Which countries were in the Triple Entente and which countries were

Which countries were in the
Triple Entente and which
countries were in the Triple
Who is in the photo below and
why are they significant?
What were the four long causes of the war? Define them.
Who was vying for influence
over Serbia? What does the
term influence mean in this
How might we be able t connect
this to American foreign policy?
What is significant about the British Blockade of Germany?
Why were Americans angry with it? What did it threaten and
What happened as a result of the blockade in 1917 to
War-Time Propaganda
Rape of Belgium propaganda ad for series of articles in New York
Tribune. Issue of Nov. 5, 1917, pg. 14.
Published in USA prior to 1923, public domain.
Define Propaganda:
America Public Opinion:
How did Americans feel about involvement in WWI?
What was the purpose of The Rape of Belgium
Articles? Why was it written, where was it written and
what's so eye-catching about it?
Explain what happened in the Lusitania situation. Who
sunk the Lusitania and why is it significant?
WWI Technological Innovations
4) What was the reason for the Convoy system?
5) What were women doing throughout the war?
6) What role did African Americans have throughout
the war?
7) Define "Shell Shock" (p. 385), and what connection
does it have on us nowadays?
8) What role did the Red Cross play?
9)In order for Mass Production to be fully implemented,
what crucial steps did the U.S. Government take in
regard to U.S. Shipyards?
1) Define Trench Warfare:
2) Define “No Man's Land”
3) Besides the three main
technological advances of WWI
Warfare (shown above), what are
some other innovations associated
with trench warfare?
War Heroes or Propaganda?
Eddie Rickenbacker and Alvin York were two famous WWI heroes. Rickenbacker, a pilot, and York a
famous conscientious objector, or person who opposes warfare on moral grounds, who changed his
beliefs and made a significant impact on the battlefield on October 8, 1918.
I want you to make the argument that these war heroes were used as a form of war-time propaganda.
Explain in one paragraph, in what ways were these two men used by the American mainstream
media? (Think about the message and the purpose of the story: Is it inspirational? What do you think
the American Government wanted to happen as a result?)