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Lux-Liner Items Included List
To help you plan for your trip, here is a list of what Lux-Liner includes on every rental for the members.
You can also add “A La Carte” Items. You cover the fuel and the food, while we include the items
below…cleanliness and convenience are our goals. Service beyond the ordinary™
Kitchen Items:
House Items
- Drip Coffee Maker
- Inverter (on select models)
- Toaster
- First Aid Kit
- A Pot
- Electric Lantern
- 2 x Pans (small & large)
- Dust Pan/Brush
- Cutting Boards
- Fire Extinguisher
- Knives
- Bowl Set
Driver Items:
- Strainer
- USB Outlets
- Kitchen Tool Set
- Navigation (on select models)
o Measuring Cups
- Roadside Assistance (Fleet Service)
o Measuring Spoons
o Cork Screw/Bottle Opener
Outside Items:
o Slotted Turner
- Table
o Basting Spoon
- 4 x Folding Chairs (2 Deluxe; 2 Standard)
o Slotted Spoon
- Compact Weber Charcoal BBQ
o Nylon Tongs
- Bucket of Charcoal
o Flat Grater
- Charcoal Starter Cubes
o Euro Peeler
- BBQ Tool Set
o Can Opener
- Roasting Fork Set
o Utility Wisk
- Outside Stove
- Plastic Utensils Set
- 2 x Propane Bottles (for outside stove)
- Paper Plates and Bowls
- Water Hose With Pressure Regulator
- Paper Towel
- Sewer Hose Kit
- Kitchen and Large Trash Bags
- Power Adapter (30AMP/120v)
- Kitchen Towel
- 30 AMP Extension Cord (by request only)
- Lighter
- DEF Refill Fluid (Diesel Only)
- Dish Soap & Sponge
- Small Tool Set
- Hazard Triangle
Bathroom Items:
- Extra Oil (1 Quart)
- Towel Set
- Extra Coolant (1 Gallon)
- Hand Soap
- Extra Wind Shield Fluid (1 Gallon)
- Septic Safe Toilet Paper
- Fix-a-Flat Can
- Black Water Treatment Bags
- Extra Fuel Cans (on boondock models only)
- Power Awning (attached to vehicle)
Bedroom Items:
- Bed Linen Set (count based on occupants) Convenience:
- Hypo-Allergenic Pillows
- Cleaning (final cleaning upon return)
- Dumping (final dumping upon return)
- Valet (dropoff/pickup service in area)
- DVD Player
- Televisions (1-3 depending on model)
- Television Antenna
- In Motion Satellite TV (select models)
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