BUS& 201 Case List - Green River Community College

Green River Community College
Business Law BUS 201-F.Primiani
Mann and Roberts, Business Introduction to Law, Custom Edition. ( adapted from
Business Law and the Regulation of Business, 10 Ed.)
Note: Only BOLD cases will be presented by teams, the others will be discussed together in
class. In order to better participate, each student should read the cases or problems in the book
before class.
Chapter 9, Intro to Contracts
1. Steinberg v. Chicago Medical School (Introductory Case)
2. Ogden Martin Systems v. Whiting
3. Richardson v. J.C. Flood Co. (Chapter problem # 13)
4. Gorham v. Benson Optical
5. Weichert Co. Realtors v. Ryan
Elements of Contract
Good vs. Service Contracts
“predominant factor”
Implied in Fact Contracts
Promissory Estoppel
Quasi Contract
Chapter 10, Mutual Assent
6. Joseph Martin Deli v. Schumacher
7. Lefkowitz v. Great Minneapolis Surplus Store, Inc.
8. Newman v. Schiff
9. Giannetti v. Cornillie
10. Osprey L.L.C. v. Kelly-Moore Paint Co.
Mutual Assent
Lapse of Time
Means of Acceptance
Chapter 11, Conduct Invalidating Assent
11. Bernardi v. Meadowbrook Mall Company
12. Johnson v. IBM (not in book)
13. Rea v. Paulson
14. Vokes v. Arthur Murray, Inc.**
(“in lieu of” -replaces Maroun v. Wyreless Systems)
15. Reed v. King
16. Wilkin v. 1 Source Bank (chapter problem #21)
17. Lesher v. Strid
Economic Duress
Undue Influence
Mistake (mutual)
Mistake (unilateral)
Chapter 12, Consideration
18. Pearsall v. Alexander
19. Denney v. Reppert
20. Gross v. Diehl Specialties International (not in book)
21. New England Rock Services v. Empire Paving
22. DiLorenzo v. Valve and Primer Corp.
23. Feinberg v.Pfeiffer Co.
Pre-Existing Duty
Modification of Contract
Unanticipated Occurrence
Sufficent Consideration
Promissory Estoppel
Chapter 14; Contractual Capacity
26. Dodson v. Shrader
27. In Re The Score Board Inc.
28. Gastonia v. Rogers
in lieu of Zelnick v. Adams
29. Keser v. Chagnon
misrepresentation of age
30. First State Bank of Sinai v. Hyland
Chapter 15, Contracts in Writing
31. Carter v. Allstate Insurance Co.
32. Iacono v. Lyons
33. Kalas v. Cook
34. Estate of Jackson v. Devenyns
35. Thomson Printing Machinery v. B.F. Goodrich Co. (not in book)
36. Jenkins v. Eckerd Corp.
Possibility Test
Merchant’s exception
Insufficient writing
UCC 10 day Rule
Parole Evidence Rule
Chapter 16, Third Parties to Contracts
37. Speelman v. Pascal
Delivery of Assignment
38. Reiser v. Dayton Country Club
Highly personal right
39. Aldana v. Colonial Palms Plaza, Inc
Prohibited Assignment
40. Public Service Commission of Maryland v. Panda-Brandywine, L.P. Delegation of Duty
41. Stine v. Stewart
3 party beneficiary
Chapter 17, Performance, Breach and Discharge
42. Michael Silvestri v. Optus Software
43. Mountain Restaurant Corporation v. ParkCenter Mall Associates (chapter problem #19)
44. Hochster v. De La Tour
45. Associated Builders, Inc. v. William Coggins
46. Christy v. Pilkinton
47. Northern Corporation v. Chugach Electrical Association
Chapter 18, Contract Remedies
48. Westhaven Associates, Ltd. v. C.C. of Madison, Inc.
49. Parker v. 20 Century-Fox
50. Tamarind Lithography Workshop v. Sanders
51. Madison Square Garden v. Carnera
52. Merritt v. Craig
Chapter 19, Sales and Leases
53. Cater v. Tokai Financial Services, Inc.
54. Pittsley v. Houser
55. Construction Associates, Inc. v. Fargo Water Equipment
56. McJunkin Corporation v. Mechanicals, Inc.
Chapter 20, Performance
57. Moulton Cavity & Mold, Inc v. Lyn-Flex Ind.
58. Furlong v. Alpha Omega Sorority
59. In Re Stem
60. Hessler v. Crystal Lake Chrysler-Plymouth, Inc.
**obtain case from Instructor
FP 4/13