BrainPOP: Polygons Real Life 1. Where is the Pentagon

Name: Ravyn Betts
Date: 3-21-12
BrainPOP: Polygons
Real Life
1. Where is the Pentagon located?
Arlington, Virginia
2. It is the headquarters for the U.S. Government’s Department of
3. How many employees work in the pentagon?
4. What is the name of the architect that designed the pentagon?
George Bergstrom
5. When was the pentagon built?
1941 and 1943
6. What are the interior angles of a pentagon?
Two roads that intersected at a 108 degree angle.
7. Who was president at the time the pentagon was built?
Franklin D. Roosevelt
8. What are the rooms inside the pentagon labeled as?
Inside out
9. Which ring is the only ring that has windows facing outward?
10.Name 2 important events in U.S. history that occurred at the pentagon.
In 1967, 35,000 activists descended on it to protest the Vietnam War. And
on September 11, 2001, its exterior was damaged when terrorists hijacked a
commercial airline and slammed it into the west side of the building.