Kōrero mai Inspirational and Motivational Resource Cards A blend

Kōrero mai Inspirational and Motivational Resource
A blend of the cultural and clinical practice
Māori Mental Health
• In Māori Mental health and Addiction, there is a
highlighted need to prioritise and provide intervention
services earlier and focus on initiatives that lead to
improvements in Māori health;
• There has been a growing need to develop a culturally
safe workforce and cultural programmes; and
• There is emerging evidence, that for Māori, successful
models of engagement and intervention are based in
Māori cultural world views and processes.
Source: He Rongoa Kei Te Kōrero Talking Therapies for Māori
Te Pou 2010,
Mc Clintock et al., 2011
Māori/ English resource for working
with children, adolescents and adults
• In response to Kaupapa Māori service
intervention and delivery, we have developed a
set of 80 unique, vibrant inspirational flashcards, featuring Māori children and families;
• The range and option of cards offers a safe and
easy way to start conversations when working
with children, adolescents and adults;
• The cards cover a wide range of emotions,
feelings and states of being;
• They are distinctively Aotearoa, Māori, NZ.
The importance of our cultural
stories within clinical practice
• Our presentation demonstrates one of the ways we
have incorporated both the clinical and cultural
• Which is through the telling of one of our local tribal
narratives of Tauranga Moana in the Bay of Plenty;
• During the workshop you will have an opportunity to
experience the use of the cards and to give feedback
at the end;
• The resource has been developed for working with
people in health or education settings.
Pat Cook
Board Member
Whaea Hineira
Penny Tukaki
PA, Administration Manager
Mita Mare
Registered Nurse
Monica McGarva
Registered Nurse
Justice Mc Beth
Addictions Youth Worker
Paula-Mauri Mokomoko
Youth Worker
Whānau Ora Worker
Cindy Mokomoko
Kōrero Mai Resource Cards
• You will find cards spread around the room;
• As you follow the narrative, hold up a card that
best describes either how you are feeling about
what you are hearing or seeing - or what actions
or emotions you think any of the characters are
• There will be time at the end of the presentation
for you to make comments;
• Please hand the cards back in after the