy
Dr. Benjamin Spock J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye
Leave it to Beaver
Howdy Doody
 “Beatle-mania” Elvis Presley
 “Race Music”
121 American Dream Deferred SSUSH21b;22a-c
Integrated Military Executive Order 9981 Jackie Robinson Montgomery Bus Boycott Rosa Parks
Brown vs Board of Education
 “With all deliberate speed”
 Korematsu v United States
"Little Rock Nine”
 Thurgood Marshall
APUSH Backusaurus Rex
122 Civil Disobedience SSUSH22d;24a
 “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”
Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
Student Non-Violence Coordinating Committee (SNCC) “I Have a Dream” Speech 24th Amendment
March on Washington,1963  “Freedom Summer”
Eugene “Bull” Conner
Freedom Rides
123 Legislating
Crisis in Mississippi
Civil Rights
Lee Harvey Oswald
 Warren Commission
Civil Rights Act of 1964
124 Resisting Equity SSUSH22e;23c;24f
Voting Rights Act of 1965  Ultra-Conservative Barry Goldwater Liberalism
 The “Solid South” The Daisy Commercial Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society”
 “Dixiecrats”
 “Welfare”
125 LBJ’s "Great Society" SSUSH23a,c
 “War on Poverty” Medicaid Medicare Equal Opportunity Act Head Start Title IX
“Entitlement” Programs Department of Housing and Urban Development Civil Rights Act of 1968
 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
 “Warren Court”
“Miranda Rights”
126 Power to the Underdog? SSUSH23a;24e;25b
Affirmative Action California vs Bakke  Roe v Wade Rachel Carson
Silent Spring
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
 Earth Day
 Gideon v Wainwright
Ralph Nader’s Unsafe at Any Speed
Robert F. Kennedy
 Escobedo v Illinois
127 Differing Strategies for Equality SSUSH23d;24b
Malcolm X
 De Jure Segregation v De Facto Segregation  “Black Separatism” Bobby Seale
Stokely Carmichael "Black Power"  Watts Riot
 “Black is Beautiful"
Black Panthers
 “By Any Means Necessary”
James Earl Ray
 1968 Olympic Black Power Salute
128 Equality for All SSUSH24b,d
Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique Feminism
Gloria Steinem
 Ms. Magazine
National Organization of Women (NOW)  “Glass Ceiling” United Farm Workers “Chicanos”
Equal Rights Amendment
 “Women’s Liberation”
Phyllis Schlafly
César Chavez
American Indian Movement (AIM)
Public Law 94-142
Delano Grape Strike and Boycott
129 America’s Changing Agenda SSUSH24f;25a
1968 Democratic National Convention Abbie Hoffman  “Generation Gap”
"Credibility Gap" Hubert Humphrey  “Hippies”/”Yippies”
"Chicago Eight"
George Wallace
130 Nixon Pursues Peace SSUSH25a
 “Silent Majority”
 “Law and Order” President
 “Peace with Honor”
Nixon “Opens” China Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT I) Kent State Nixon Doctrine
131 Watergate and Disillusionment SSUSH25a
 “State Autonomy”  “1973 Oil Crisis” OPEC Trade Deficit Middle East
Wage and Price Control
 Committee for the Reelection of the President (CREEP)
“Deep Throat”
Woodward & Bernstein
Watergate Scandal
White House "Plumbers"
"Tricky Dick"
"I Am Not a Crook"
Watergate Scandal
Nixon Resignation
132 The Carter Administration SSUSH25c
Gerald Ford Nixon Pardon Jimmy Carter
Middle East Conflict
Camp David Accords
Shah of Iran
Iranian Revolution
 Ayatollah Khomeini
Iranian Hostage Crisis
 “Yellow Ribbon” Campaign “Operation Eagle Claw” Economic Sanctions  Love Canal Crisis
Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)
Panama Canal Treaty
 1980 Olympic Boycott
APUSH Backusaurus Rex
Unit 9: Modern Challenges and Concerns
The Reign of Reagan SSUSH25d
Ronald Reagan
 “Reaganomics”
“Trickle-Down Economics”
 Sandinistas vs Contras
"Moral Majority" “War on Drugs” Iran-Contra Scandal “Brady” Gun Law Deregulation
 Oliver North
Osama Bin Laden
Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
 “Just Say No!”  D.A.R.E. School Programs  “Freedom Fighters” v “Terrorists” Mujahidin
134 Reigning in the Cold War SSUSH25d
"Teflon Presidency" "Cowboy Diplomacy" Perestroika  Glasnost Mikhail Gorbachev
Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) "Star Wars" Plan Reagan Doctrine Persian Gulf War
Collapse of the Soviet Union
Operation “Desert Storm” George H.W. Bush Newt Gingrich
135 Clinton’s Administration SSUSH25e
Bill Clinton North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA)  “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Military Policy
Hillary Rodham Clinton
 Family and Medical Leave Act
 Healthcare Reform Bill
136 Partisan Politics and “Half-Truths” SSUSH25e
Clinton Impeachment
Perjury Acquittal
Paula Jones Scandal
Monica Lewinsky
 Columbine High School Shooting
 Oklahoma City Bombing
"Clinton Doctrine"
137 Ending the 20 Century SSUSH25e,f
2000 Election Controversy George W. Bush vs. Al Gore “Hanging Chads” Florida Recount
September 11, 2001 al-Qaeda
 Intervention in Afghanistan
 No Child Left Behind
138 New Millennium of Challenges SSUSH25g
 “War on Terror”
“Axis of Evil”
Saddam Hussein
War in Iraq
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs)
 “Global Warming” v “Climate Change”
“Great Recession” of 2008
"Information Age"
Generation “Y”
139 Our Modern History SSUSH25g
Barack H Obama Affordable Healthcare Act v “Obama Care”
 “Too Big to Fail”
APUSH Backusaurus Rex