Quiz #1 (Sample) Place the letter corresponding to the correct

Quiz #1 (Sample)
Place the letter corresponding to the correct answer in the “Answer” column:
1. Computer System
a. ICU and ALU.
2. Digital Computers
b. The upper-case and lower-case of a letter are distinct.
3. Address
c. Allows the programmer to ignore the underlying details of
machine language.
d. Reserved words.
4. C, C++, and Java
5. Syntax Rules
6. Components of CPU
e. Hardware and software that work together to help us solve
f. output stream object representing the display.
7. Algorithm
g. These computers use binary code to process instructions.
8. Operating system
9. Core of a computer
h. Specifies the exact location of data in the memory.
10. Semantics
11. Machine language
i. File containing a program written in a high-level language, input
for a compiler.
j. Zeros and ones.
12. PL/OOP
k. Every computer connected to the Internet has this unique
l. Secondary storage devices.
13. System.out
m. CPU and Memory unit.
14. //
n. Procedure for solving problems in terms of actions and order.
15. /* … */
o. Will be produced by the java compiler, if the program is free of
syntax error.
p. Grammar and form of the program.
16. class
17. High-level
programming language
18. Flash memory/floppy
q. Programming methodologies.
19. Universal resource
20. Volatile memory
s. Short-term, working memory.
21. java is case-sensitive
u. Blueprint of an object
22. class, public, static, etc.
v. High-level programming languages.
23. IP
w. Several lines of comments.
24. Source code
x. Uniquely specifies the location of a document or information on
the Web for display by a browser.
y. Graphical-user interface or command-line.
25. Bytecode
r. Single-line comment.
t. Dictate the meaning of the program statements.