Quick Combos - The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture

Quick Combos
Try these combinations with a glass of skim milk or orange juice for those grab-and-go mornings
toast with peanut
butter and half of a
Plain low-fat yogurt
topped with fresh
raspberries or
blueberries and
crunchy whole-grain
cereal or granola
Multi-grain frozen
waffle topped with
fresh banana slices
and a hard-boiled egg
on the side
Bran muffin with
almond butter and
apple slices or grapes
Instant oatmeal
topped with a sprinkle
of brown sugar
and walnut halves
plus a half cup of
Whole-wheat English
muffin with low-fat
cottage cheese and
one-quarter of a
Sliced turkey breast
and one slice of lowfat cheese on a wholewheat tortilla and
fresh pineapple slices
Distributed by: Betty Greer, Janice Hartman and Natalie Owens
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